SEO Statistics By Organic Search Traffic, Ranking, Industry/Company, Business, Mobile, Platform, Country, Activity and Satisfaction Rate

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Updated · Aug 21, 2023

SEO Statistics By Organic Search Traffic, Ranking, Industry/Company, Business, Mobile, Platform, Country, Activity and Satisfaction Rate


SEO Statistics: SEO termed as search engine optimization is a way of getting out a higher ranking of pages in different search engines. In the case of discovering effective online content higher ranking search engines allow in traffic in every websites. SEO mainly works on the three core metrics for evaluating the quality of the sites and their ranking links, content, and page structure. Importantly SEO depends on some tools for the optimization of websites such as Google Search Console, Google Ads Keyword Planner, Back link analysis tools, SEO platforms, and Social media. These SEO Statistics include effective insights from different aspects that will provide light on the importance of SEO.

Editor’s Choice

  • Search engines allow for enhancing 68% of online experiences.
  • Organic search help in generating 53.3% of overall website traffics.
  • Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Images promote 92.96% of global traffic.
  • SEO helps in driving out more than 1000% of the traffic which is more than organic social media.
  • As of 2022, it has been observed that top-ranked pages by 7.4% don’t include title tags.
  • Around 33.4% of the time, Google rewrites title tags and as of 2023, Google is now more likely to rewrite title tags by 33%.
  • As of July 2022, around 2 million people have listed their titles with SEO and by January 2022 the courses of SEO demands have increased by 500% from the last 6 years.
  • As of 2023, Meta descriptions are not included in 25.02% of top-ranked pages whereas, included in 40.61%
  • Only 37.22% of the time Google enables Meta description search results which have increased fat-head keywords by 40.35% and decreased long-tail keywords by 34.38%.
  • Rewriting too long title tags is more likely preferred by 57% of Google.
  • As of the study, it has been observed that the top 10 ranked pages are approximately 192,656.

Facts About SEO

  • As of Google the percentage of rewriting Meta description are most likely for long-tail keywords over fat-head keyword which is 65.62% and 59.65% respectively.
  • As of March 2023 according to Statistics, Google is currently having a search engine market share of 85.55%.
  • According to Internet Live stats by the end of the 4th quarter of 2022, around 943 billion searches have been received by Google.
  • More than 200 factors were used by Google’s search algorithm for ensuring website ranking.
  • Over the world, 16 to 20% of Google searches result in new answers and search engine completion is enhancing enormously with every passing year.
  • No-cost and zero-cost activities around schema and keywords are two dependable factors of organic SEO success which have been agreed by 49% of marketers.
  • In 2022, SEO remained more beneficial than PPC because SEO helped in generating better results, which has been agreed by 70% of marketers.

General SEO Statistics

  • Words with 3 words or longer are termed as long-tail keywords and as of 2023 54% of search queries are of long-tail keywords.
  • According to SEO Statistics 2022, the click-through rate of long-tail keyword searches remained higher than generic searches by 3 to 5%.
  • According to the reports of HubSpot 2022, it has been observed that the organic search traffic has increased by 1065 when old blog posts were updated and republished with new images and content.
  • In the case of achieving effective marketing goals, 75% of marketers believed SEO tactics were very effective and extremely effective. This factor helped marketers in feeling more confident in the overall process.
  • Google articles with 1,447-1500 word counts are termed top-position content.
  • According to the reports of 99 firms in the year 2022, there are local searches every second was 36, daily 3.2 billion, monthly 97 billion, and yearly 1.17 trillion.
  • As of 2023, the local searches of Google are 46% with which local searches that result in a purchase by 28%.

SEO Statistics by Organic Search Traffic

90.63% Of Pages Get No Organic Search Traffic From Google


  • As of 8th May 2023, Zero organic search traffic from Google was experienced by 90.63% of pages per month which resulted in 847.8 billion pages.
  • Furthermore, the other organic search traffic from Google is followed by 5.29% of pages (51.5 million) receiving a maximum of 10 visits or less; by 2.84% of pages (28 million) receiving max. 100 visits; by 1.04% of pages (10 million) received not more than 1000 visits; by 0.21% of pages (2.09 million) received above 1000+ visits.
  • All website traffic has increased by 53.3% by driving out organic search and e-commerce orders originated by organic search by 23.6% in the United States.

