Dark Web Statistics 2023 By Market Share

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Updated · Oct 16, 2023

Dark Web Statistics 2023 By Market Share

Dark web statistics: Over the internet the dark web is an important part that is not indexed by search engines and requires specific software to access. These are associated with illegal activities, such as drug trafficking and the sale of stolen data from different sources. However, it is also used for legalized purposes, such as communication and censorship.

Dark web statistics are difficult to collect as they are the hidden nature of the network. On the other side, as of recent reports, daily active users available on the dark web are almost 2.5 million which represents a small fraction of internet users. In North America and Europe, the maximum numbers of dark web users are found but in Asia and other regions, the portion is less.

Key Takeaways

  • Dark web statistics are difficult to collect as they are the hidden nature of the network.
  • On the other side, as of recent reports, daily active users available on the dark web are almost 2.5 million which represents a small fraction of internet users.
  • In North America and Europe, the maximum numbers of dark web users are found but in Asia and other regions, the portion is less.

Understanding The Dark Web

The dark web is a part of the internet that is intentionally concealed and beyond the reach of normal search engines. Accessing the network includes encrypted websites and forums with some special browsers such as Tor. Many illegal activities such as drug selling, and stolen data and weapons are linked with the dark web. On the other side, this platform plays an effective role for political dissidents, journalists, and whistleblowers to share information effectively.

The measurement of the dark web is difficult to get done and this is too small in size than other web pages and is less visible. According to WebsiteBuilder.org, the most popular dark web browser is Tor with more than 2 million daily active users in 2023. The majority of dark websites are provided on the Tor network, whereas other darknets, such as I2P and Freenet.

The dark web is often compared with the deep web, which refers to any part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines. These also contain many other private databases and academic journals, and that is not necessary for public consumption. While the deep web is much larger than the visible web, it is not necessarily illegal or dangerous.

The dark web's obscurity is one of its main features. Site access is possible without disclosing an individual's IP address or any other personally identifiable information. Because of this, law enforcement finds it challenging to find offenders or close down illegal websites. Nevertheless, because of its anonymity, it is a paradise for hackers, con artists, and other cybercriminals.

Overall, the dark web is a complex and frequently misconstrued aspect of the web. Although the dark web is a hub for illicit activity, it also serves purposes that are lawful, like sharing knowledge and enabling anonymous communication.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The dark web is a part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines and can only be accessed through specialized browsers like Tor. While it offers some advantages, there are also several disadvantages associated with using the dark web.


  • Anonymity: The dark web's capacity to provide privacy is one of its most significant properties. Users can browse without revealing their true identity, which is beneficial for activists, journalists, and whistleblowers who want to connect without fearing being assaulted.
  • Having Access to Restricted Content: Illegal narcotics, firearms, and fake goods are just a few of the numerous goods that may be found on the dark web. This isn't always positive about the dark web, but at least it gives you access to things that would be challenging or unattainable to find otherwise.
  • Privacy: The dark web is made to give its users safety and confidentiality. Cryptocurrencies are frequently utilized for transactions, providing a greater level of privacy.


  • Illegal activities: The dark web is famous for functioning as a hub for illegitimate operations, such as the selling of stolen data, drugs, and weapons. Users who participate in these activities run the danger of being discovered by law enforcement.
  • Viruses and spyware: A lot of malicious software and viruses may be found on the site. Carefree users can quickly infect their devices with malware that can damage devices or collect their personal data.
  • Fraud and Scams: There are a lot of scams and frauds currently present. Users who are impulsive are prone to fraud creators who convince them with the promise of providing those illegal products or services, just then vanish with their money.

In conclusion, while the dark web offers some advantages, it is important to be aware of the risks and disadvantages associated with its use. Users should exercise caution and take steps to protect their privacy and security when using the dark web.

