A List Of Vital Twitch Statistics And Trends For Content Creators To Map The Scale Of The Platform

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Updated · Aug 11, 2022

A List Of Vital Twitch Statistics And Trends For Content Creators To Map The Scale Of The Platform

Twitch Statistics: Live streaming has gained massive popularity in the gaming industry in recent years. It is a growing phenomenon that has transformed the way people use computer games for entertainment.  This new trend has been espoused by Twitch, which has turned out to be one of the most popular hubs for gamers and viewers. Twitch has turned out to be a fierce competitor for YouTube in this era of the streaming revolution. With the growth of gaming and the rise of eSports, gaming has become one of the fastest-growing genres on Twitch.  Here we have listed some of the most relevant and interesting Twitch statistics to track the evolution of the live streaming platform.

Key Twitch Statistics And Trends

  • Twitch has reported 140 million unique monthly active visitors in 2022.

(Source: backlinko.com)

  • At present, Twitch has around 30 million daily active users.

(Source: backlinko.com)

  • Twitch records nearly 9.2 million active live streamers per month.
  • Over 2.2 million Twitch users account for the majority of the stream feature every month.
  • Twitch’s viewership has been recorded at 6.5 million views.
  • People view nearly 71 million hours of content on Twitch every day.
  • More than 2 million hours of live streaming take place on Twitch every day.
  • Users spend around 95 minutes on the platform per day on average.
  • Around 567 billion minutes of live content have been watched on Twitch in 2022.
  • There have been around 2.67 million concurrent viewers on Twitch in 2022.
  • Twitch’s peak viewing time is at 4 PM EST.
  • More than 65 percent of Twitch users are men.
  • The US contributed to more than 20 percent of Twitch’s desktop traffic in March 2021.
  • About 70 percent of Twitch users are below 35 years.
  • Twitch has been ranked 37th most popular website globally

Twitch User Statistics

#1. Twitch has reported over 30 million daily active users

As per Twitch statistics 2021, there are more than 30 million daily active users on the platform. The number of daily active users has been constantly increasing on Twitch since 2020.

#2. Around 567 billion minutes of content have been viewed on Twitch in 2022 so far

The platform has grown enormously during the pandemic. More than a trillion minutes of content have been watched on Twitch in 2020. As per the twitch statistics, Twitch users watch around 71 million hours of content on the platform every day.

#3. Over 2.2 million Twitch users broadcast their live streams per month

Live streamers play a major role in increasing the viewership of the streaming platform. More than 2 million live streamers share their games and other content every day on Twitch.

#4. There are around 9.2 million monthly active users on Twitch

The live streaming platform has been growing over the last decade. The number of monthly active users has grown from 3.9 million in 2020 to 9.2 million at present.


(Source: earthweb.com)

#5. People spend around 95 minutes on average watching live games on Twitch

An average Twitch user spends around 95 minutes daily watching live gaming. Half of the daily active users spend more than 20 hours on Twitch every week.

(Source: TwitchTracker)

#6. The platform has recorded 140 million unique visitors per month

Twitch has turned into one of the most relevant social networking platforms in the last few years. 140 million users actively visiting the platform is quite a milestone.

#7. The peak viewership of Twitch has been recorded at 6.5 million views

It is more than the viewership of the Super Bowl 51 game last year.

#8. More than 65 percent of Twitch users are men

Only 33 percent of women are Twitch users. Most Twitch users are in the age range of 20 to 29 years.

-twitch-user-statistics -twitch-user-statistics

(Source: uscreen.tv)

#9. Sunday records the highest viewer count on Twitch

The platform reports an increase of 6 percent in viewer count on weekends.

#10. The most concurrent Twitch viewership has been recorded at 2.5 million

The Twitch statistics for 2022 show that there have been nearly 2.67 million concurrent viewers on Twitch.

#11. Around 70 percent of Twitch users are below 35 years

The data shows that Twitch is quite popular among the younger population.

#12. In 2020, Twitch users spent around 18.6 billion hours streaming live video content.


(Source: earthweb.com)

Twitch Growth Statistics

#13. After including a new ‘Music’ category on Twitch, the platform has added additional 230 million hours of viewership

The makers of the platform have included a brand new category ‘Music’ to attract more users.

#14. The ‘Sports’ category on Twitch has registered a growth of 82 percent from the first quarter of 2021 to the second quarter of 2021.

Non-gaming categories on the platform as well have been gaining more popularity and growth.

#15. There has been a growth of 16.5 percent in the number of audiences on Twitch

The platform has seen a growth of 55 percent in the number of streamers in 2020.

#16. The number of monthly twitch broadcasters went up by 91 percent from 2019 to 2020.

(Source: uscreen.tv)

#17. There has been a 68 percent increase in Partner Program Membership of Twitch since 2017.

Twitch Streaming Data And Trends

#18. As per the Twitch statistics show Ninja is still the most popular streamer

The twitch statistics show that Ninja, a young professional live content creator, and gamer is the most followed streamer with 16.64 million followers on Twitch.

#19. Just Chatting has secured the top slot in the Twitch category

Twitch offers non-gaming categories as well along with specific games. The ‘Just Chatting’ category has been ranked as the top category on the platform with 236 million viewer hours in a month.

#20. As of April 2021, more than 9.3 million streamers have been active on the platform

Apart from gaming, sports, and music communities, many other communities as well have welcomed the platform during the pandemic.

#21. Pokimane is the most followed female streamer on Twitch

With 5.9 million followers, she is the sixth most admired streamer on the live streaming platform.

#22. Twitch statistics show that ‘Insomniac’ has been ranked the most watched music channel in March 2021

Music is another most loved category on Twitch. Most loved music channel ‘Insomniac’ records 16.5 million hours of viewing time per year.

