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Applications of business intelligence, analytics, and CRM software and solutions in the healthcare industry.

7 Solutions to Boost CRM Performance

Chief Data Officer Role Continues to Evolve

Chief data officers (CDOs) have come a long way, baby, say CDOs and other experts speaking at the recent MIT CDOIQ Symposium.

Comprehensive Guide to Field Service Software

Field service software is changing as technologies like mobile and IoT impact customer service. Here is what you need to know.

7 Notable Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization tools are a red-hot area of business intelligence. These seven  solutions are on the leading edge of the data …

Hadoop Evolution: What You Need to Know

Hadoop has been hamstrung by complexity, skills shortages and a lack of standardization, but new approaches to using Hadoop are emerging.

Predictive Analytics Software Buying Guide

Shopping for predictive analytics software? Here are 10 vendors you should know.

Getting Started with Predictive Analytics in 5 Easy Steps

Getting started with predictive analytics can seem daunting. This five-step process will help you understand how to use predictive analytics.

Predictive Analytics Now Easier but Still No Cake Walk

Predictive analytics is no longer the sole purview of data scientists.

Bye-bye Intranet, Hello Mobile App

Many corporate intranets are not well equipped for mobile usage. Application development platforms like APPrise Mobile offer an alternative.

Vertical CRM Not Just for Little Guys

With new 'clouds' for health care and financial services, Salesforce joins SAP and Oracle in offering industry-specific CRM software.

Humana Using Analytics to Improve Health Outcomes

Health insurer Humana is getting good results by making analytics the foundation of its clinical operations.

Is Hadoop Maturity in Sight?

Gartner predicts 'anemic' growth for Hadoop in the near term. What gives?

4 Data Analytics Success Stories

Yes, there is lots of hype about data analytics. But there are also some compelling success stories, involving areas like predictive …

How Is Hadoop Evolving to Meet Big Data Needs?

Author of "Hadoop: The Definitive User Guide" offers an update on the current state of Hadoop and where it is headed.

Mobile Apps and the FDA: What You Need to Know

The impetus is on enterprises to know how and to what extent the FDA may regulate mobile medical apps.

8 Tech Trends Changing Health Care

The health care industry has always been conservative in adopting technology, but that is beginning to change.

Enterprises Are Leading the Way in Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is catching on more quickly in the enterprise than with consumers, largely because of the compelling business use cases.

Office 365: Is It Right for the Enterprise?

Microsoft offers both small business and enterprise customers customized versions of Office 365 to meet most any need.

IoT Driving New Business Models

The Internet of Things is not a futuristic concept. IoT is already driving new business solutions, as seen in three examples from the …

Data Visualization: Old Practice, New Value

While visualization tools can help organizations get new value from their data, there are some caveats.