50+ Most Surprising Pokémon Go Statistics for 2023 (Facts and Trends)

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Updated · Sep 14, 2023

50+ Most Surprising Pokémon Go Statistics for 2023 (Facts and Trends)

Key Pokemon Go Statistics

Pokemon Go Statistics: Pokemon Go is an AR (augmented reality) mobile game published and developed by Niantic in collaboration with The Pokemon Company and Nintendo in 2016 for Android and iOS devices. Pokemon Go uses smartphone devices with Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate, train, capture, and battle virtual creatures called Pokemon. It is part of the Pokemon franchise.

In addition, even though it's been five years since its launch, many people still think that Pokemon Go is not that great. But, even a glance at current Pokemon Go usage stats will prove them wrong.

Even though the initial Pokemon hype may have died down, Pokemon Go continues to grow fast, and we have important figures to prove it.

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  • Pokemon Go offered a 99% discount during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Nick Johnson is the first person to announce the collection of all Pokémons in the Pokémon Go game.
  • As of 2023, 9 million players play Pokémon Go every day.
  • The in-app purchases revenue was valued at $703.74 million in 2022.
  • Considering the selected countries in 2022, iPhone users with Pokémon Go Players ranked highest in the United States of America resulting in 146,482, followed by Great Britain at 43,410 and Italy at 21,752.
  • Bulbasaur was the first Pokemon that had been created.

What's the secret behind Pokemon Go's rising popularity?
Let's look at some crucial facts that prove it.

General Pokemon Go Usage Statistics

This highly-rated mobile game is in high demand. There is plenty of data to support this. A lot of data indicates more interest and high demand for this highly-rated mobile game.

#1. To date, Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 1.1 Million times.

Pokemon Go has exploded onto the mobile gaming market, becoming the most downloaded game in the industry at launch. It was also the most downloaded smartphone game with more than half a million downloads in 2016. Pokemon Go is a worldwide hit with over 1.1 billion downloads and shows no sign of slowing down.

#2. There are currently 150 million Pokemon Go users around the world.

Today, Pokemon Go has 150 million users around the globe. Although this is a decrease from the 2016 heyday of 232 million users, it still represents the highest annual number since 2016. This is a significant increase.

Pokémon Go Statistics by Daily Active Users in June 2022

(Source: statista.com)

Considering the selected countries in 2022, iPhone users with Pokémon Go Players ranked highest in the United States of America resulting in 146,482, followed by Great Britain at 43,410 and Italy at 21,752

Weekly active users for selected mobile games in January 2023

(Source: statista.com)

In the United States of America, Roblox is the most popular game by having the highest number of active users weekly resulting in 17%, followed by Pokémon GO (7%) and Subway Surfers (6%)

#3. There are over 8 million Pokemon Go daily active players.

There have been 8 million active Pokemon Go users per day since 2021.

#4. In February 2022, the number of DAU (Daily Active Users) of Pokemon Go through iPhone in various countries such as Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, etc.

In February 2022, the numbers of daily active users of Pokemon Go through iPhone in some countries are as below:

  • Japan's Pokemon Go active users are 333,176.
  • Great Britain's active users are 264,910.
  • France's active users are 113,038.
  • Italy's active users are 83,399.
  • Sweden's active users are 62,532.
  • The Netherlands's active users are 30,323.
  • Denmark's active users are 25,547.

#5. Pokemon Go Statistics show that it was the most downloaded game on mobile phones when it launched.

Pokemon Go was downloaded 130 million times around the globe in the first month after its release.

#6. There are currently almost 900 Pokemon.

To be exact, there are 898 virtual creatures. Every 3 to 4 Years, new generations of Pokemon appear, with 8 existing generations by 2021.

#7. The average player has captured nearly 108 Pokemon.

The average Pokedex counts nearly 108 unique Pokemon captured, meaning they have played this game for a considerable amount of time.

#8. Bulbasaur was the first Pokemon to be created.

According to collected information, Bulbasaur was the first Pokemon to be created, followed by Squirtle, Charmander, and Pikachu.

However, Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon. It also has the rarest Pokemon Card named "Gold Pikachu," released in 2016.

