The Ultimate Digital Treasures: World’s Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunks NFTs

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Updated · Jun 20, 2023

The Ultimate Digital Treasures: World’s Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunks NFTs

CryptoPunks are character images created by a computer in 24*24 pixel art images. Although some photos of ghouls; apes; and aliens have recently been included; most depictions are of boys and girls. Every Rocker has an online user profile with details about them including personality traits and current situation; on the Blockchain network, these CryptoPunks officially belong to specific individuals. Initially free for anyone with a Bitcoin wallet, it took only minutes for everyone else to acquire all 10,000 units of supply. Nowadays cryptocurrencies like these can be bought and exchanged via digital currency auctions using digital assets as their basis – meaning you’re able to buy or exchange punks at these types of auctions!


CryptoPunks was launched in 2017 by two programmers from Larva Labs, a smartphone tech firm located in NYC that creates apps for iOS and Android gadgets. At first, 9,000 coins were given away for free and 1,000 were owned by their creators. At present, having access to an Ethereum platform was the sole requirement for ownership. What began as a playful experiment by its creators has since blossomed into something far more significant and beneficial. Larva Laboratories, the company behind CryptoPunks, makes money by selling off their NFT holdings.

CryptoPunks used to be validated by uploading a transaction onto the Bitcoin blockchain, making them free to anyone who requested some. Recently, their value has grown along with their popularity; some old holders began trading their Pricks via aftermarket markets again for Eth cryptographic coins – Eth.

However, Larva Labs declines to disclose how many times CryptoPunk NFTs it has sold. The programmers based the punks’ eccentric appearance on references from the mid-1970s London punk scene, William Gibson’s 1984 sci-fi book Neuromancer, Ridley Scott’s 1982 science fantasy film Blade Runner and the cyberpunk concept which was heavily inspired by the French electronic dance music group Daft Punk.


  • CryptoPunks are divided into two distinct sexes, each with their own distinctive haircuts, apparel and accessories. Males and females both sport lighter to darker skin tones.
  • CryptoPunks sport an array of accessories, such as hats, spectacles and jewellery.
  • Some even exhibit distinctive facial movements like giggles, scowls or glances.
  • Each Radical has a specific backdrop colour scheme that may vary from black to white to numerous monochrome tones.
  • There seem to be 88 CryptoPunks with the trait “walking corpse,” which implies their dark green blood and scarlet eyeballs. Kind of Zombies.
  • Eight CryptoPunks have had the “alien” quality, meaning refers to their odd aspect or form, including a grizzly beard or several limbs.
  • There seem to be 24 CryptoPunks with both the “monkey” trait, which denotes that they resemble gorillas.


  • MetaMask or MyEtherWallet can be used to open a Bitcoin account. Be sure to safeguard the secret keys or seeding passphrase used for opening your account; as these will need to be provided during setup
  • Ether can be acquired through mentor markets like LocalEthereum or through cryptocurrency trading platforms like Coinbase; Binance and Kraken
  • Visit to explore the official CryptoPunks storefront Additionally; users can purchase CryptoPunks through various exchangers and auction sites like OpenSea; Nifty Gateway; as well as Rarible
  • Just choose CryptoPunk you would like to purchase by perusing the kinds that are now accessible.
  • To finish the acquisition; adhere to the directions just on the global market or interchange. The needed quantity of Eth must be paid; as well as the payment must be confirmed.


  • CryptoPunks were estimated to have existed in 10,000 unique forms, making them an expensive collectable. Due to each CryptoPunk’s distinctive features such as hairdos, accessories and backdrop hues, some have become more valuable than others due to their rarity. Therefore, rare CryptoPunks tend to command higher prices due to their rarity.
  • CryptoPunks was one of the earliest non-fungible currencies (NFTs) created solely on the Bitcoin blockchain and has since come to represent all NFTs in existence. As a result, many cryptocurrency speculators and enthusiasts consider holding a CryptoPunk token an essential piece in their collection as it represents something unique in the history of digital tokens.
  • Several superstars and renowned businesspeople own CryptoPunks; which has also grown to be a worldwide icon and enjoys significant popularity. This is what has adopted a premium pricing policy and increased the supply
  • Larva Laboratories; the business that produced CryptoPunks; has explicitly stated that now it won’t possibly produce another batch; since there are only 10,000 of those available on the market now. Their valuation was additionally enhanced by their exclusivity


  • Initially first established in 2017; a CryptoPunk valued at 0.05 ETH (about $10 at the period).
  • The most valuable CryptoPunk ever auctioned was a remarkable Alien Punk just with 9 similar ones; that sold for 4,200 ETH (nearly $7.5 million at the time).
  • In 2021; a CryptoPunk traded for an equivalent of about 70 ETH (about $100,000 just at epoch).

