Android Phones Statistics 2023 – Market Share and Usages

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Updated · Oct 31, 2023

Android Phones Statistics 2023 – Market Share and Usages


Android Phones Statistics: Android Smartphone’s marketplace share keeps dominating around the world in 2023, with approximately 72% share. However, iOS has greater average users in the United States and United Kingdom Business of Apps. Recently with the increasing demand for Android smartphones, it has become critical to apprehend the records behind Android users to make effective marketing strategies, product development, and more.

In addition to worldwide marketplace proportion facts, person demographic information, internet site visitors facts, organization records, usage statistics, and country-wise Statistics are important in the expertise of the Android telephone enterprise. These data can offer insights into personal behavior, marketplace developments, and opposition.

Moreover, future use information can assist in expecting future trends in the enterprise and guide companies in making knowledgeable selections. Overall, knowledge of Android phone information is critical for organizations and people alike to stay up-to-date with modern-day developments and make knowledgeable selections. By reading the records, agencies can increase effective advertising strategies, enhance their merchandise, and stay ahead of the competition.

Key Takeaways


  • Android telephones dominate the worldwide marketplace share with about 72% of cellular marketplace shares as of January 2023.
  • User demographic records, website site visitors, enterprise facts, usage facts, and country-wise facts are vital in the knowledge of the Android phone enterprise.
  • Analyzing Android Smartphone records can help groups expand effective advertising and marketing techniques, enhance their products, and live ahead of the opposition.
  • With a predicted 7.33 billion telephone users globally in 2023, 49.11%, or 3.6 billion, are anticipated to be Android telephone customers. Google’s mobile operating machine has a 70.94% marketplace percentage international in Q3 2023. US Android Users: Android Smartphone customers in the United States are anticipated to develop to 144.01 million people in 2023.
  • It is predicted that around 311 million Android smartphone customers inside the United States by the end of 2023 which is 46.30% of customers 
  • Android ruled globally with a 70.94% market percentage in mobile working systems in 2023 as of now. The Android OS Market Share in the United States has reached 42.60%.

Global Market Share Statistics

Google Phones Statistics From Top Brands


According to Statista, Android maintained its role because it was the most popular operating system in 2023 across the world with a market proportion of 70.5%.

Samsung holds the highest position in Q2 2023, as Apple noticed a cyclical decline. Among the pinnacle five brands, Apple experienced the least YoY shipment decline. In January 2023, version 12 of Google’s Android operating system had a share of around 25% among all cell Android.

The above graph represents the top brands of Android phones in 2023 Samsung (35.30%), Xiaomi (14.70%), Oppo (10%), Vivo (9.50%), Huawei (6.30%), RealMe (4%), Motorola (3.30%), and others (16.90%)

Market Share Changes

According to Counterpoint Research within the 2nd quarter of 2023, the worldwide Smartphone marketplace has declined by way of 9% of CAGR to reach 268 million devices in Q2 2023. The Q1 2023 Market Monitor document has been posted. We launch one information image for each sector to summarize the worldwide Smartphone marketplace activities in a single web page. Some quick observations on the Smartphone marketplace: The worldwide Smartphone marketplace declined by 14% YoY to attain 280.2 million gadgets in Q1 2023.

Android Phones Statistics by Top Android Apps Revenue


As of June 2023, revenue earned by Disney+ remains highest resulting $70.59 million, followed by Max: Stream HBO, TV, $Movies ($50.73 million), Tik Tok ($38.09 million), Google One ($27.34 million), Peacock TV ($25.2 million), Twitch ($25.08 million) Crunchyroll ($22.19 million), Bumble ($19.08 million), Tinder Dating app. ($17.79 million), Paramount ($15.22 million), etc.

Android Phone Statistics by User Demographic

Age Group Distribution

According to Statista, as of 2023, the majority of Android users are 18 to 34 years old, accounting for 70% of the user base. The 2nd-largest age organization is between 25 to 4 years people, making up 65% of the consumer base.

