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Devin Comiskey

Updated · Sep 28, 2005, a provider of automated online customer support solutions for Web businesses, Tuesday announced ezSupport for eBay, its new automated customer support solution customized specifically to the needs of eBay sellers. According to a company statement, ezSupport for eBay helps sellers deal with the overwhelming volume of repetitive email questions from buyers by automatically answering 80 percent of incoming questions. reportedly is the only developer of automated customer support that has integrated into the eBay API to support ‘Ask the Seller a Question.’

ezSupport for eBay is a web-based, hosted solution with no special software or hardware to purchase. Targeted to eBay sellers and e-commerce companies that sell on eBay, ezSupport for eBay “enables sellers to focus on increasing sales rather than dealing with redundant customer emails,” says the company.

“eBay sellers deal with hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of email questions on a daily basis that are redundant and easy to answer,” said Steve Hartert, vice president of marketing. “As the volume of email grows, the time devoted to responding to these repetitive questions hinders the sellers’ ability to focus on the needs of the business. ezSupport for eBay is proven to respond to a very high percentage of these repetitive emails faster than would be possible manually by the seller.”

Typical questions received by sellers include inquiries on shipping policies, and specifics about products like size, weight and color. Through a set up wizard, sellers develop their own list of questions and answers and ezSupport for eBay can be up and running in less than 20 minutes, HostingSupport claims.

ezSupport for eBay is priced at $9.95 per seat per month and is available on a month-to-month subscription basis. ezSupport for eBay supports Windows and Macintosh and is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and Safari web browsers. offers two products customized to eBay – ezSupport for eBay and ezSupport Lite for eBay, a free introductory solution that also integrates with ‘Ask the Seller a Question.’ also offers ezSupport and ezSupport Pro, their automated online customer support solutions for any online business. ezSupport and ezSupport Pro feature auto-answer email, FAQs, ticket tracking, live chat, advanced reporting and POP email importing, as well as free training and set-up assistance. Pricing is $49.95 per seat per month for ezSupport and $79.95 per seat per month for ezSupport Pro.

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