25+ Eye-Opening Esports Statistics In 2022 – Tournaments, Organizations, Players, Viewers Details

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Updated · Jun 21, 2022

25+ Eye-Opening Esports Statistics In 2022 – Tournaments, Organizations, Players, Viewers Details

25+ Esports Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Esports Statistics: Did you know that Esports has been around since 1972? In addition, Esports is an exciting industry that has steadily increased in prominence over time.

These Esports Statistics in 2022 will prove its growth. We will also provide other Esports facts that you will find helpful.

These answers will become apparent as you read the following paragraphs that contain fascinating stats on Esports. We have already published video gaming statistics in our previous post.

Interesting Esports Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • Dota 2’s total prize pool for 2021 was almost $50 million.
  • The highest-earning Esports player has earned more than $7 million.
  • In 2021, the Esports industry’s entire market value surpassed $1 billion.
  • Team Liquid, the highest-earning Esports team, has won nearly $40 million in prize money.
  • China’s Esports market is worth over $100 billion, making it the largest in the world.
  • By 2023, the United States will hold the largest Esports market.
  • The prize pool for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournaments can be estimated to exceed 25 million in a single year.
  • The combined value of the top four Esports organizations is more than $250 million.

Esports Market Growth Statistics

#1. Sponsorship and advertising in the United States are the main sources of Esports revenue.

According to 2019 collected data, sponsorships in the United States Esports market generated nearly $277.3 million. This was the single-largest revenue-generating segment in the industry.

Prize pools account for $246.5 million, which is the next highest share of the United States Esports market revenue.

Media rights were next, worth $108.9 million to the United States Esports market in 2019. In addition, the Event and merchandising were worth $14.3 million for the US Esports market in 2019.

#2. Sponsorships in Esports generate more than $600 million in market revenues.

In 2021, Esports sponsorships were anticipated to account for $641 million in revenue. This segment contributes approximately 60% of total Esports revenue.

Media rights are expected to generate around $192.6 million in revenue in the Esports industry.


Below is a complete breakdown of Esports’ projected market revenue by segment:

#3. The Esports industry is worth over $1 billion.

Esports has gained popularity over the past few years. Esports’ market value has increased in tandem.

The worldwide Esports market was worth $957.5 million in 2019. This number has risen to nearly $1.08 billion, a now-an increase of more than 10% over the past two years.

This growth in the Esports industry is taking place despite a slight pandemic-induced decline to $947.1 million.
The esports market is expected to be worth around $1.62 billion by 2024.

Regional Esports Statistics

#4. The United States is estimated to hold the largest Esports market share by 2023.

According to projections, the United States will have a 28.7% share of the Esports market in 2023.

This is 6.9% more than the market share predicted for China (21.8%) in 2023.

With an 18.2% market share, South Korea is ranked third in the Esports market share forecast.

#5. China is the world’s largest Esports market.

The Chinese Esports Market is valued at $360.1 million – $100 million more than the nearest regional Esports markets.

The US Esports industry is valued at approximately $243 million. It is the second-biggest regional Esports market.

The Esports market in Western Europe is anticipated to be valued at $205.8 million.

Esports Games Statistics

#6. The overall prize pool for Fortnite is more than $60 million.

Fortnite’s immensely popular battle royale game Fortnite has seen its prize pool grow by 3x between 2018-2019.

Fortnite tournament prize pools reached nearly $20.05 million in 2018. This number grew to $64.42 million in the next year.

Due to the pandemic of 2020, this cumulative prize pool dropped to $7.88 million.

#7. More than 4 million people watch Just Chatting on Twitch.

Just Chatting was streamed by approximately 4.3 million Twitch users between March 2021 & March 2022.

This number is more than twice as much as the second most-watched game, League of Legends (1.9 million).

#8. Elden Ring is Twitch’s most-streamed game.

There are some similarities between the top games on Twitch with the highest prize pools and those that are most streamed. Both top 10 lists include League of Legends, VALORANT, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Elden Ring, which had 4.4 million streams between February 2022 & March 2022, was the most streamed video game.
8 games received more than 2 million views on Twitch in this time frame.