Mentioned Below are the Top 10 World’s Most Expensive CryptoPunks NFTs

  • CryptoPunk 9998- worth $530M
  • CryptoPunk 5822- worth $23.7M
  • CryptoPunk 7523- worth $11.7M
  • CryptoPunk 4156- worth $10.2M
  • CryptoPunk 7804- worth $7.6M
  • CryptoPunk 3100- worth $7.5M
  • CryptoPunk 8857- worth $6.6M
  • CryptoPunk 5217- worth $5.4M
  • CryptoPunk 7252- worth $5.3M
  • CryptoPunk 4464- worth $2.6M

#1. CryptoPunk 9998 – Worth $530M


CryptoPunk 9998

CryptoPunk #9998 is currently the oldest; most valuable; and premium CryptoPunk. Created by Matt Hall and John Watkinson for their CryptoPunks line of digital souvenir “punks,” #9998 can be purchased, transferred and exchanged on the Blockchain with 10,000 unique anarchist personalities each with their own look and traits. A coloured punk wearing a yellow mohawk and spiked collars stand as CryptoPunk #9998.

#2. CryptoPunk 5822 – Worth $23.7M


CryptoPunk 5822

Larva Labs; created the CryptoPunk collection of digital collectable artwork in 2017. It consists of 10,000 unique 8-bit characters; each with its own unique qualities and characteristics. However; one particularly valuable NFT in the entire library – CryptoPunk #5822 – was purchased by Deepak Thapliyal (CEO of Chain); due to its rarity among nine creatures wearing hats. This rarity contributes to its inflated prices today.

#3. CryptoPunk 7523 – Worth $11.7M


CryptoPunk 7523

CryptoPunk 7523 recently sold at Sotheby’s for $11.7 million; joining an elite group of extraterrestrial punk rockers that share three characteristics (a trait shared by 4501 punks). Like 419 other punks; 7523 donned a crocheted cap while 175 others donned healthcare masks. Their gold earrings completed their look – matching 2459 additional punk rockers in our database.

On October 29th; 2021; an anonymous bid of 20.4K Ethereum ($87.64 million) was placed and then withdrawn; setting the highest theoretical CryptoPunk cost possible. As reported by CNN; this partnership between Sotheby’s auction site and CryptoPunk was “another technologically groundbreaking action”.

#4. CryptoPunk 4156 – Worth $10.2M


CryptoPunk 4156

CryptoPunk #4156’s auction at 650 Ethereum ($10.25 million) in mid-February 2021 was both unexpected and among the most valuable NFTs; even if its reputation has since been broken multiple times. Last traded in September 2018 for just 3.29 Ethereum ($645); this bandana-wearing Ape anarchist had been owned by multiple people since 2017 when it was first minted. Before being approved as the highest bid on February 18th; CryptoPunk #4156 received multiple proposals

#5. CryptoPunk 7804 – Worth $7.6M


CryptoPunk 7804

CryptoPunks have achieved legendary status for creating one of the greatest NFTs ever performed: CryptoPunk. Their concept centres around crafting beautiful icons made up of Eths with no two Cyber Punks sounding alike; uniqueness is highly valued among fans. CryptoPunk coins; were initially accessible to anyone with an Ethereum-compatible protocol; meaning many of the distinctive characteristics of this community have been preserved through CryptoPunk 7804. CryptoPunk 7804; stands out with its ‘Alien’ Skin; which is only 0.09 of all mixes with similar configuration. Furthermore; its Pipes; are unique to this mix as only two other components possess them. Finally; with only three entrances present and slightly varying shades throughout; CryptoPunk 7804’s Cap Forward trend appears limited to those from within its community. These characteristics make CryptoPunk 7804 an intriguing option and have earned itself a place among our Top Ten NFTs list.

