TeaLeaf Launches TeaCommerce 2.0

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Updated · Feb 27, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO–TeaLeaf Technology, who says it's the first company to enable e-businesses to
understand the complete online customer experience, has unveiled TeaCommerce 2.0, a new release
of TeaCommerce solution for IT and business professionals. The company says TeaCommerce 2.0
includes powerful new features enabling professionals across the enterprise to record and
improve the online customer experience, track and strengthen site performance, and increase
return on Web site investments more quickly than ever before. TeaLeaf claims the solution also
allows companies to solve, and even prevent, site problems that could impact the bottom line
and sacrifice customer relationships.

“In September, TeaLeaf introduced the first solution that enables companies to understand what
customers experience on their site. With TeaCommerce 2.0, we're delivering those insights faster
with powerful applications that return immediate ROI,” said Robert Wenig, co-founder, chairman,
and CEO of TeaLeaf Technology. “As Web site investments escalate, the pressure is on for IT and
business professionals to derive maximum value from their complex Web environments.
TeaCommerce 2.0 allows them to do that faster than ever before — while preventing the costly
losses that can come from ‘flying blind' on the Web.”

TeaLeaf says TeaCommerce 2.0 provides the only platform for recording and storing complete
online customer interactions in a single, searchable knowledge base and leverages
this comprehensive knowledge base in powerful new ways, enabling enhanced visual replay,
reporting, analysis, diagnostic, and real-time alert capabilities. Spanning a broad range of
application areas, which, according to TeaLeaf, include CRM, Web analytics, business
intelligence, and site diagnostics, TeaCommerce provides a common view of online customer
interactions so managers can determine the cause and effect of customer behavior and site
performance. The company claims TeaCommerce can rapidly identify problems that otherwise may
take months to surface, thus helping eBusinesses avoid disastrous
results such as lost revenues and broken customer relationships.

There are many new customer-centric capabilities within TeaCommerce 2.0. that, according to
TeaLeaf, are designed to accelerate insight and analysis. They include:

  • Comprehensive records of online customer interactions. TeaCommerce
    2.0 introduces immediate and universal platform support to ensure that
    eBusinesses record the entire online customer experience — no matter
    how complex the Web site infrastructure.
  • Proactive real-time alerts. To ensure proactive and immediate
    resolution of site problems, TeaCommerce 2.0 can automatically alert
    IT professionals to site errors and customer incident patterns in
  • Easy installation and maintenance. With a pre-configured capture
    appliance, TeaLeaf enables rapid installation and minimal maintenance,
    requiring neither major site redesign nor back-end integration.
  • Interactive drill-down reporting. Reports now provide more options
    for interactively viewing information, with drop-down menus and custom
    reports allowing users to analyze information from a variety of
  • One-button analysis wizards. Programmable, targeted wizards provide
    one-button access to common scenarios for immediate insight.
  • Enhanced visual replay. Refined for TeaCommerce 2.0, this
    patent-pending feature allows managers to play back exactly what
    customers experience, much like a digital slide show. Visual replay
    allows developers to reproduce problematic customer sessions,
    eliminating internal finger-pointing and providing a non-tamperable
    audit trail, which is v

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eCRMGuide.com Staff
eCRMGuide.com Staff

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