Furthermore, other users are followed by 35-44 years with 58% share, 45-55 years with 42% share, and 55 years above with 38%.

Gender Distribution

According to Statista, it has been observed that in 2023, the gender distribution of Android customers is quite the same, with 51% male and 49% female. However, there are a few versions of gender distribution throughout special areas and countries. For instance, in a few Asian nations, the gender distribution of Android users is skewed closer to adult males, while in some European nations; the gender distribution is skewed closer to females. Overall, that information endorses that Android phones have a diverse person base in phrases of age and gender.

Website Traffic Statistics

By Top Visited Websites

According to Forbes Advisor, the top 3 most visited websites globally in 2023 are Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Google, the most visited website, has a mean of 90 billion visits consistent with month, observed via YouTube with 34 billion visits in step with month, and Facebook with 25 billion visits in keeping with month. Other websites that made it to the pinnacle ten include Amazon, Baidu, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

By Traffic Source Analysis

In the primary area of 2023, cellular devices (except for capsules) generated 58.33% of world website traffic, consistent with Statista. This share has been constantly soaring around the 50% share. Desktops and laptops, then again, accounted for 41.67% of world website traffic.

Furthermore, Statista reports that during January 2023, cell devices excluding tablets accounted for nearly 57% of net web page perspectives worldwide. Meanwhile, over 74% of website views in Africa have been generated by way of cellular devices, making it the region with the best cellular internet visitors share. Europe had the bottom mobile net site visitors percentage at forty 3.5%.

In terms of visitor assets, Forbes Advisor reports that search engines like Google are the primary source of visitors, accounting for 46.8% of all website traffic in 2023. Social media structures comply with intently at the back of, generating 8.2% of internet site traffic. Direct site visitors and referrals account for 25.5% and 19.5%, respectively.

It is exciting to note that the usage of ad-blockers is at the upward thrust, with Statista reporting that during 2023, around 27.5% of net users internationally use advert-blockers. This poses an undertaking for businesses and websites that rely on advertising sales

Leading Companies

According to Business of Apps, Samsung is currently the main Android smartphone employer with a 34.7% market proportion as of February 2023. Samsung’s Galaxy S23 and A Series are famous choices among consumers.

Following carefully at the back of Samsung is Xiaomi with a 17.6% market percentage. Xiaomi has been step by step growing its market percentage over the past few years and suggests no symptoms of slowing down.

Other splendid agencies encompass Huawei with a 13.2% marketplace share, Oppo with a 9.4% market proportion, and Vivo with a 7.9% market proportion.

Emerging Android Phone Companies

There also are some emerging Android cell phone organizations that are gaining traction inside the market. One of those businesses is Realme, which has seen a full-size boom in market proportion during the last 12 months. As of Q1 2023, Realme had a 4.3% market proportion, up from 1.7%. Another emerging Android telephone enterprise is POCO, which is a sub-emblem of Xiaomi. POCO has been gaining a reputation due to its high-quality telephones at low fees. As of 1st zone of 2023, the market share of POCO resulted in 3.5%.

One more emerging Android telephone agency is OnePlus, which has been step by step growing its market share over the past few years. As of Q1 2023, OnePlus had a 3.4% marketplace proportion, up from 2.6% from last year.

Overall, the Android cellphone market is dominated by some main groups, but several rising businesses can be gaining traction. It might be exciting to peer how those corporations keep growing and compete with each other in the coming years

by Usage


The above graph explains the usage statistics of Android Phones in the 2nd quarter of 2023 are followed by Samsung Galaxy A12 with 1.9% share other are followed by AFTMM (1%), Redmi 9A (0.9%), Samsung Galaxy A21s (0.9%), Samsung Galaxy A10s (0.8%), Samsung Galaxy A32 (0.8%),  Samsung Galaxy A51 (0.8%), SM-A15F (0.7%), Samsung Galaxy A50 (0.7%), and Vivo 1960 (0.6%).

by Processor Brand


Most Used Android Features

According to Business of Apps, the most generally used Android capabilities are messaging apps, social media apps, and video streaming apps. In 2023, messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram were the most famous with over 80% of Android customers gaining access to them frequently.

Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were additionally famous with over 70% of Android customers accessing them frequently. Video streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video have been utilized by over 60% of Android customers.

by Applications Downloaded


by Time Spent


  • By the end of 2023, there will be more than 3.3 billion Android OS users which is around 71.8% of mobile operating systems all over the world.
  • By the first half of 2023, Android device users have already spent more than 2.5 trillion hours which has grown by 4% from last year.
  • In each day, the average people’s time spent on Android is around 3 hours and 15 minutes.
  • As of a survey report, out of 5 people 1 spends their Android Smartphone above 4.5 hours.
  • It has also been observed that people check out their phones approximately 58 times a day.


As of August 2023, the top users of Android in the Asian Pacific region which India achieved the highest time spent with more than 26%, which is near about 600 billion hours increased from the last two years, followed by China (13%) and Indonesia (16%).

Furthermore other countries total time spent on Android phones in the 1st half of 2023 have increased from 2021 and 2022 are followed by Brazil (8%) around 200 billion hours, the United States (1%) above 100 billion hours, Mexico (14%) above 60 billion hours, Turkey (5%), Thailand (18%), Germany (-1%), Argentina (14%), South Korea (-3%), Japan (18%), France (3%), Italy (-2%), Spain (3%), United Kingdom (no change), Saudi Arabia (5%), Canada (10%), Australia (15%), and Singapore (17%).

Penetration rates

According to the modern-day information from The Tech Report, Android working systems had a worldwide marketplace percentage of about 72% in January 2023.

However, the penetration charge of Android phones varies extensively in different countries. For example, in India, Android Smartphone penetration could be very high, with over 100% of Smartphones going for walks on Android OS.

In contrast, within the United States, the penetration rate of Android telephones is around 60%, with iOS being the dominant operating gadget. Other countries with excessive Android cellphone penetration quotes consist of Indonesia, Brazil, and Russia, with penetration rates of 85%, 80%, and 75%, respectively.

On the other hand, nations with low Android cell phone penetration quotes encompass Japan, South Korea, and the UK, with penetration rates of 60%, 20%, and 50%, respectively.

By Country-wise User Preferences

User preferences additionally vary by using the United States. For instance, in China, Counterpoint Research reports that Xiaomi is the maximum popular telephone emblem, with a market proportion of 31%. In contrast, inside the United States, Samsung has the most famous logo, with a market share of 28%. Apple is the second maximum popular brand in each nation, with a marketplace percentage of 22% in China and 25% in the United States.

In phrases of screen size alternatives, Business of Apps reports that users in India prefer larger displays, with 6-inch screens being the most popular. In comparison, users in Japan decide upon smaller monitors, with 5-inch displays being another popular. Overall, it’s miles clear that Android cellphone penetration and personal alternatives vary notably in the United States of America. Companies looking to amplify their marketplace share in unique countries will need to recollect these differences and tailor their techniques accordingly.

Future Use Statistics

Projected Market Growth

According to Business of Apps, Android is projected to hold its dominance in the mobile running device marketplace in 2023, with over 2.5 billion energetic customers worldwide. The record suggests that Android’s marketplace proportion is predicted to increase from 71.77% in January 2023 to 75.2% through the cessation of the 12 months. This growth is attributed to the increasing call for low-priced smartphones in developing countries and the non-stop innovation of Android devices.

Emerging Trends

As we appear to be the destiny of Android telephones, there are numerous rising tendencies that can be expected to form the marketplace. One of the maximum significant trends is the growing adoption of the 5G generation. With the rollout of 5G networks, users can anticipate quicker download and upload speeds, decreased latency, and improved connectivity. This will allow new packages and services that were not viable with previous community technology.

