Facebook Messenger Statistics 2022 – Trends, Facts and Users

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Updated · Feb 17, 2023

Facebook Messenger Statistics 2022 – Trends, Facts and Users

Facebook messenger statistics: Facebook is one of the largest used social media having a presence of 2,934 billion active people accounts as of July 2022.

A few years ago, compared to other social media, Facebook was the leading social media platform to attract more and more users on daily basis. Today Facebook is not only related to socializing people, but it owns other applications such as Messenger, Facebook ads manager, pages manager, free basics, local, portal, and many more applications.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms which allows users from worldwide to connect with each other. A few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook Inc to Meta Platforms Inc. Meta is now more focused on depending on augmented reality and virtual reality turning into Metaverse. According to the post of Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter, it says, in the coming day Meta will experience the most advanced technological development as it will soon roll out augmented intelligence (avatars) to all users worldwide. The following post shows Meta’s official statement.

What is the Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is nothing, but a chat window separated from Facebook which allows us to send messages to anyone in our contact list or outside the contact list. Facebook Messager provides instant messaging services all over the world, moreover, we can use it for group voice calls or video call purposes. With the use of the same, we can share documents and videos with other people also. Whatever Facebook offer is always free to use. Plus, a fun way to use messenger is by sending funny and attractive stickers while chatting with another user.

Key Facebook Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • According to the study by DAU in July 2022, the total number of people who were active each day was 1,968 billion.
  • Therefore, the total percentage of active users who regularly accessed Facebook resulted in 67%.
  • The total number of global active users on Facebook in July 2022 was 2,934 billion
  • The real fact about Facebook is its active users are equal to 36.8% of people on the earth
  • If we want to talk in quantity, we can say that those countries whose population is highest and ranked in the top two named China and India, combining both of these Facebook have a sizable amount of monthly active users.
  • The estimated change in the number of active users over the world from April, May, June, and July is 2 million.
  • When a quarterly change of active users has been calculated it comes to 0.07%
  • Global active accounts change is 1.3% annually resulting in 39 million.
  • According to Recent study by Market.us, the global chatbot market size is projected to reach USD 4.3 billion by 2032 at growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.29%.

Only Facebook itself has gained all these handsome numbers. More to that, Facebook Messager is extremely useful following data analysis of the statistics of Facebook messenger on a global level.

(Source: Datareportal.com)

Facebook Messenger Facts

  • Considering Facebook messenger as one of the best Messager in the world, it has a minimum of 1,000 billion users around the world.
  • When Facebook introduced its messenger people loved the text feature as slowly voice and video calling were also introduced with the mobile-compatible application for iOS and Android. Initially, the total number of messenger users is supposed to reach 3 billion by the end of 2022.
  • Recently Facebook Messager ranked in 6th place for having the most users in the United States of America.
  • In the US, Facebook Messager is also known as Simply messenger
  • Considering the total active users of age 65 and more are using the service resulting to 38.1 million.
  • From ages, 55 to 64 are a total of 60.9 million users worldwide.
  • Facebook Messenger users aged between 45 to 54 are 108.1 million over the world.
  • Over the world, 188.9 million users are of the age group from 35 to 44
  • Young people aged 25 to 34 have the highest activity detected on Messenger resulting in 324.5 million.
  • Whereas the younger generation is only 231.3 million worldwide.

Country Wise Facebook Messenger Users

Facebook is a globally accessed application for social purposes. There are many active users worldwide. Facebook gives easy access to connect to people at local and international levels. The number of users increased when the application for smartphones was launched. Today, there’s not a single day when people don’t open Facebook and scroll. The following data shows the worldwide users as per the country.

  • In the year 2022, India has the highest number of Facebook users showing a total number of 125.5 million active messenger audiences.
  • Whereas the United States of America resulted as per the report to 27.2 million users.
  • Bangladesh represented itself as the lowest number of all with 22.1 million active users
  • For Indonesia year, it has reached 28.8 million users.
  • Egypt and Thailand have the almost same number resulting in 35.3 million and 37.3 million users respectively.
  • Vietnam has 55.6 million users who are actively using Facebook messenger
  • The Philippines increased its total number of active members using the messenger to 56.5 million
  • On the other hand, Brazil has more than 50% of the total active members as the number shown as 63.9 million users.
  • And at last, Mexico has a total number of 61.9 million users.

