Slack Statistics 2022 – Decoding Revenue And Usage Statistics Of Digital Workplace Slack

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Updated · May 15, 2022

Slack Statistics 2022 – Decoding Revenue And Usage Statistics Of Digital Workplace Slack

Slack Statistics: Heading to the office has been a traditional and inviolable part of any job for ages. However, the COVID19 pandemic has completely transformed the way people work. As work from home has turned into a vital mode to run the workplace proceedings efficiently, many firms have been using online tools and applications to keep their teams and staff connected. There are plenty of online tools and applications companies have been using to communicate with employees and teams. Yet, Slack has emerged as one of the best digital workplaces offering various special features and services. Slack has made work from home extremely feasible for the workforce across the globe. The usage of Slack especially by office-based firms to unite workers remotely has overhauled the way teams function together and communicate. Here we need to understand how popular is this digital workplace in terms of businesses. Well, before that, let us look at some significant Slack data to decode the growth and functionality of Slack.

Vital Slack Statistics And Trends For 2022:

  • More than 65 of the total Fortune 100 firms are paying Slack for business communication at present.
  • The number of Slack users is shooting up by 12 million per day.
  • Slack has successfully reduced meetings by 28 percent and email communications by 32 percent.
  • The digital workplace has been valued at more than 13.2 billion in September 2019.
  • Over 3 million users are paying for using Slack services.
  • The number of paid users of Slack has shot up to 142000 in the third quarter of 2021 as compared to 3700 Slack users in 2017.
  • As per the 2021 earnings report by Slack itself, now the digital workplace hosts more than 156000 paid users.
  • Average Slack users invest a sum of 10 hours on the platform per week as per the data of the second quarter of 2021.
  • In the Fiscal year 2020, the total revenue of Slack has been around $630 million. Slack expects total revenue of nearly $855 million to $870 million for the full fiscal year 2021.
  • The net loss of Slack has reduced from $567 million to $292 million from March 2020 to April 2021.
  • In December 2020, Slack has been taken over by Salesforce for $27.7 billion.
  • Many educational institutes and small trades across 150 countries as well use Slack.

Note*: *Slack's fiscal year ends January 31 of the given year. Paid customers defined as organizations with at least three users on a paid subscription plan.

Some Common Facts About Slack

#1. The Inception of Slack goes back to 2009

Initially, the founder of Slack, Stewart Butterfield designed it as a solution for the huge multiplayer online role-playing game marketplace known as Glitch in 2009. In 2013, the makers of Slack named Tiny Speck started developing Slack (Searchable Log of All Communication And Knowledge) as a business product. Around 8000 firms had signed up for Slack this year. After realizing the worth of their product, Tiny Speck renamed their firm Slack Technologies. Slack was officially introduced to the world in 2014. It earned nearly $120 million taking the firm to a huge valuation of $1.12 billion. With such growth, Slack has been tagged as the fastest firm in history to reach a billion -dollar valuation.

#2. Slack goes beyond the 1 billion usage minutes limit each weekday

As per Slack's usage data, the workplace messaging app's usage minutes have shot up to more than 1 billion per weekday in 2020. After the fiscal year 2020, the digital workplace has added more than 110000 paid customers. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Slack has recorded millions of new users.

#3. More than 600000 firms across the globe are utilizing the team collaboration tool

As per 2022 data, Slack is used by more than 600000 firms around the world. Nearly 88000 firms pay to use the app. About 55000 firms prefer using the free version of Slack. It shows the global appeal of the app. The headquarter of Slack technologies is based in San Francisco, California.

4. Developers have come up with more than 4000 apps for the team collaboration software

As per data by Slack technologies, more than 4000 apps have been developed for slack integration and make users' work move faster. However, only 150 apps have been assessed enough to be reckoned as official integrations. Some analysts believe that it might be a reason why Slack might be a huge threat to Microsoft teams. Microsoft has introduced Teams in 2020 to battle out Slack. Nearly 2400 apps and 750 bots are available on the Slack app directory.

#5. Many developers around the world are connected to Slack

More than 500000 developers across the globe are utilizing Slack services.

Slack User Statistics:

#6. Over 65 of fortune 100 firms have taken paid subscriptions for Slack services

As per Slack statistics, more than 65 of the total fortune 100 firms are paying for slack for business communication. Three million users as well have taken paid subscriptions for slack services. Some of the prominent organizations such as IBM, Airbnb, Wall-Mart, General Motors, and Apple as well use the popular platform.

#7. More than 12 million users are active on Slack everyday

As per the statistics of the last quarter of 2020, Slack records more than 12 million daily active users (DAU). Well, it seems that the number might have increased enormously due to the rise in the number of people choosing the Slack platform during the pandemic situation across the world. Slack claims to be easier as compared to emails as users can look for anything within their conversation. Commercial tools such as Google Drive, Salesforce, Zapier, GitHub, and Asana as well are added into Slack.

#8. The Slack directory contains more than 2400 apps along with the 'Please Share' app

There is a wide range of business tools and productivity boosters along with more than 2400 apps in the Slack directory. These apps enhance workflow and commercial processes.

#9. An average Slack user invests nearly 9 hours per day being signed in on the app

As per Slack's official statistics, an average Slack user continues to be hooked to the app for 9 hours per day. However, the active usage of the app is estimated to be 90 minutes on average.

#10. Slack records a retention rate of more than 90 percent of its free customers

The 2022 statistics show that Slack upholds the retention rate of its 90 percent of free online consumers. For Slack Users who use paid slack services, the company has a notable retention rate of 98 percent.