#9. Counter-Strike Global Offensive held the biggest cumulative prize pool for 2021.

Dota 2 had the largest cumulative Esports prize pool for 2021. The total prize pool for the online battle forum was $47.76 million last year.

In Esports contests, shooters dominated cumulative prize pools, accounting for 6 out of the top 10 falling within this category.

The top 10 total prize pools in Esports contests in 2021 are as follows:

#10. In a year, the prize pool for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournaments is estimated to exceed $25 million.

PUBG (the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) tournament is predicted to increase annually between 2017 and 2023.

The entire prize pool for the PUBG video game in 2017 was $1.01 million.

The cumulative prize pool of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Esports climbed to $8.19 million, an increase of over 8x in a single year.

The total prize pool for PUBG Esports competitions is estimated to reach $27.53 million by 2023. That’s a 300% increase in just five years.

#11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game was streamed by more than 1 million individuals in 2020.

Just more than 1 million individuals streamed the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game in its heyday in 2020.

In 2020, the game attracted nearly 273,000 viewers. Although this number was inflated partly by the COVID-19 pandemic, it remained stable for the following year.

The average number of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Esports viewers fell to 224,000 in 2021.

#12. The overall prize pool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game is more than $15 million.

The total prize pool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video gaming was $17.26 million In 2016.

In 2017, this figure grew to $19.26 million. In 2018, it reached a high of $22.65 million.

The total prize pool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Esports gaming in 2019 was $21.77 million, which is still more than the $20 million threshold.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a substantial drop of $5.92 million in total prize money in 2020 ($15.58 million).

Esports Tournaments Statistics

#13. In 2023, annual Esports prize pools are estimated to exceed $500 million.

The total prize fund for Esports in 2017 was $115.51 Million. It grew to $ 159.34 Million in 2018.

In 2019, it was predicted that by 2023, total global Esports prize pools would reach $543.69 Million.

#14. The most significant prize pool in an Esports tournament was more than $40 million.

The International has dominated the largest Esports competition prize pool. The annual tournament has been responsible for five of the most successful Esports prize pool to date.

The International resumed the game in 2021 with a record-breaking $40.02 million prize fund after being canceled in 2020.

The prize fund for International 2019 was $34.33 million. This came after YOY increases in 2015.

The prize pool for the International 2015 was $18.43 million, $3.14 million greater than the prize pool for the Fortnite World Cup 2019-Solo ($15.29 million).

With a total prize pool of $15.1 million, the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 – Duo has rounded out the top 8 Esports tournament prize pools.

#15. Over 5 million people watched the most viewed Esports competition.

With 5.41 million peak viewers as of May 2021, the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore was the most-watched Esports event.

LOL (League of Legends) World Championships are the second and third most popular Esports tournaments.

The peak viewership for the 2019 League of Legends World Championships was 3.99 million. At the same time, 3.88 million people tuned in to see the 2020 LOL World Championships.

More than 2.5 million viewers currently view six various Esports events.

Esports Organizations Statistics

#16. Forbes has listed the top-earning Esports organizations that earned more than $90 million.

In 2020, Enthusiast Gaming was the highest-earning Esports organization, bringing in around $95 million in revenue, more than twice as much as any other Esports organization.

With $45 million in revenue, TSM was ranked second among the major Esports organizations.

FaZe Clan was the third-largest Esports organization by revenue with $40 million.

Five Esports organizations collectively generated over $25 million last year.

#17. The combined value of the top four Esports organizations is more than $250 million.

TSM is the most valued Esports organization, according to a Forbes analysis from 2020, with an anticipated value of $410 million.

In addition, Cloud9 was second on the list of most valuable Esports companies with a value of $350 million.

top 10 most valuable esports organizations

The complete list of the top 10 most valuable Esports organizations is as follows:

#18. Team Liquid has earned over $35 million as a professional Esports group.

