TeaLeaf Brews Up IntegriTea

Michael Singer

Updated · Feb 20, 2002

E-business diagnostic toolmaker, TeaLeaf Technology Wednesday unveiled its first official product – aptly named IntegriTea.

With two patents under its belt, the San Francisco-based firm says the new tool is designed to go beyond the basics of alerting system outages and performance metrics.

Instead, the IntegriTea platform captures a real time slide show of the steps that a customer takes and the problems that they may face.

“Ironically, application integrity problems are the most visible to the customer, yet the least visible to IT operations,” says Tealeaf CEO Frank Vaculin. “We are arming CIOs and IT operations with a view into the functional fitness of Web applications. For the first time, companies can gain a true understanding of the integrity of their business processes, while minimizing the cost of managing Web applications and uncovering serious Web problems before they damage the bottom line.”

For example, Vaculin says the software can track and identify ODBC Error messages, content and correctness errors and other things that the end user sees that companies like Mercury Interactive and Keynote can miss.

The software is broken down in to Portal and Reporting modules. The solution is either sold as a software or hardware solution that is installed on the network's edge.

The Portal module is a Web-based console that provides personalized views of actual, end-user sessions. With the Portal module, users can drill down into actual, page-by-page, click-by-click replays of specific user site visits. IT managers also can create charts in real time using pre-defined events and thresholds to quickly pinpoint problem areas.

The Reports add-on module provides aggregate views and trend data, and allows IT professionals to drill down to view session details. The module also delivers complete custom reporting capabilities, a powerful open data schema, and SLA reporting on functional integrity.

The platforms also compress the sessions by about 80 percent. That translates from about 20-25 Gigs to 200-250 Megs.

Not only that, but the reporting tool can send the code in either a Microsoft Word or PDF format to the engineering team.

IntegriTea is priced from $2,975 per month for the base configuration, and scales based on the number of CPUs and end-users. The Portal and Reports modules are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2002.

TeaLeaf also announced new customer relationships with Colgate-Palmolive and Leica Geosystems, expanding its growing list of corporations it works with including Texas Instruments and Tower Records.

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