Dark Web Statistics 2023

  • The dark web remains to make up an important part of the internet as of 2023—roughly 6% of it altogether. With more than 2 million daily direct internet links and approximately 4.61 million daily users, Tor continues to be the most widely used method of browsing the website.
  • Illicit data on the dark web is widely recognized, and current statistics indicate that roughly 57 percent of the sites on the dark web contain illegal content. This covers websites that offer narcotics, firearms, stolen information, and more. On the dark web, bitcoin is still the currency of choice for transactions; as of 2023, the trading volumes have grown by 300% from the last 5 years.
  • The ease with which personal data may be purchased and traded on the illicit web is one of its most worrying aspects. According to the Dark Web Price Index, which keeps track of the typical cost of private information on the illicit internet, a PIN-protected credit card clone may be bought for as little as $25. A $1,000 charge can be paid for other kinds of data, like social security numbers.
  • Even though the web of darkness is known for being a secure haven for hackers, law enforcement organizations are making progress in preventing illicit activities there. A number of high-profile arrests took place in 2023, including the closure of a significant dark internet marketplace and the founder's detention. Law enforcement agencies still face difficulties as a result of the hidden web's privacy.
  • Overall, the dark web remains a significant part of the internet, with its usage and market share continuing to grow. While efforts to crack down on illegal activity are ongoing, the dark web remains a hub for cybercriminals and a source of concern for individuals and organizations alike.

Dark Web Users Demographics

An embedded part of the website that is inaccessible by conventional search engines is known as the “dark web.” It has been frequently employed for illicit uses and is well-known for its anonymity. While the precise number of users on the Web of Darkness is difficult to ascertain, millions of people are believed to be engaged worldwide.

Geographical Distribution

According to EarthWeb survey reports, with around 831,911 users, the United States dominates the world in illicit internet usage. Other nations that have a substantial number of dark internet users are France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia. As of the survey, the majority of people who access the illicit internet originated from powerful countries with widely available internet access.

Age and Gender

On the age and gender distribution of illicit internet users, there aren't any trustworthy statistics available. But it's estimated that men between the ages group of 18 years to 35 years make up the largest percentage of users. The concept behind this idea is that illicit operations such as drug dealing and weaponry sales—which are typically linked to young men—are frequently carried out on the dark internet.

Education and Income

Again, accurate information about the educational and financial backgrounds of hidden web users is missing. Nonetheless, it's thought that most users are working and have completed at least high school. This is based on the reality that illicit enterprises requiring a certain level of technical expertise and financial resources frequently use the dark web

Though it is challenging to establish the demographics of dark web users, it seems that millions of people utilize the site globally. In recent days, the anonymous internet has now an appealing destination for individuals looking to engage in illicit transactions because of its affordability and privacy.

Dark Web Market Share

With a variety of product and service categories up for grabs, the dark web industry constitutes a sizeable portion of the broader internet market. WebTribunal estimates that this website represents approximately 0.1% share of the overall e-commerce business over the Internet. Unfortunately, the anonymity of the dark website makes it difficult to determine the market share with any degree of accuracy.

Most unlawful activities, including the selling of illicit substances, ammunition, hacked information, and other fake products take place on the dark internet market. According to Chainalysis report analysis, the market share of this website is expected to generate $431.95 million in revenue by the end of 2023, with Bitcoin accounting for the majority of transactions. The research also emphasizes how more legitimate goods and services, including applications, e-books, and digital items, have found their way into the dark web sector.

There is fierce competition among the dark web marketplaces as they compete for users. DarkMarket, White House Market, and Empire Market are the three most well-known dark web markets. Similar to conventional e-commerce platforms, these marketplaces let merchants sell their goods and allow users to provide evaluations.

As of now, it can be stated that the dark network's market share is negligible when compared to the e-commerce industry. However, it is an appealing business in recent year billions of dollars has been exchanged in cryptocurrency. This is the primary use for illicit activities, but it has expanded to include more legal goods and services.

Dark Web Usage Trends

By 2023, there will be over 4.5 million daily visitors to this illicit website. This website currently has a larger user count and more people are attempting to access the internet's hidden networks. This has enhanced by 25% from the past year.

In the year 2023, the United States has the highest number of dark web users with a 34.81% daily user count. Other countries with user share are followed by Russia and Germany with 11.46% and 7.16% respectively. In total, these 3 countries make up around 50% of the total daily user count.

