Malwarebytes Statistics, Reviews, Best Antivirus? And Facts

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Updated · Oct 10, 2023

Malwarebytes Statistics, Reviews, Best Antivirus? And Facts


Malwarebytes Statistics: Technology-based worlds that are luring everyone with advanced features are also being attacked by various viruses. Every day, there are millions of systems are attacked by such kinds of malware and viruses. To avoid such system damage, many companies have incorporated various features to stop illegal activities. Malwarebytes is also one of those companies which help systems to keep clean. In this Malwarebytes Statistics, we will have a look at the features of Malwarebytes, their products, statistics, a comparison with Bitdefender, and a hacking case where Malwarebytes company was attacked.

Key Malwarebytes Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • From March to July 2023, the total Malwarebytes recorded was 2,130.
  • The website of Malwarebytes has an 86% bounce rate as of May 2023.
  • The total number of visits to the Malwarebytes website in the month of September 2023 was recorded at 7.8 million which was similar to the month of August’s 8 million.
  • It gives uninstall protection, which means this application can prevent the unauthorized person from deleting the important application.
  • As always the United States of America has around 21% of the users of Malwarebytes.
  • According to Malwarebytes Statistics in the year 2023, the number of virus detections increased by 100%.
  • Bitdefender has a file shredder option with social network protection.
  • Over the world, around 81% of the users are female and 68.19% are male users. Out of which the people from the age group of 18-24 are 26.31%.
  • In the year 2021, the Malwarebytes server was hacked by some people using a software company called SolarWinds.

What is Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes previously known as Anti-Malware is software that prevents viruses from entering the system. Malwarebytes was released in 2006. Malwarebytes supports batch mode scanning, which allows this application to run in a way that has a lesser effect on other antivirus software if running simultaneously on the same system.

Features of Malwarebytes

The feature of Malwarebytes differs between the free version and the paid version. Both of the options are worth using. Following are some features according to the free and paid version. These features may differ according to the country.

Paid Version

  • It can protect the user from fake websites and malicious content.
  • Malwarebytes can stop ransomware from entering the system.
  • Identity can be kept hidden from hackers.
  • It has the ability to remove the viruses which affect the system’s performance.
  • It gives protection from Brute force.

Free Version

  • Scans and Cleans systems from viruses.
  • The free version has the ability to stop malware and other corrupt programs which harm the systems.
  • Uninstall protection, which means this application can prevent the unauthorized person from deleting the important application.

Malwarebytes Website Traffic Statistics

By Country


  • In the last month of 2023, the United States had 35.21% of total traffic on This has decreased by 0.32% from last year.
  • Other countries recorded the following contribution in total traffic in France (4.61%) with an increase of 12.57%, the United Kingdom = 42.12% (+8.38%), Canada = 3.65% (+5.24), Mexico = 2.84% (+5.24), and others are collectively contributing 49.52%.

By Demographics


  • Malwarebytes attacks were faced by 68.19% of male and 31.81% of female users.
  • As of January 2023, the Malwarebytes Statistics by the demographic state that, the highest number of Malwarebytes is between the age group of 18 years to 24 years resulting in 26.31%.
  • There are 25.55% aged between 25 years to 34 years.
  • 16.87% and 13.78% belong respectively to 35 years to 44 years and 45 years to 54 years.
  • 9.83% are aged between 55 years to 64 years.
  • And there are 7.66% contributing from the age group of 65 years and above.

By Traffic Source


  • According to Malwarebytes statistics in 2023, the highest rate of traffic towards is by direct search resulting in 53.57%.
  • 78% is organic search traffic while 3.11% is from referrals.
  • Furthermore, other traffic sources towards are paid search (2.67%), Social (1.42%), Display (2.18%), and Mail (1.28%).

Social Media Traffic


  • YouTube has the highest rate of social media referral rate resulting in 41.23% than other social networks.
  • Facebook and Reddit contribute by 23.42% and 21.75% respectively.
  • Traffic sent by Twitter is 4.07% and LinkedIn contributes by 3%.
  • Other social media networks with nominal contribution percentages collectively make up 6.53%.

Products of Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes has two products that focus on premium for personal and business. Following is an insight into these various products.

Personal Version

This has 3 various premium plans with various options to choose from:

  • The first plan includes $3.75 charges per month and $44.99 yearly. It provides advanced antivirus protection including safe web browsing and 24/7 real-time protection. This plan is also compatible with Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, and Windows. This plan is available for only 1 device.
  • The second plan can be availed for $6.67 per month with $79.99 per year. It is also compatible with usual operating sources and simultaneously applied to 5 devices.
  • The third plan is called Premium plus Privacy VPN which is $8.33 per month and can be used simultaneously for up to 5 devices. The billing for a year is $99.99. It shares equal compatibility with the advanced features of a VPN.

