50+ Facebook Live Statistics 2023 – Users, Engagement and Monetization Details

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Updated · Jan 12, 2024

50+ Facebook Live Statistics 2023 – Users, Engagement and Monetization Details

Facebook Live Statistics: Facebook today is one of the most used social media networking sites in the world. It was the first ever social media that took over Orkut over the past years. Today, technology has changed and now Facebook is a part of digital marketing as well as social media networks. In the early 2000s, people all over the world used Facebook mainly for social networking e.g., chatting and video calling. Today there are many advanced features that can be used with the help of Facebook. A few years ago, Facebook was only accessible on desktops and laptops now we can use it at any time using our smartphones.

Let’s understand some Facebook Live Statistics.

What is Facebook Live?

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Facebook Live was initially launched in 2016, 12 years after Facebook’s official launch. And it is a broadcasting option made available to users worldwide over the past few years. It allows any users to go live and broadcast their video without any cost. Even companies or any individual social media influencers can use this feature to advertise any product or service. Facebook Live has worldwide access, which means, that even if any individual is not following the company the user will still be able to watch the live video.

In reality, the live broadcasting concept was made for news channels and gamers. But Facebook Live changed the whole concept by giving the chance to individuals out there.

Advantages of Facebook Live

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  • Easy setup -simply log in to your Facebook account and go live using Facebook. This feature is available on mobile phones as well as desktops.
  • Free access, any person who is not even following the company or any influencer can still watch his/her live broadcasting.
  • Priceless- Facebook has given the option to use this feature cost-free in order to increase its importance.
  • Real-time – Facebook Live offers a real-time broadcasting option as anyone doing it is able to millions of people in the world.
  • Facebook Live can increase the brand awareness of the companies.
  • Companies can perform ad campaigns for free using this feature.
  • Facebook Live can help increase subscribers and followers on all social media accounts.

Facebook Live Statistics

  • Live videos were found to be extremely effective by 24% of businesses.
  • In just one year, the daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts has quadrupled.
  • Facebook Live videos make up less than 1% of the top 10,000 posts.
  • One of five Facebook videos will go live, i.e., 20% of all Facebook videos are currently live. The daily Facebook Live broadcasts watched time increased by 4x.
  • Facebook Live video shares average at 11,314.
  • How long should a Facebook Live video be? The longest Facebook Live videos that are most successful are approximately 20 minutes in length.
  • 70% of marketers use Facebook Live to reach new audiences.
  • Facebook Live videos generate six times more interactions than traditional videos.
  • 95% of mobile users use Facebook Live to broadcast content.
  • 70% of Facebook Live users are college and school-going students.
  • Facebook Live videos receive ten times more comments than regular videos.
  • FB Live videos get 165% more comments than on-demand videos.
  • Video quality is important to 90% of FB Live users.
  • According to estimates, Facebook live videos receive an average of 64 Billion views per day. 78% of marketers use Facebook's live streaming platform for live marketing.
  • Facebook Live users spend three times more time watching live videos than pre-uploaded ones.
  • Only 1% of companies share live videos every day.

Users and Engagement Statistics

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  • As Facebook Live offers video donations, the average amount of donations is $38.
  • Considering the other broadcasting options such as news, YouTube, and Facebook has six times more engagement rate.
  • One out of 5 videos being shared on Facebook is a live video
  • 50% of live users in the USA prefer live videos.
  • Considering other live videos, users on Facebook spend 3 times more time on live broadcasting
  • In a year, the daily watch time of broadcasting videos increases up to 4 times that of the previous year.
  • According to the report, Facebook live videos receive more comments and likes than regular video
  • A survey conducted in 2019 shows that 93.7% of businesses use Facebook Live whereas Twitter ranked second with 84.4% and Instagram ranked third place with 80.9%.
  • In the year 2019, the watching rate increased to 1.1 billion hours every month as it has been observed that there’s a growth of 12% compared to the year 2018.

Facebook Live – Other Facts and Figures

  • The first ever live video on Facebook was conducted by Mark Zuckerberg
  • In the year 2019 main channel of communication for many marketers was Facebook Live resulting in 35%
  • In the year, being a technologically groomed company, it added extreme filters that can be used while doing Facebook Live.
  • To create live videos Facebook paid around $50 million to influencers, news channels, and celebrities
  • During the pandemic years, the Live video watch rate increased by more than 50%
  • Facebook has the best live video quality
  • On social media, where people have the liberty to share videos from other platforms, 92% of Facebook live videos are original.
  • In the year 2021, the total number of people who live-streamed concerts and sports resulted in 76%.
  • Whereas, Q and A interviews and press events have resulted in 23% and 22% respectively.
  • More than 8.5 million broadcasts are made using Facebook Live.
  • The top influencers who did Facebook Live were paid $2.2 million by the platform.

General Facebook Live Statistics

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  • Facebook's live stream option earned interest from many people resulting in 330% as it was promoted by influencers and celebrities.
  • Records show that 85% of the people prefer to watch the live stream by putting the video at mute.
  • Recently, studies proved that Facebook live videos have 400 million users per month
  • Whereas daily users for Facebook counted 75 million over the world.
  • Facebook states that a video of minutes from 15-20 is enough to increase engagement.
  • An average of 10,000 videos shows that they lasted for 20 minutes.
  • Facebook Live Statistics show that 2 billion people around the world, have at least once watched a live video.
  • The second most watched live video having 107 million views owing to the Tears for Fears cover by Ted Yoder

Facebook Live Monetization

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Social media are nowadays offering monetization options so that influencers can earn money just by sitting at home. However, monetization is not easy as it requires a lot of handwork and proving all the rules and regulations of Facebook live video monetization. However, in order to apply for monetization – go to Creator Studio – click monetization – select the pages you want to monetize from the overview section. Monetization is not only available for companies and brands but also individuals can apply for Facebook live video monetization.

