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Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Oct 03, 2001

Online shopping is a world away from the comfort of an old fashioned Mom-and-Pop store where a kindly suggestion from the owner was enough to prompt a sale. While e-business technology tries very hard to replicate the personal assistance that the corner hardware store can offer it is still very difficult to provide a human touch on the Internet.

WiseUncle Advisor may deliver the happy medium to your e-commerce site. Using behavioral science principles to simulate a conversation between a customer and a highly knowledgeable source of advice, WiseUncle Advisor is a customizable artificial intelligence software application used by organizations to help their customers make complex purchase decisions online. Unfamiliar terms and words are defined for the customer to aid in making educated choices in response to WiseUncle Advisor's questions.

Nostalgic Technology

In essence, the Advisor asks customers about their needs and then provides them with informed product choices — the equivalent of a salesperson handing you the perfect shoes to match that carnation pink dress. These product recommendations help consumers to buy with confidence, increasing conversion and decreasing returns.

WiseUncle Advisor uses WiseUncle's Socratic InferencingTM technology — a method for taking plain English customer information and making intelligent associations with possible answers to create specific recommendations. Advisor can differentiate between over 140 billion configurable options with dynamic dialog generation that adapts to the customer's responses.

Additionally, the information gleaned from conversations with customers is used to create specific data profiles that can be mined into comprehensive business intelligence.

WiseUncle Advisor combines the best of old fashioned retailing with 21st century e-tailing.

Reprinted from ECommerce Guide.

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    Robyn Greenspan

    Robyn Greenspan, an independent researcher and speaker, is interested in innovation, market trends and information technology. She was a participant in the AI Summit and also took part in the IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing, International SOA Symposium series and the International Cloud Symposium series. She graduated from Temple University. She was previously the communications and research manager for the AMS, an internationally recognized professional association that advances knowledge in the IT and business management areas.

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