#9. Pokemon Go was the 20th most popular application on the iOS platform in the US as of May 1, 2021.

Pokemon Go was the 20th most-famous app on the iOS platform in the United States as of May 1, 2021. It is also the 15th highest-grossing application on the Android platform. (Source: Airnow)

#10. The Pokemon franchise is the most highly valued in the world.

According to recent information, the Pokemon franchise is the most highly valued around the globe. The Pokemon brand has an expected total revenue of $100 billion as of January 2021.

#11. Niantic raised around 245 million to increase its valuation to $ 4 billion.

According to a CNBC study, Niantic raised nearly $245 million to increase its valuation to $ 4 billion. This funding will allow the company to develop advanced augmented reality experiences and invest in machine learning and its Niantic Real World Platform.

#12. Pokemon Go players' statistics show that over 40% of players choose Mystic as their preferred Pokemon Go team.

According to data, there is one favorite team among the players between the three teams.

  • 25% of players choose Instinct.
  • 35% of players choose Valor.
  • 43% of players prefer Mystic.

#13. Approximately 5 million Pokemon Go mobile game "cheaters" were punished.

Niantic reported approximately 5 million players being punished for cheating in the game, with 20% of those sanctions being permanent bans.

#14. The World's most excellent trainer caught over 2M Pokemon.

Kyarorina, a Japanese trainer, is said to have caught more Pokemon than any other. He has now reportedly caught over 2 million Pokemon as of 2021. He has also traveled more than 38,000 kilometers, which means he could almost complete the circle around the globe.

#15. According to Pokemon Go usage stats, the UK's best player currently has 56 wins out of 69 battles.

CLeonardo77 has won 56 out of 69 battles, or 81.16%. He is the top-ranked player in the United Kingdom as of December 2021, and the second player is far behind him.

Pokemon Go Facts

#16. Pokemon Go encouraged 60% of players to visit new locations.

A recent study showed that more than 60% of Pokemon Go players visited new locations in their town because of this game. These locations were:

  • 22% Parks.
  • 14% Castles and Stadiums.
  • 11% Water features.
  • 9% Entirely new city.

#17. 15% of players think rural areas are the most boring.

According to a recent study, Pokemon Go users found rural areas, such as woods, countryside, etc., the most boring locations in the game. Around 15% of them agreed that nothing happens there.

#18. More than 1/3rd of Pokemon Go players bumped into an object while playing the game.

Pokemon Go players have reported approximately 33% of collisions with objects or near-misses, most saying they bump into other people or signs.

#19. Some players went as far as to breach lockdown rules while playing the Pokemon Go.

A game player from Bedworth drove to Kenilworth in January 2021 and was fined £200 for breaking lockdown rules.

#20. More than 30% of players met new friends via Pokemon Go.

31% of Pokemon Go users reported that they met new friends through this game.

Pokemon Go Revenue Statistics

It was the first mobile game to earn the most revenue ever. All available statistics support the game's steady financial success.

#21. The daily spending estimate for players continues to surpass $4 million.

The average daily spending of Pokemon Go players was approximately $4 million as of 2019. This resulted in roughly $641 million in in-game expenditure over the first half of 2021.

#22. Pokemon Go continues to make annual revenue as high as $1.23 billion.

The $1.23 billion mark is still a comfortable level for Pokemon Go earnings. This is remarkable when considering the 2017 Pokemon Go Profit results, $0.58 billion.

#23. The United States is the most lucrative Pokemon Go market

The US holds 36.3% of the market for in-app purchases, making it the most lucrative country for Pokemon Go, followed by Germany at 5.7% and Japan at 31.3%.

#24. Pokemon Go retention Stats suggest that it is a mobile game that generated the highest revenue.

One month after the Pokemon Go launch, it generated around $ 206.5 million in revenue for the first time in the mobile gaming market.

#25. Pokemon Go broke five world records within its first month.

According to Guinness World Records, Pokemon Go became a global phenomenon quickly, breaking five world records within the first month.

#26. Pokemon Go was the fastest to reach $100 million.

Pokemon Go became the fastest smartphone game, reaching around $100 million in just 20 days.