SEO Statistics by Ranking


  • From the above pie chart, it has been stated that most search traffic received by the top-ranked page #1 is only 49% of the time.
  • This is followed by other positions that get the next most total search traffic 2nd ranked page (22%), 3rd ranked page (12%), 4th ranked page (7%), and 5th – 10th ranked page (10%).
  • As of the study, it has been observed that the top 10 ranked pages are approximately 192,656.
  • As of 2023, 74.98% of top-ranked pages were having meta descriptions and 25.02% of top-ranked pages didn’t include meta descriptions.

SEO Statistics by Industry/Company

  • A monthly retainer fee has been charged by 78.2% of SEOs for their clients by the end of 2022.
  • The most popular pricing tier for retainers was $501 to $1,000 per month.
  • It is followed by the most popular pricing tire was $75 to $100 per hour and the most popular pricing tier was $2501 to $5,000 per project.
  • Out of 10, only 1 SEO has charged more than $150 per hour.
  • The average salary earned by SEO professionals of U.S.-based companies per year was $60,548.
  • As of 2022, marketing spending has increased by 12.2 times higher by SEO ROI.
  • The cost of customer acquisition has been reduced by 87.41% and the business value of a blog visit has increased by 42.9% by using SEO.
  • SEO is termed as the top inbound marketing priority which has been estimated by 61% of marketers.
  • As of 2023, 69% of companies actively invest their time in search engine optimization, 19% of companies don’t use SEO, and 12% of companies were still not sure about SEO.
  • Effective company tactics used for SEO are 71% of strategic keywords, 50% of localization, and 48% of optimization for mobile.

SEO Statistics by Business

  • SEOs linked with business for 2 years or less the average hourly rate was $73.05.
  • Furthermore, it is followed SEOs involved in businesses between 2 to 4 years with an average $97.11 hourly rate.
  • On the other hand, 5 to 10 years of business SEOs have earned with $102.03 hourly rate, and those above 10 years companies have an hourly rate of $118.35.
  • The SEO offering of local services has earned $93.89 per hour and the worldwide market earned $106.69 per hour.
  • In B2B SEO the investments were more than $20,000 by 49% of enterprises.
  • Change in algorithms is an important factor that has been experienced by 62% of B2B marketers.

SEO Statistics by Mobile

  • By the end of 2025, it is expected that internet accessed by mobile devices will be increased by 75% of users.
  • As of 2023, mobile devices' Google searches have happened by 58%.
  • The results of organic click-through rate are higher in desktop searches and 50% less in mobile searches.
  • According to SEO Clarity, mobile devices get the number one organic search result with 27.7% of clicks and the top desktop result with 19.3% of clicks.
  • On the other side, mobile search has allowed 50% of users in discovering new products and brands.

SEO Statistics by Platform

  • The above figure describes the traffic share by different platforms in search engine optimization.
  • As of January 2023, the traffic share by mobile users is 65.41% and the traffic share is followed by desktop users (32.47%), and Tablet users (2.12%).
  • By the end of 2022, half of the web traffic was generated by mobile accounts across the world resulting 59.16% share.

SEO Statistics by Voice

  • Smart speaker with enabled voice search was used by 50% of American homes by the end of 2022.
  • As of 2023, Smartphone users by 1.1 million are using voice searches at least once every week.
  • For finding out information about local businesses voice searches have increased by 58% in 2023.
  • Mobile device voice searches are 3 times more likely than text searches across the world.
  • An effective result comes from featured snippets in 40.7% of voice searches.
  • Voice search in a strong backlink profile allows for increasing the ranking of the website.
  • In 2022, smart speakers used by 35% of US consumers, followed by Canada (30%), and Australia (28%).