One of the significant trends in this website usage is the increasing enormous demand for illegal drugs. According to Statista, drugs account for over 70% of all dark web sales. The hidden website transaction in 2023 is expected to be $4.2 billion in cryptocurrency, with drugs being the most significant contributor.

Recently an upsurge of attacks has increased by ransomware on this dangerous website which is another different phenomenon. Ransomware is an application basically used by cybercriminals to demand money from people and companies by blackmailing. According to WebTribunal reports, in 2023, around 4,000 ransomware attacks were recorded on the dark web and the number of attacks is expected to rise significantly.

Furthermore, the illicit web is turning into a major marketplace for the exchange of information that has been stolen. According to Statista, it is estimated that around 17% of all sales on this illegal web are the result of stolen data. Stolen information comprises confidential information like bank account numbers, debit and credit card numbers, and passwords for accounts.

In general, usage patterns on the underground web suggest an upsurge in ransomware attacks, an increase in the demand for illegal narcotics, and an increase in the selling of stolen data. Although these patterns are probably going to continue in 2023 it is imperative that individuals as well as companies take action in order to protect themselves from the potential hazards associated with the illicit web.

Dark Web Economic Impact

The dark internet has evolved to be an epicenter for criminal activities and has an enormous economic impact. According to Chainalysis research in 2023, the market of this website is expected to produce $3.4 billion in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been utilized in almost all of these transactions.

A vast variety of illegal products and services, such as weapons, drugs, stolen data, and phony identification documents, are available on the market of illicit internet. The illegal internet economy is booming as these products and services are frequently available at a premium.

The ransomware economy is significantly influenced by the dark web as well. Software that is that protects a victim's files and requests money in return for a key for decryption is known as ransomware. Many of these transactions happen on the dark web, which has grown to be a profitable venture for cybercriminals.

The dark web has a big social impact on the economy. It enables criminals to operate covertly and avoid identification by legal authorities. Cybercrime has increased as a result, which has an impact on the economy overall.

All things considered, the dark web has a big economic impact and is becoming a bigger problem for legislative bodies and security authorities. It's critical to keep an eye on the anonymous internet as well as take action against illicit activity.

Security Concerns and the Dark Web

Numerous safety concerns have arisen as an outcome of the dark web's renowned reputation as a center for criminal activity. Cybercriminals are currently engaged in a wide range of unlawful activities such as money laundering, smuggling drugs, and trading of weapons. Global agencies of law enforcement keep a close eye on this website in an effort to prevent such crimes.

The risk of hacking is one of the main safety concerns with this web. It is well known that a large number of dark websites are infected with malware, spyware, and other harmful software. Visitors of these websites face an increased risk of experiencing their confidentiality breached by their electronic equipment or stolen confidential data.

The illegal web's tendency for fraud and scams raises further security concerns. With fake products, false ratings, and pretended sellers, a lot of illicit websites are designed to attract users. This can result in huge financial losses and makes it harder for people to trust the websites they are utilizing.

Lastly, cybercrimes are focused on the dark web. Credit card numbers and login credentials are among the stolen data that hackers and other cybercriminals purchase and trade on the website Identity theft, financial fraud, and other forms of cybercrime can be committed with this data.

Effects of the Dark Web on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is significantly impacted by the Web. This Web gives cybercriminals the protection from detection they need to commit their unlawful activities, thus rendering it difficult for authorities and IT security experts to find and track them. These are a few ways that the illicit website affects cybersecurity.

Increased Cyber Attacks

Cybercrime operations including purchasing and stealing personal data, malware, and other illicit practices have made the Dark Web a central location. Thus, there has been a significant rise in the threat of ransom phishing, and identity theft cyberattacks. As per Statista analysis, it indicates that a 15% increase in cyberattacks is anticipated in 2023.

Difficult to Detect Cyber Threats

The private nature of this Website makes it more challenging for specialists in the cybersecurity department to identify and stop online attacks. Cybercriminals hide their actions by using encryption and other effective technology, making it difficult to find. As a result, new cybersecurity strategies and instruments have been created to identify and stop online attacks.