#27. Pokemon Go was also top-grossing simultaneously in 55 countries.

In Pokemon Go's first month, it generated the highest revenue on 55 international charts at the same time.

#28. The peak year for Pokemon Go revenues was 2020.

Pokemon Go was among the top five free-to-play mobile games in 2020 and generated revenue of nearly $1.92 billion.

#29. In-app purchases by players reached an all-time high in 2020.

Pokemon Go users have spent more in 2020 than any other game, reaching $1 billion in total and accumulating nearly $4.2 billion. In addition, the United States market is the highest profitable for game developers Niantic, where it has published $ 1.5 billion in revenue.

#30. The Pokemon Go market has seen a 39% annual growth.

Pokemon Go was developed to encourage physical movement at real-time locations. However, Pokemon Go has adapted to new situations due to pandemics, with an annual growth of 39%.

#31. Google Play generated higher revenue for Pokemon Go than the App Store.

Google Play reported revenue of 53.4% or $2.2 billion for mobile applications, while the App Store accounted for 46.6% or $1.9 billion.

#32. Pokemon Go all-time IPA revenue around the globe 2016-2021.

In-app Pokemon GO purchase revenues exceeded 904 million U.S. dollars globally in 2021. It was the second-most profitable year for mobile apps since its launch in 2016 when it raked around 588.77 million U.S. dollars.

Pokémon GO Statistics by Awareness

(Source: statista.com)

As of October 2022, players aged between 35 to 54 years are said to be the most aware of this game. The overall awareness percentage in the United States of America for a similar period is 73%.

Pokemon Go Demographics

Pokemon Go's popularity fluctuates widely across different locations, with stats increasingly indicating that Pokemon Go usage is at an all-time high in the United States. This trend is not expected to change anytime soon.

#33. Around 827,203 Pokemon Go players are active in the United States every day.

The US has around 827,203 active users per day, making it the most popular market for Pokemon Go, followed by the United Kingdom at about 272,015 active users.

#34. The United States accounts for 19% on average of all Pokemon Go downloads.

According to Pokemon Go usage statistics, 19% of all current Pokemon Go downloads are from the US. This makes it the most significant market. Brazil and India follow at only 10 and 6%, respectively.

#35. 2020 was the year with the most significant number of active users. Most of these were from the Asia Pacific Region.

The number of active Pokemon Go users continues to rise, reaching its highest level in 2020.

  • 311 million players (51.6%) are from the Asia Pacific.
  • 107 million players (17.7%) are from Africa, Central & Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.
  • 67 million players (11.1%) are from the United States.
  • 63 million players (10.5%) are from Western Europe.
  • 55 million players (11.1%) are from Latin and Central America.

#36. Great Britain is the number two country worldwide with the highest number of active users.

Great Britain was second in the world with 272,015 active Pokemon Go users as of January 2021.

  • 827,203 active players in the United States.
  • 272,015 in Great Britain.
  • 269,733 in Japan.

By age group

(Source: statista.com)

According to Pokémon Go statistics by demographics, players aged between 18 to 34 and 3 to 54 share a similar percentage of currently active players resulting in 40%. The majority of the players that used to play this AR game belonged to the age group of 18 to 34 years.

#37. Pokemon Go helps to improve player's social life.

Pokemon Go has been reported to affect users' social interaction and collaboration positively. These positive effects include:

  • 52% spent more quality time with their dogs than the rest.
  • 43% spent more quality time with their families.
  • 39% felt less anxious when they went outside.
  • 40% reported feeling less anxious when they interacted with strangers.

#38. Many physical health benefits were associated with the Pokemon Go game, particularly increased movement.

According to recent studies, Pokemon Go users reported several positive changes to their physical health, including:

  • 50 minutes more physical activity per week.
  • 35% more steps every day.
  • 25% of total activity during a month.

#39. There are more male Pokemon Go players than female players.

According to gender distribution data, around 57% of male Pokemon Go players and 43% of female players.

#40. An average Pokemon Go player is 24 years old.

Pokemon Go players' ages range from 5 to 67 years, while the average player is 24 years old, or – 6 years old.