#11. 1080 out of 156000 paid Slack users earn annual revenue of over $100000

Slack has been able to rope in some of the biggest brands that make yearly revenue of more than $100000 such as Nordstrom, Target, and Starbucks.

Slack's Growth Statistics

#12. New York is known to have the largest number of Slack consumers across the world

As per the Slack statistics, the number of Slack users in New York is shooting up rapidly. As of now, New York has the biggest number of slack users in the world with 420000 consumers.

#13. Nearly, 7 percent of American corporate employees use the Slack platform in the United States.

#14. Apart from Slack's headquarters in the United States, the company has 11 other offices in seven countries across the globe.

Along with the majority of Slack's team, the company has employees working in offices in Tokyo, Paris, India, Denver, London, Melbourne, Istanbul, Dublin, Vancouver, Toronto, and New York.

#15. Slack is accessible to users living in 150 countries around the world

Slack has never mentioned countries where it is accessible, it shows that it is a universal platform and can be used virtually from anywhere in the world via an app or web browser.

#16. Slack has more than 2000 employees worldwide

Although the number of employees in Slack is quite striking, the majority of workers are based in San Francisco, California.

Slack Revenue Statistics:

Slack has grown exponentially since 2017. The company has been valued at an enormous $13.2 billion.

#17. The valuation of Slack has been $27.7 billion in December 2020

$27.7 billion has been the recent worth of Slack. The worth of the company has been declared after Salesforce has taken over the team collaboration app in December 2020.

#18. The total revenue of Slack has been more than $630 million in 2020.

With an increase of 57 percent year over year, the company has seen huge revenue of $630.4 million in 2020. As per Slack's statistics, the firm has grown impressively over the years. The revenue of Slack has been $400 million in 2019.

#19. Slack has recorded total revenue of $215.9 million in the second quarter of the financial year 2021

It shows a 49 percent year-over-year rise. Slack projects total revenue of $220 million to $223 million for the third quarter of the financial year 2021.

#20. The company expects to generate $868 million to $873 million revenue in the full fiscal year of 2021


#21. Regular Slack subscription for small to medium size trades 5.25 pounds in the United Kingdom

Slack charges 9.75 pounds per user for large-scale trades. The most costly subscription of Slack known as Enterprise Grid is offered to highly regulated, massive business corporations.

#22. Microsoft is considered the biggest competitor of Slack

Ever since Microsoft has unveiled its team collaboration app called Teams, it remains a huge threat to Slack. As Slack has recorded 12 million daily active users in 2020, Teams has reported 75 million daily active users.

#23. Slack acquired 2.26 percent of the market share

As per Slack statistics, Slack acquires more market share as compared to its biggest opponent Microsoft's Teams, which has only 0.49 percent of the market share. Many experts have been speculating that Microsoft has launched the app to wipe off Slack from the marketplace.

Slack's productivity And Chat Statistics

As per the latest, Slack Chat Statistics, Slack chat has been successful in bringing people, data, and various apps closer. However, the unlimited messaging feature is only available on paid subscriptions.

#24. Pro-plan Users can create an unlimited number of channels on Slack

The option of unlimited channels comes with a pro plan upgrade on Slack. In the free plan, users will not be able to see their chat history once they cross the free limit of 10000 messages on Slack.

#25. Slack users can enjoy a wide range of emojis while messaging

Unlike its competitor Microsoft Teams, Slack has a wide range of emojis that can be used while messaging.

#26. Around 87 percent of Slack users admit that Slack has improved communication within the organization and teams

Slack workplace statistics that have been released by SEC has shown that most business users have agreed that Slack has enhanced their collaboration and communication with their teammates at the workplace.

#27. Sales teams that are using the Slack platform are at five times greater odds of winning in business transactions.

#28. Slack is used by around 7.3 percent of developers around the world.

#29. A case study shows that Slack API for integration has cut down a firm's day-long process to 30 minutes.

#30. Slack Statistics have shown that the platform can reduce support tickets by 2500 per week


Slack has been created to enhance the productivity of employees and reduce email communication. Considering the statistics, it is evident that Slack has succeeded in most of its objectives. Slack has been able to establish a robust global presence since its inception in 2009. It is considered a highly valued commercial tool. Many esteemed firms are ready to spend for the unlimited version of Slack. However, it has some downsides as well. As users can exchange hundreds of messages per day, they are spending more time discussing the work instead of working. It can affect users' productivity to a certain level. However, it can be tackled in a much better way if users utilize the platform responsibly. They need to limit their workplace talks before it affects their efficiency. Luckily, Slack offers one of its features known as Analytics Dashboard to CEOs and Slack power users, with this, they can lead their staff towards more useful habits.


How many Fortune 100 firms are using the Slack platform?

As per the Slack statistics, around 65 percent of fortune 100 firms are currently using Slack.

How many messages are exchanged on slack every week?

Nearly 1.5 billion messages are exchanged on the Slack app.

How many apps have been developed for Slack?

There are more than 2000 apps and 750 bots available in the Slack directory. However, developers have created more than 4000 apps to be used along with Slack.

Which are some of the largest firms that are using Slack?

Organizations, such as IBM, Starbucks, Airbnb, General Motors, and PayPal are using Slack.

How much does Slack cut down email communication?

Slack has reduced emails by 32 percent and meetings by 28 percent.

How long is an average user active on Slack?

As per Slack statistics, an average Slack user is active for 90 minutes every day on weekdays.

How many developers around the world use Slack?

More than 500000 developers are registered on Slack.

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