Increased Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals

The demand for experts in cybersecurity has grown as a result of the increase in cybercrime. In 2023, the firm Cybersecurity Ventures predicted to have 4.2 million open cybersecurity positions. As a result, cybersecurity specialists are now making greater salaries, and people are getting interested in pursuing professions in cybersecurity.

Market Share of Dark Web

The market share of the mysterious web is much more difficult to estimate as it is a private platform. In 2023 as of Statista reports, 60% of overall illegal online activities take place on this website. By the end of 2025, it is projected to reach $1.5 billion.

Legislative Measures Against Dark Web Activities

One of the most significant steps that the governments have taken so far is to increase enforcement efforts against illicit web operations. Enforcement has been working to track locate and investigate people who are involved in illicit activity on this website.

Governments have also been attempting to enhance global collaboration in order to counteract activity on the dark web. Governments have also implemented legislation to address actions on the dark web. For instance, to combat sex trafficking on the dark web, the United States approved the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) in 2018.

Around the world Govt. is implementing a variety of strategies to counteract illicit activity, despite the fact, that there is no one way to stop it. Legislation, public awareness initiatives, and heightened law enforcement activities are some of these methods.

Dark Web Statistics by Country

This website is being used differently in each country. As of 2023, around 831,911 American users are involved in these illegal activities. The United States of America is termed as the biggest number of users on the web. Germany ranks second with 7.16% of the total population, followed by the Netherlands with 6.92 percentages and France with 3.29 percentages.

Despite this, the website is often connected to illicit behavior, and several nations are known for being hotspots for criminal activity related to the dark web. For instance, Russia is well-known for having a significant number of dark web markets where illicit commodities including drugs and stolen data are sold.

Numerous nations have enforced many measures focusing on such illicit activities by law enforcement. The U.S. has formed a task force specifically tasked with looking into and arresting those users of the web. Germany and the United Kingdom are two more nations that have started similar programs.


As of now after completing the dark web statistics it can be stated that is a complicated and frequently misinterpreted aspect of the internet. Even while it only accounts for a small portion of the internet, it is the hub for a sizable amount of illegal activity, such as the selling of illegal goods, firearms, and stolen data.

Chainalysis claims that in 2023, the dark web market is expected to make  $4.2 billion in cryptocurrencies, a record amount of money. On the black web, bitcoin is still the most widely used money, with trading up more than 300% since 2017.

Not all content on the website is illicit, despite its reputation for being used for illicit purposes. In fact, as the number of internet users is increasing, few groups such as journalists and activists who must connect securely—use the dark web for privacy and security-related reasons.

But using the dark web safely calls for extreme caution and a high degree of technical proficiency. In coming years it is expected that illegal activities are going to increase thus, more people must use effective safeguards to protect their private documents and accounts.

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  • FAQ.

    What is the market size of the dark web?

    In 2021 the market of this dark cryptocurrency website has created around $2.1 billion. Whereas, by the end of the year 2023 the market is expected to grow It is expected that the market will continue to grow by $4.2 billion approximately or more.

    Which countries have banned access to the dark web?

    This website is not yet banned any country around the world till date. But some follows effective internet censorship laws such as China, Russia, and North Korea for making the access difficult by cybercriminals.

    How many people use the dark web?

    This can’t be measured accurately by percentage as this is fully hidden network. This is actually a small subset over internet, and its usage is generally associated with criminal activity.

    What is the difference between dark web and deep web?

    The deep web refers as parts of the internet but they are neither subjected by search engines and nor accessible through regular web browsers and is 40 times larger. These are categorized as private databases, academic journals, and password-protected sites. On the other hand, the dark web is a subset of the deep web that requires specific software to access and is associated with criminal activity.

    What crimes associated with the dark web?

    The criminal activities are followed by drugs smuggling, weapons trading, and stealing bank account and other personal data's. Other illegal activities are human trafficking, cyber attacks, and money laundering.

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