Avaya-Accenture Alliance

eCRMGuide.com Staff

Updated · Oct 25, 2001

In an effort to garner more market share, corporate networking provider Avaya and consulting service firm Accenture have joined forces to deliver a CRM solution designed to help enterprises increase operational efficiency, enhance and retain customer relationships and support revenue growth.

The alliance will draw strength from each company's expertise — Avaya's CRM solutions and Internet Protocol (IP) communications and Accentures CRM consulting and business integration services. The collaboration will result in integrated offerings with a focus on enterprise-level projects and multi-channel communications, including telephony, e-mail, Web chat, fax, wireless and collaborative Web browsing. “In today's customer-focused economy, customers determine how and when they wish to conduct business,” said Donald K. Peterson, president and CEO, Avaya

Accenture will deliver key Avaya contact center applications via its newly developed Customer Contact Transformation (CCT) offering, which also incorporates Accenture's next-generation contact center offering. Avaya's Interaction Management and Commitment Management solutions will be essential components of the alliance, enabling companies to offer self-service capabilities to customers. Interaction Management allows for multi-channel customer contact and Commitment Management helps build customer satisfaction.

“Developing strategies for retaining customers and keeping them happy throughout the life cycle, regardless of interaction channel, is a priority for any business,” said John Freeland, Accenture global managing partner, Customer Relationship Management practice. “Accenture and Avaya are teaming to respond to this challenge by providing innovative, cost-effective, CRM contact center business solutions, which are designed to help companies harness emerging technologies and realize increased revenue through customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.”

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