Business Version

The business version has two versions with an option to secure 1-9 devices, 10-99 devices, more than 100 devices, and servers.

  • Malwarebytes endpoint protection with a starting price of $69.99 per device or per year. This includes features such as uninstall prevention, 24/7 customer support, automated security reports, industry-based threat removal and solution, device control, and many other features
  • Malwarebytes endpoint detection and response is available at $84.99 every year and every device shares the same features such as endpoint protection with real-time monitoring, effective isolation, and easy to use solution.

General Malwarebytes Statistics

  • Malwarebytes is available in 30 languages.
  • The total number of visits to the Malwarebytes website in the month of September 2023 was recorded at 7.8 million which was similar to the month of August’s 7.8 million.
  • On the other hand, in July the website had a total of 7.6 million visitors.
  • According to Malwarebytes statistics, the software scans more than 336.7 million systems every month.
  • It has successfully detected and blocked more than 187 million threats almost every day.

  • It has been observed that the website has a 48.86% bounce rate.
  • According to Malwarebytes Statistics, a user has an average visit of 2 minutes and 20 seconds of duration.
  • On the other hand, per visit takes 3.12 minutes in duration.
  • Malwarebytes software with a percentage of 9.84% and 7.88%
  • As always the United States of America has around 35.21% of the users of Malwarebytes.
  • According to Malwarebytes Statistics in the year 2021, the number of virus detections increased by 200%

Total Ransomware Attacks

  • By the end of the 2nd quarter of 2023, a number of attacks in the United States resulted in 225.
  • Other ransomware attacks statistics by countries are followed by the United Kingdom (34), Italy (19), Germany (14), Canada (13), Australia (10), Netherlands (9), Switzerland, Spain, France, and India (8), Turkey (5), Mexico (4), Unknown (7), and others (69).
  • In July 2023, Malware attacks statistics by industry sectors are followed by Services (84), IT Services (55), Financial services (46), Manufacturing (43), Technology (36), Logistics (29), Healthcare (24), Retail (21), Education (21), Construction (20), Utilities (14), Government (12), Food and beverage (10), Wholesale (8), and others (18).

Why Malwarebytes is Good in 2022?

Malwarebytes is also one of the most used software around the world. It is built with special features including the capacity to run the antivirus scanning and removing process by using 50% less CPU power. Malwarebytes is a program that takes fewer seconds on the system to get installed. The free version is available starting from $33.74 per year and is compatible with Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome operating systems, and Windows. The paid version of this software includes real-time antivirus scanning including safe browsing on the internet. Moreover, the premium version includes a capacity to block viruses at 99.4% to 99.6%.

Malwarebytes Vs. Bitdefender

Malwarebytes and Bitdefender share the same functionality. But being separate companies, they have various features. Let’s take a look at those features.


  • The software has ransomware protection including Wi-Fi security,
  • Brute force attacks control,
  • anti-tracker technology
  • detection of scam and phishing sites
  • Malwarebytes also has the ability to notice doubtful networking from remote connections
  • The VPN has around 400 servers in 30 different locations
  • The Premium version starts at $99.99 per year in 2023.
  • Lite weight software


  • Bitdefender has a file shredder option with social network protection
  • Wi-Fi security enabled with detection of scams and phishing sites
  • The platform also offers password manager and anti-tracker technology
  • The Premium version starts at $19.99 per year

Which one is better?

To be honest, as seen with the features and price, Bitdefender wins. It has more features than Malwarebytes. But Malwarebytes is more comfortable when it comes to filing storage. It needs less MB to download the software. It depends on the user’s need, and which features are the most important for him.

Malwarebytes Hacking Case

In the year 2023, the Malwarebytes server was hacked by some people using a software company called Pegasus spyware which led to open the secret files of the government of the United States of America. Malwarebytes, which was installed on some of the systems, though the hackers could read some of the confidential emails. Upon finding the problem, the Malwarebytes company was able to retrieve the information without losing any of its essence.


In today’s world, it is important to secure all kinds of systems from various types of viruses. The speed at which technology is increasing is bringing an increased risk of more and more virus attacks to the system. Be it Malwarebytes, AVG, or Quick it is a must that a system has software that saves it from being attacked. Malwarebytes is a light software to download, which saves a lot of space without acquiring.


Is Malwarebytes antivirus secure to use?

Yes. It is secure to use and has no issues with hacking, as it has been solved a long time ago.


Where to download Malwarebytes antivirus?

Go to this website: and download according to the system compatibility.

Does Malwarebytes offers antivirus, malware protection and VPN service in one plan?

Yes. Malwarebytes’ premium plan has all together these features available under one plan only.

Can you download multiple Malwarebytes software on various devices?

Yes. If you choose a business plan, you can download single Malwarebytes software with an option to multiple devices access.

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