3Com, Aspect Target Enterprises, Call Centers

boston.internet.com Staff

Updated · Aug 25, 2003

3Com and Aspect Communications have signed a wide-ranging partnership aimed at increasing the use of Internet protocol phone systems by enterprises and large call center operators.

The pact includes joint development, sales and marketing of products combining IP-private branch exchange (PBX) with contact center functionality, such as call routing and multi-channel support.

Specifically, 3Com’s networked telephony platform, the VCX V7000, will be merged with Aspect’s Uniphi software.

“These types of solutions open up new possibilities for businesses; new ways of thinking about their workforce, their customer, partner and vendor interactions,” said Art Schoeller, a senior analyst at Yankee Group, a Boston telecommunications research firm.

Dave Hattey, a 3Com vice president and general manager, said the partnership will help enterprises cost effectively “increase productivity, flexibility and global reach.”

After suffering through an industry slump, 3Com said it planned to focus on expanding into higher-end data and voice offerings and compete more for mid to large-size customers and the channels that serve them. To that end, 3Com added field and marketing resources.

For Aspect, the partnership comes at the same time as a new product release. The San Jose, Calif., company today introduced Iphinity, a set of bundled solutions for small and medium-sized call centers. It’s the first time in Aspect’s 18 years of call center experience, that its targeted that market.

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