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Data Management: July 2014

Data Management and Data Warehousing software and solutions. - Archive for July 2014

Accelerating Big Data Value Aim of Actian Program

Actian provides blueprints with methodologies and pre-defined workflows to help companies accelerate their Big Data projects.

Logi Analytics Expands Big Data Influence with Partnerships

An alliance with Actian Corporation is the latest of more than a half dozen Big Data partnerships announced by Logi Analytics  in the …

10 Database Design Best Practices

A well-designed database makes it easier to derive value from enterprise data. We asked three experts for their top database design tips.

Information Governance in Age of Mobile, Cloud and Social

How does the adoption of mobile, social and cloud technologies impact information governance?

Business Intelligence 101: A Brief History

How did business intelligence evolve from simple batch reporting to today's near real-time querying?

3 Tips for Tackling Big Data Collaboration

The health and life sciences sector relies heavily on Big Data and collaboration. Here practitioners offer three tips on managing …