SEO Statistics by Video

  • In 2022, in the content strategy, the top form of media used is video.
  • YouTube stands on the higher search ranking as it involves an increased number of views, likes, comments, and shares.
  • Digital marketers used video as an effective strategy for driving faster revenue growth which has been agreed by 49% of marketers.
  • Whereas, the best content type for ROI is video agreed by 51% of marketers.
  • Over the world, YouTube is termed as the best platform as people watched videos for more than a billion hours daily.
  • The purchasing decision has been influenced by watching the brand’s testimonial videos accepted by 77% of people.
  • As of 2023, marketers without video by 70% have recently started investing in online video marketing.
  • The video has helped in increasing brand awareness said by 95% of video marketers and helped in enhancing traffic said by 91% of video marketers in 2023.

SEO Statistics by Career

  • Global searches in January 2023 for SEO jobs have increased by 311%.
  • As of now, the demand for SEO courses has increased by 654% resulting in 18,100 searches.
  • As of 2022, over the world searches for SEO jobs SEO careers 136,400 which is followed by SEO courses (211,400), SEO careers (31,800), SEO manager jobs (11,400), SEO executive jobs (7,230), Entry level SEO jobs (6,330), SEO director jobs (2,970), SEO qualifications (2,790), Head of SEO jobs (2,610), and Trainee SEO jobs (2,010).

SEO Statistics by Buying  Journey (Age Group)


  • In 2022, 26% of people between the age group of 16-24 years used search engines in case of purchasing new products and services, which is followed by 40% of people who used search engines (24-34 years), 43% of people (35-44 years), 46% of people (45-54 years), and 46% of people were above 55 years.
  • Across the world 25% of people used social media search engines for buying new products and services with the age group of 16-24 years, 29% of people (24-34 years), 25% of people (5-44 years), 19% of people (45-54 years), and 13% of people (above 55 years)

SEO Statistics by Activity


  • As of 2023, SEOs pros spent most of their time participating in several activities in which the top activity was 15% Technical SEO (crawling, indexing, site speed), 13.5% SEO strategy and planning, 13.5% keyword research, and 12.9% on the page (meta titles/descriptions, H1).
  • In 2022 the top activities were 20% audience research, 10.7% off-page (link building, digital PR), 8.3% local SEO, 7.9% analytics, 6.5% mobile SEO, and 4.4% SMS marketing.

SEO Statistics by Country


    • As of 2023, the United States is having the highest average search volume by 50.7K, average backlinks (128.1 million), average ranking keywords (9.97 million), and average traffic (35.82 million).
    • The industries involved in SEO are business, e-commerce and retail, fashion, health and fitness, news and media, real estate, technology, and travel.

SEO Statistics by Leading Emergent Factors


  • As of October 2022, professionals of SEO have stated Machine learning or AI is the top most emergent factor by 11.3% for search rankings across the world.
  • Following are the other factors such as Core Web vitals (10.8%), Expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T) & trusted sources (10.2%), Mobile SEO (9.8%), structures data (8.3%), SERP features (8.3%), Automation tools (8.2%), voice search (6.6%), video search (5.8%), Knowledge graph &entities (5.8%), site security (5.6%), Google discover (4.9%), Google passages (3.7%), other (0.4%), and do not think there will be any (0.3%)

SEO Statistics by Satisfaction Rate


  • The above image describes the stats of 2022 and as of reports it has been observed that the year remained very challenging for many businesses and SEO pros for finding out effective results.
  • Only 47.6% of participants remained satisfied with SEO results and the others are followed by 29% neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 13% were very satisfied, 6.5% were dissatisfied, and 3.1% were very dissatisfied.
  • Thus, in 2023 many new SEO campaigns and metrics have been organized for enhancing the success rate of SEO over the world.


As of now after completing the article on SEO Statistics it can be easily stated that SEO is an effective component of any digital marketing strategy. From the article it has been observed that SEO allows for optimizing contents and structures of any websites for search engines which allows for enhancing the level of business efficiently by attracting more traffic to the particular business sites, improving online visibility along with increasing the sales and conversation rates. On the other hand, it has been predicted that SEO is going to get harder in the coming years thus; many companies in the United States and other countries have already started several campaigns for achieving better SEO.

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