#6. CryptoPunk 3100 – Worth $7.5M


CryptoPunk 3100

CryptoPunk 3100 from Larva Technologies is currently the best value NFT available and it is included in this overview of other pricey NFTs. There are nine alien punk rockers with blue and white headgear; each having one unique characteristic (shared by 333 out of 10,000 overall)

CryptoPunk 3100 was purchased for just $2,127 in July 2017 and eventually sold for $7.67 million in March 2021.

At the time of the auction; non-fungible cryptocurrencies had begun to gain momentum but mainstream cryptocurrency commodities experienced a decrease in investor enthusiasm as uncertainty mounted.

CryptoPunk 3100’s founder has high hopes for their business venture; having stated their intentions back in November 2021.

#7. CryptoPunk 8857 – Worth $6.6M


CryptoPunk 8857

CryptoPunk #8857’s auction price; of 2,000 ETH or USD 6.6M was the highest recorded; during its course and it earned it a ranking within the ‘Zombie’ category. Furthermore; two previous owners have claimed ownership of this CryptoPunk.

#8. CryptoPunk 5217 – Worth $5.4M



CryptoPunk 5217

CryptoPunk 5217 is currently ranked among all CryptoPunks at number 5217. Larva Laboratories created this digital souvenir or non-fungible commemorative (NFT) from the CryptoPunks group; consisting of a 10×10 visual image of insignia with a total value of 10,000. A female radical with such a fuchsia hairdo and spotted collar would identify herself by number 5217. Like physical products; CryptoPunks may be acquired; owned; swapped like physical products and stored in a database as all NFTs do.

#9. CryptoPunk 7252 – Worth $5.3M


CryptoPunk 7252

CryptoPunk 7252 is widely considered the greatest cryptopunk ever created and represents a unique virtual collection known as a CryptoPunk. Through cryptocurrency transactions; users can purchase; trade and exchange these 1 million 24 24 pixel-perfect paintings created using blockchains; unfortunately; the exact image remains anonymous; due to its owner’s choice. With only a few genuine CryptoPunks left in existence; its performance stands out among all others.

#10. CryptoPunk 4464 – Worth $2.6M

CryptoPunk 4464

CryptoPunk 4464; is currently the highest-valued CryptoPunk in existence; having achieved this milestone on the Ethereum platform in 2017. Created and sold by Matt Hall and John Watkinson in 2017; this iconic figurine sports a distinctive appearance – wearing a spiky hairdo, eyeglasses; as well as a black and white striped t-shirt. CryptoPunks range in value from 100,000 bones up to several hundred thousand depending on their allegation or eccentricity.

Bottom line:

CryptoPunks is widely regarded as the earliest and most iconic NFT; making acquiring one a thrilling milestone in bitcoins development. CryptoPunks have seen tremendous market value due to their social relevance and appeal; some pieces have even been auctioned off for hundreds of thousands of dollars. CryptoPunks‘ price increases may appear absurd, but they are the result of both entrepreneurs and individuals who view these assets as valuable and unique. CryptoPunks paved the way for NFTs to become widely utilized in leisure; games; and other businesses. Undoubtedly, CryptoPunks will remain an enchanting part of bitcoin culture for a very long time to come; having had an immense impact on digital artefacts.


What lies ahead for CryptoPunks?

Demand for virtual currencies is expected to increase; potentially driving their value higher. Furthermore; acceptance of non-fungible currencies could expand the supply of CryptoPunks (NFTs)

How will CryptoPunks increase in worth?

CryptoPunk's status as one of the earliest; and first ventures on the Ethereum platform serves to solidify its prominence. In other words; this endeavour serves as a precursor for NFT; inspiring numerous other artistic projects with similar aesthetics such as Bored Ape Yacht Club or Pudgy Penguins.

What pixel density does CryptoPunk offer?

CryptoPunk's pictures; typically offer 24x24 pixels that have been created programmatically

Can a CryptoPunk be acquired?

Absolutely. Eths cryptographic protocol hashes, which are simply one electronic key identifying the proprietor; can be utilized by supporters of CryptoPunks to prove ownership. With all these passwords in hand; they're able to trade, purchase or offer online NFTs just like they'd exchange physical antiquities.

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