#23. Canadian streamer Felix Lengyel alias xQc has the most active subscribers on the channel.

xQc has around 73228 active subscribers on the channel.

#24. Ludwig’s ‘Sabathon’ is the longest live stream that has been broadcasted on the platform

The live stream has become the longest stream on Twitch as it has lasted for more than a month.

#25. The majority of channels on Twitch are in English

#26. The most viewed Twitch stream of Ninja received more than 600 million simultaneous viewers

# 27. Twitch has nearly 2.15 to 2.34 million viewers on Twitch at the same time.

#28. The majority of Twitch streamers create content on the platform on weekends.

Twitch Gaming and Channel Statistics

#29. League of Legends is the most popular played game on Twitch live streams

League of Legends, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto are the top three games on the platform.

(Source: uscreen.tv)

#30. Twitch contributed to 90 percent of the total gaming hours streamed in the year 2020

Twitch proved its dominance in the field of live streaming for gaming. Twitch’s market share was recorded at 91.1 percent in 2020.

#31. Fortnite has the most channels dedicated to it on Twitch

It has around 8734 channels on the platform.

#32. A channel named Fextralife has the most views with more than 2.1 billion views.

#33. The Grefg secures the record for the highest viewer peak of all time on Twitch with 2.5 million views.

Twitch Monetization Statistics

#34. Critical Role is the highest paid channel on Twitch

The channel has generated AROUND $9 million in 2021 on the live streaming platform.

(Source: uscreen.tv)

#35. The Ironmouse is the most subscribed female streamer on Twitch

She makes around $23000 every month on Twitch with 8000 active paid subscribers.

#36. A Brazilian streamer named Gaules accounts for the most paid subscribers

Gaules has more than 100000 active paid subscribers generating total monthly revenue of $356000 from Twitch.

#37. Twitch streamers receive 50 percent of the subscription money

Twitch keeps 50 percent of total subscription money from most of their streamers in order to offer them a platform to display their content.

#38. Twitch offers 10 ways for streamers to make money

Twitch allows streamers to make money through subscriptions, Twitch bits, and donations. Every 15 days, streamers who earn more than $100 get paid. Streamers can also earn through merchandise, game sales, and affiliate marketing.

#39. Twitch streamers can make money via affiliate schemes

Streamers who can broadcast live game streams for more than forty hours per week can make money from affiliate schemes. An average earning for these live streams is from $3000 to $5000 every month.

#40. Content creators can earn money for every 100 followers

Streamers are paid $250 per month for every 100 followers.

#41. In 2021, there have been more than 51000 Twitch partners.

Twitch Revenue Statistics

#42. Twitch has generated revenue of around $2.6 million in 2021

The majority of revenue has come from advertising. It shows a 41 percent year-on-year increase.

#43. Twitch has the largest market in the United States

The platform generated 17.6 million installs in the US in 2020. Twitch acquired 5 million new installs in the first quarter of 2021.

General Twitch Statistics

#44. Twitch has become more popular due to the rise of eSports

Users have spent 21.3 percent of their minutes watching eSports on the channels. Twitch contributes to 70 percent of eSports viewership across the globe.

#45. Twitch has employed more than 1800 people

An average Twitch employee gets a salary of $124380 per annum.

#46. Amazon took over Twitch for $970 million in 2014

All Amazon Prime members get Twitch Prime memberships as well.

#47. Twitch has reported nearly 10.9 million live channels in the first quarter of 2022

Around 10.9 million live channels are there on Twitch as per Twitch Statistics 2022.

#48. ForsenE is the most used emoticon on Twitch

As per the Twitch statistics 2021, the ForsenE emoticon has been used more than 3 billion times on Twitch.

#49. Experts believe that there will be an enormous growth in Twitch Clips in 2022

Twitch clips are five to sixty seconds long.

#50. Twitch is expected to have the most viewers as compared to any other major sports league broadcaster in 2022

Twitch is estimated to have 84 million views on eSports.

#51. In 2022, Twitch is expected to surpass 40 million monthly active users.

#52. Streaming games on Twitch and other platforms are going to be worth $295 billion worldwide.

#53. An average streamer accounts for nearly 25.1 views.

#54. Around 57 billion chat messages were exchanged on Twitch in 2020.

#55. Spanish is the second most popular language on Twitch after English.

#56. 78 percent of Twitch users think that sponsorships are quite beneficial for the gaming industry.

#57. Gamers are more social as compared to non-gamers.

#58. YouTube channelizes 42.13 percent of social traffic to Twitch.

#59. Next-generation consoles are going to make further inroads on Twitch to uplift live performance.

#60. Twitch has been ranked the second most popular gaming website in 2021.


It is considered that the gaming industry is in its golden phase right now. The gaming community has rapidly grown over the years and Twitch has definitely played a vital role in it as it has connected gaming with live streaming. These statistics reveal that Twitch is one of the most admired live streaming gaming platforms available among gamers and non-gamers as well. It can attract a huge and highly engaged audience and attach high value to several businesses. Marketers are quite interested to use this platform for better financial success and a bright future for their trades.


What is Twitch?

It is a gaming platform primarily that is used by users who want to share their gaming experiences with other individuals while playing the game live.

How many daily active users does Twitch has?

Currently, the platform has recorded nearly 30 million daily active users.

How many minutes do users spend on Twitch daily?

An average Twitch user spends nearly 95 minutes on the platform on daily basis.

Who received the most views on Twitch at one time?

The world-renowned Battle Royale streamer Ninja has the most views with the highest number of Twitch followers.

Which is the most popular game on Twitch?

League of Legends is the most admired played game on Twitch live streams.

How many live streamers are there on Twitch?

There are nearly 9.2 million live streamers on the platform.

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