Another emerging trend is the rise of foldable telephones. Companies like Samsung and Huawei have already released foldable telephones, and different manufacturers are anticipated to comply with health. These gadgets offer a larger show in a compact form thing, permitting customers to multitask and devour content more successfully.

Finally, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Language (ML) into Android gadgets is predicted to be retained. AI and ML will allow gadgets to examine consumer conduct and alternatives, imparting a more personalized experience. Additionally, AI-powered virtual assistants like Google Assistant are predicted to become more sophisticated, offering customers extra control over their gadgets and access to more statistics. Overall, the future of Android smartphones appears vibrant, with persistent increase and innovation predicted in the future years.


In conclusion, the Android smartphone marketplace has persisted to dominate the global telephone market in 2023, with over 72% of cellular market stocks in January 2023. However, the marketplace saw a decline in Q1 and Q3 2023, with a 14% YoY decline in Q1 2023 and a 1% decline in Q3 2023.

Samsung handed Apple as the main telephone participant in Q1 2023, driven by the success of its Galaxy S22 and S22 fashions. The worldwide cellphone market has been on a route to recovery with predominant players like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei launching revolutionary gadgets with advanced capabilities.

The Android user demographic data show that the majority of Android customers are between 18 years to 34 years old, with a moderate majority of male users. In terms of internet site traffic a fact, Google Play Store dominates the market with over 81% of cellular app downloads in Q1 2023, accompanied by using Apple’s App Store with 18%.

In phrases of other countries facts, China remains the largest cellphone market in the world, followed by way of India and the US. The usage statistics display that the average Android person spends around 3 hours and 15 minutes on their cellphone per day, with social media and enjoyment apps being the most famous.

Looking closer to the future, the Android market is anticipated to retain its dominance in the telephone marketplace, with an envisioned 2.3 billion Android users globally in 2023. With the emergence of the 5G era, the marketplace is predicted to peer a surge in calls for gadgets that support this technology. Overall, the Android cellphone market has remained strong in 2023, with Samsung mainly the manner in phrases of marketplace percentage. The marketplace is predicted to hold its growth within the coming years, with the emergence of recent technologies and modern features.


What is the contemporary global market share of Android Smartphone’s in 2023?

According to Counterpoint Research, the global telephone marketplace declined by 14% YoY and 7% QoQ to record 280.2 million unit shipments in Q1 2023. Android telephones have maintained their dominance inside the worldwide Smartphone marketplace, with about 72% market proportion in January 2023, as suggested by The Tech Report.

How many Android Smartphone’s are currently being used internationally?

As of January 2023, Android nonetheless powers approximately 75% of all Smartphone’s and drugs, in keeping with Techjury. However, the wide variety of Android cell telephones presently being used worldwide isn't available.

What are the contemporary person demographics for Android cellular telephones?

The person demographics for Android mobile telephones vary by vicinity and the United States of America. According to Techjury, in the United States, Android cell phone users tend to be younger, with 43% of customers elderly 18-29 years old. In India, the bulk of Android customers are male, with 77% of customers being male and 23% women. In Brazil, the bulk of Android customers are elderly 25-34 years, with 38% of customers falling into this age group.

What are the website traffic records for Android phone manufacturers?

The internet site traffic statistics for Android phone manufacturers range by corporation. As of 2023, Samsung is the main Android phone producer, with over 30% of the market proportion, in line with the Business of Apps. Xiaomi and Huawei observe at the back approximately 15% and 10% of the market proportion, respectively.

What is the contemporary utilization information for Android mobile telephones in special nations?

The current utilization data for Android cell telephones in one-of-a-kind nations range. In the USA, Android Smartphone’s are extra famous than iPhones, with approximately 54% of the marketplace share, consistent with Techjury. In India, Android cell phones have over 100% of the market proportion, at the same time as in Japan iPhones are more popular than Android cell phones, with approximately 60% of the market share.

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