Team Liquid is currently the highest-earning Esports player with $38.7 Million in prize money as of March 2022. OG has a $35.7 Million total in Esports prize money.

16 organizations have been awarded more than $10 million in Esports prizes money.

Another 20 winners have earned more than $5 million.

Esports Players Statistics

#19. The top female Esports player has made over $400,000.

Sasha Hostyn, popularly known by her username Scarlett, is the highest-earning female Esports participant as of March 2022, earning $425,000 – around 18 times less than the highest-paid male Esports participant.

3 female Esports participants have currently won sums over $100,000.

In addition, 148 female Esports participants have won more than $10,000.

#20. The top Esports participants have won more than $7 million.

Johan Sundstein, popularly known as “N0tail”, is the highest-earning Esports player as of March 2022. To date, he has earned a total of $7.18 million.

Six Esports players have now won more than $5 million. And a total of 118 players have earned more than $1 million.

Esports Viewer Statistics

#21. In the Philippines, Nearly half of internet users watch live video game streams.

According to a 2019 survey, the Philippines had the highest proportion of internet users watching live video game streams, at 49%.

With 40% of internet users viewing video game live broadcasts, Indonesia ranked second on the list, followed by India with around 39%.

Six other countries, all of which are Asian countries, including Turkey, surpassed the 30% mark.

With 29% of internet users in the country streaming live video games, Mexico is the highest-ranking non-Asian country.

This statistic is comparable to the global average.

Brazil had 24% of the highest number of internet users that watched live games in South America. In addition, the largest share in Europe came from Romania with nearly 23%.

Egypt and South Africa are tied for highest-ranked in Africa.

The US had a relatively low 13% internet viewership who watched live-streamed video games.

#22. The Asia Pacific area accounts for more than half of all Esports views.

Estimates suggest that 57% of Esports views come from the Asia Pacific region, which is 41% higher than any other region.

Around 16% of all views are from Europe. While only 12% of views come from North America.
The remaining 15% is made up of the rest of the globe.

#23. According to VentureBeat, there are around 234 million Esports fans.

There were 197 million estimated Esports fans in 2019. A further 200.8 million viewers occasionally watch Esports.

These numbers increased to 234 million Esports fans in 2021. And a further 240 million viewers occasionally watch Esports.

285.7 million people are projected to be Esports fans by 2024. An additional 291.6 million people are occasional viewers.

Esports United States Viewers Statistics

#24. By 2023, the number of people watching Esports in the United States will exceed 45 million.

Esports viewership in the United States has increased year-over-year since 2018. In 2019, this figure jumped to 30.3 million. In 2020, 34.8 million people watched Esports.

The US Esports viewing audience for this year is expected to reach 39.2 million. This number will likely rise to 46.2 Million by 2023.

#25. Males are three times more likely to be Esports enthusiasts than females.

30% of male respondents in the United States claim some interest in Esports.

Only 11% of US female respondents say they are interested in Esports.

In the United States, 15% of male respondents have never heard of Esports, 10% less than the 1 in 4 female US respondents.

#26. By 2023, one out of every seven internet users in the United States will be watching Esports.

In 2018, 9.2% of US internet users watched Esports. This percentage grew YOY and reached 13.4% by 2021.

Esports are expected to be viewed by approximately 15.5% of US internet users by 2023.

#27. 4 out 5 Americans have never heard of Esports, or are not interested in it.

Despite their massive appeal in most of Asia, Esports remains a fringe interest in the United States.

59% of US respondents said they weren’t a “fan of Esports” as of April 2021. Another 20% of people claim to have never heard of Esports.

A total of 20% of respondents claimed to be Esports fans, with 13% identifying as “casual fans.” Another 7% identified themselves as “dedicated fans.”


Esports Statistics: This is all about our statistics and data from the Esports industry.

Esports is clearly a fast-growing sector in many parts of the world. However, in terms of both interest and viewership figures, the United States continues to lag behind Asia.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the Esports industry. However, it looks set to continue its upward trend in the coming years.

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