#41. A majority of players are employed.

If you look at the occupations of Pokemon Go players, you will see that there are several groups:

  • Around 34% of players are students.
  • Nearly 48% of players are working.
  • Approximately 10% are in school.
  • 8% are unemployed.

#42. Nearly 40% of Pokemon Go players are millennials.

According to Pokemon's latest stats, there are almost 38% of millennial players and 33% of Gen Xers players.

Pokemon Go Usage Statistics

Let's look at players' habits to better understand how players are likely to keep their downloads rolling.

#43. An average Pokemon Go player spends nearly half an hour in-app per day

While it may not have been the same amount of time played daily in 2016, stats show that players are still spending an average of 33 minutes per day in-app. This suggests that users use the Pokemon Go app in an ongoing and steady stream of usage.

#44. In 2021, Pokemon Go players walked approximately 4.3 billion miles.

Pokemon Go's health benefits are its main selling point. Statistics show that Pokemon Go users walked around 4.3 billion miles in 2021, and they are still enjoying the game to its full potential.

Pokemon Go Trends 2021

#45. Pokemon Go offered a 99% discount during the COVID-19 pandemic

Niantic offered a 99% discount on all in-app purchases during the lockdown.

#46. During the lockdown, Pokemon Go was ranked among the top 10 most-played games in the United Kingdom.

During the lockdown, Pokemon Go was ranked 7th place among the most-played games in the UK, right after Minecraft and Fortnite, with nearly 20% of those who used daily walks to catch Pokemon.

#47. The game's designers keep things exciting by holding live events that cost approximately $12-$18 per ticket.

Pokemon Go players can capture new Pokemon in a controlled, COVID-19-safe environment, thanks to these ticketed events, which cost less than $20.

Pokemon Go Events

#48. In 2019, Niantic hosted 77 live events across 32 countries.

According to some studies, Niantic hosted 77 live events across 32 countries in 2019. Attendees come from over 60 countries across 6 continents.

#49. In 2019, Niantic hosted over 2.7 million attendees during various live events.

Niantic hosted over 2.7 million attendees during various live events in 2019.

#50. 60,000 people in Chicago attended the four-day 2019 Pokemon Go Fest.

According to Business Insider research, Chicago's four-day 2019 Pokemon Go Fest was attended by 60,000 people. Participants walked over 290,000 km during the event and spotted 15 million Pokemon characters. Furthermore, attendees made around 213,000 friends in Pokemon Go.

#51. In Dortmund, Germany, in 2019, the first Pokemon Go Fest was held.

According to collected information, in Dortmund, Germany, in 2019, the first Pokemon Go Fest was held. There were around 85,000 attendees at this event. Participants walked more than 400,000 kilometers and collected more than 28 million Pokemon characters.

#52. Niantic live events generated around $249 Million in tourism revenue for Dortmund, Chicago, and Montreal.

According to Niantic research, Niantic live events generated approximately $249 Million in tourism revenue for Dortmund, Chicago, and Montreal.

#53. New Taipei City hosted a Pokemon Go event that gathered 327,000 Pokemon Go-loving trainers

According to Niantic data, New Taipei City hosted a Pokemon Go event that gathered 327,000 Pokemon Go-loving trainers. Participants walked approximately 4.5 Million Kilometers and caught around 50 million Pokemon.

#54. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pokemon Go Fest 2020 changed from an in-person event to a virtual one.

According to the VentureBeat study, the Pokemon Go Fest 2020, initially planned to be an in-person event, has been changed to a virtual one due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This event was attended by millions of people worldwide, including 124 different regions and countries. Each participant walked approximately 15 kilometers and sent 55 million gifts to each other.


Pokemon Go Statistics: The mobile gaming market has changed dramatically in the five years since Pokemon Go launched. They've set new standards for the mobile gaming industry, and they have more to come with the recent announcement of the Metaverse. They still have many plans in their bags.

On the other hand, Pokémon Go Statistics suggest that the game continues to thrive, with players traveling the globe several times in their yearly quest to 'catch' 'em all.'

These facts and stats about Pokemon Go proved one crucial thing: Pokemon Go won't disappear in the near future.

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