Ask Jeeves Behind Drug Company’s Search Site

Michael Singer

Updated · Feb 11, 2002

Question and answer search engine Ask Jeeves Monday says it has inked a deal with Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche to help its customer self service sites.

The Emeryville, Calif.-based company's business division Jeeves Solutions has been tapped to power two of Roche's most trafficked Web sites, and The interface will be displayed as “Ask Xenical” and “Ask the Weight Loss Expert,”

For example, Roche's customers can now ask questions such as “Is Xenical right for me?” or “What are some basic guidelines for healthy eating?” and be directed to relevant answers on the company's two Web sites.

Xenical is a prescription weight-loss medication developed by Roche to help considerably overweight people.

Jeeves Solutions has done the same type of search engine assistance for Compaq Computer and Nike .

“Our clients put a high priority on customer service and recognize the value that Web-based self-service has on improving customer satisfaction and decreasing support costs,” says Jeeves Solutions president Claudio Pinkus. “We have had great success serving companies in the technology, financial services and retail sectors. Our work with Roche already demonstrates significant value for the pharmaceutical sector.”

Roche says it will also use Jeeves Analytics, a built-in customer intelligence feature of the platform, to learn from each customer interaction. The analytics software acts as something of a 24X7 focus group. The program captures customer feedback through 14 detailed reports, which provide in-depth, anonymous analysis of the questions customers ask. Roche can access these reports to identify content holes, frequently asked questions, common terms and overall trends in user interaction.

For example, Jeeves Analytics helped Roche learn that customers wanted more information about where and how they could buy Xenical and where they could find more information regarding specific exercises. As a result, Roche added content to its site to more fully address customers' questions.

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