Rules, Regulations/Guidelines For Monetization

  • Individuals creating any live video must have a professional account, private accounts are not eligible for monetization
  • Facebook has listed some eligible countries from which monetization is possible, but if a person moves out of the country to an ineligible location, he may lose such benefits.
  • Facebook community guide states that, if any person or company behaves inappropriately such as unapproved behavior, posting sexual content, hate speech, or any intention to create violence may lead to the banning of the account and losing all the features. More to the person is liable for legal actions
  • Eligible accounts must have a previous history of positing original and authentic content.
  • Facebook videos which include live or demand videos, or previously uploaded live videos must have 6,00,000 total minutes viewed for the last 60 days.
  • If a company has a page on Facebook, then it must have at least 10,000 followers from which live videos are being streamed.

Facebook Live Internet Data Usage Statistics

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  • Facebook states that a person streaming live videos in HD must follow a level-up program to publish premium-quality videos.
  • The Facebook live video recommends that streaming should be done in 720p, 30fps & 4mbps.
  • Streaming that uses 4mbps needs 30MB per minute.
  • Facebook allows live streaming videos from desktops for up to 8 hours and 4 hours using mobile devices.

Why Are People Moving To Live Videos?

Social media has now changed the face of the world. In 90’s nobody had imagined being on a laptop or mobile phone and chatting or video calling an international person. Nowadays, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp are not only providing social media networking services but also marketing tools for many big companies and individuals. Companies can now conduct Ad campaigns free of charge by means of live videos, social media posts, discussions, and many more things. There are some important videos understood while creating live videos.

  • Live videos can create instant reactions
  • It gives users a chance to interact directly with the company and other audiences all over the world
  • Live videos are part of Ad campaigns live streamed using marketing tools.
  • Facebook Live can be a great option to increase brand awareness and trust between the company and the customer
  • Live videos have more engagement
  • Content created using live videos is attractive, informative, engaging, and entertaining

Facebook Live Practices

Even though Facebook is known worldwide and has billions of members, it doesn’t mean that hammering them with continuous live videos, graphics, and post, statuses will boost its popularity. Following are some Facebook live statistics that can help any company and user to perform well.

Regular Content – Creating live videos on a regular basis is more beneficial than irregular ones. This can provide live updates to users in instances. But regular means proper intervals. Going live each week will result in disbelief and hammering with information.

Use a Proper Length of Live Videos – Going live with only 5 minutes or on the contrary with lengthy videos which go on for hours and hours will reduce the watching time. It may also result in the unfollowing of the account by many people.

Post the Schedule of Live Streaming – If you are planning to go live for the purpose of creating brand awareness, then regularly schedule the broadcasting and inform on the page, so that people following the page will know the pattern. This process will result in increasing the watch time and also the audience all over the world.

Top 5 Companies Boosting Their Presence

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#1. Buzzfeed:

Buzzfeed known as the King of Contents is regularly going live with its entertaining content. Today, they have millions of subscribers even on YouTube. The most viewed live of Buzzfeed till today is, two of their employees stretching hundreds of rubber bands on a watermelon till it burst out.

#2.Dunkin Donuts:

This company was the first one to go live to show the scenes of the kitchen. Dunkin Donut’s manager said that their live videos have more viewers than regularly posted videos.

#3.iHeart radio:

iheart Radio, an online radio platform, uses a different methodology to engage audiences in their videos. While live streaming they ask questions to the users and let users answer the question. This way engagement in the video improves and audiences are given a chance to share their opinions.


Tastemade, being a food and travel blogger uses Facebook Live to share their #foodatfridays things. They post different food items and let the user guess which food it is.

#5. Benefit:

It is one of the world known fastest growing companies in cosmetics. Benefits use the Facebook live video option to share tips and tricks about beauty and beauty products. They have a pre-determined schedule which is at 4 pm every Thursday.

Facebook Live Statistics by Most Used Platforms

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The most preferred platform by users for going live is Facebook Live (38%), followed by Instagram Live (17%) and YouTube Live (8%). Live features offered by Twitter and LinkedIn are the least preferred.

Facebook Live Statistics by Demographics of Viewers

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The majority of the users that contribute to Facebook Live as the audience are aged between 35 to 54 years resulting in 29%.


Facebook being a foremost used social media and having billions of active users worldwide, is now a part of the Ad campaign by means of live streaming of videos. Facebook live videos have given a better chance to connect with users around the world actively. The number of Facebook live videos is increasing day by day allowing the company to create more innovations and beat the competition with social media wars.


As seen in the above numbers, it is proven that digital marketing has changed the statistics of social media. In the coming future, Facebook will have more users and it will be a more technologically developed application to aid e-marketing. A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta is looking forward to investing more amount of money in Metaverse. Metaverse will allow users worldwide to land in virtual reality, as in steeping forward on Facebook in reality. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and TikTok have no limits even in the coming future. Today they are helping in digital marketing, and who knows one day they will be helpful in software development, the healthcare sector, and much more.

  • Statistics
  • FAQ.

    Does Facebook Live pay you money?

    Just like other ad structures, Facebook will pay for 1000 impressions. Other factors such as type, location, and time when it was published matter for monetization.

    What is the average reach for Facebook Live?

    The average reach for Facebook Live is 2,598 while the total reach is 12,929.

    Is Facebook Live free of cost?

    Yes. Facebook Live is free of cost, any user can perform their live events without paying any charges.

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