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Updated · Feb 24, 2010

The site is designed to help companies manage their social media presence. has launched an updated Web site, with a new interface designed to make socia media, e-mail and SMS marketing as accessible as possible.

The site allows users to manage and track posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and others.

The aim is to help companies manage their social media presence via scheduling of posts, posting via e-mail, and automated posting via RSS. The site tracks every social media message posted, and offers reports on a wide range of statistics including the number of likes, shares, views, comments and clicks.

"Sendible is also an e-mail marketing tool, allowing users to send out e-mail newsletters, manage their contacts and even capture contacts from their Web site with the use of Sendible’s newsletter signup widget," writes TMCnet’s David Sims. "’All e-mails that are sent from the Sendible platform are tracked and measured,’ company officials explain, adding that Sendible ‘tracks the number of opens, unsubscribes, forwards and shares.’"

"Users can even create their own blogs hosted on Sendible’s platform," Sims writes. "’Sendiblogs’ are ‘essentially microblogs,’ company officials said, ‘allowing brands, companies and individuals to immediately create an online presence.’"

Click on the following to read the TMCnet article: Revamps Web Site to Improve Access

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