In other countries including the Europe continent, the data is under observation. Therefore currently unavailable for the study.

(Source: similarweb.com)

The above chart shows that WhatsApp (marked in dark blue) is the world’s first most downloaded app even in the year 2022, having a presence in countries such as India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Algeria, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico, Nigeria, Latvia, and Ghana. WhatsApp has similar features to Facebook messenger. The difference is WhatsApp has more privacy than a Facebook messenger.

On the other hand, the countries like Canada, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, and Thailand have more Facebook messenger users.

Top 3 Unique Business Statistics

As technology improved, it gave wide access to various messenger applications freely accessible all over the world. Today, competition is tough as there are many similar applications in the market, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, Snapchat, WeChat, Discord, and Skype. The list of communication apps is unending. As developers in the world are inventing various applications with similar features almost every day. At one point in our life, we have used all of the above-mentioned messengers. But to be honest we choose the best ones. Looking the above data proves that user over the world prefers WhatsApp and the messenger developed by Facebook. But why is Facebook messenger still dominating the other apps? The following mentioned are the top 3 unique business statics developed by them.

#1. Improving access to Emojis

Many people in order to show true emotions use emojis to add personalization to the message. Emojis of course improve the meaning of the text. Or just simply a lazy guy without typing ok just replied with a thumbs up emoji it still delivers the meaning behind the person’s wordless reply. Facebook Messenger has more advanced emojis which are animated and of different sizes, therefore chatting over this app makes fun and enjoyable. Do you remember any single day on which you have sent a simple message without any emoji?

#2. More involvement in technology

Recently when Mark Zuckerberg said, Meta will focus more on the metaverse it will increase the use of avatars. Wouldn’t it be funny to use your own face and body which will be transferred into 3D technology in avatars? More to this, Facebook has started rolling out a feature similar to Zoom, which has access to different rooms in one meeting room with a maximum of 50 participants and with unlimited time.

#3.Increased engagement

All of these things together, like meeting new people for free, free voice and video calling, different rooms access for meetings, animated emojis, and the upcoming metaverse feature causing the increase in engagement in Facebook messenger. Nowadays, because of digital marketing, Facebook is also helping affiliate marketers to earn more as a passive income. Companies are now able to reach more customers using Facebook which too free of cost.

Facebook Messenger App Statistics

Not many days ago, when we were fighting over how big the MB of Facebook is. But today, it has realized Facebook messenger lite so that, mobile phones with smaller capacities can also download the messenger. But still, Facebook is balancing network usage problems. According to the studies, it shows that while on a video call via Facebook messenger for an hour can consume up to 260MB of daily internet data. On the contrary, Apple’s Facetime uses only 130 to 180 MB with an hour of video call. We can’t say that Facebook messenger being the most used app is flawless, but the company is analyzing such problems so that it won’t lack anywhere.

Facebook Messenger’s Marketing Strategies?

Is Facebook using different strategies than any other app? Of course! That is why they world’s preferable company. But what is that which is making the company different from everyone? They just have a simple messaging app! Well, to be honest, Facebook was the first one to be launched after Orkut. As Facebook was successful in grabbing the market, Orkut went off the market.

#1. An active player in social media marketing

Today, digital marketing has taken a leap into technology and social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are helping businesses to manage their audience easily. Facebook has a high rate of active users, and with the use of messengers advertising and marketing can be done easily.

#2. Effective customer service

Even if your accounts get locked and are not accessible you can simply raise a request by giving the identification and only wait for 24 hours until your account is back in active status.

#3. high tech application

In the coming years, Facebook will be full of Metaverse, where other social applications are nowhere in this technology. Using technology is attracting more users day by day. Technology is the main thing that is keeping all human beings together.

#4. Combination of applications

When Facebook took over Instagram, it gave an option to create an Instagram account using Facebook credentials. This means new accounts are opened simultaneously on different social media. By way of connecting each Facebook and Instagram, even posts, videos and messages can be shared using one single application.

#5. User friendly

Facebook Messenger has a user-friendly and simple UI where you can directly message someone right from the landing page. You don’t need any extra effort to connect with each other. More to that, it costs nothing to even send any message on an international level.


Today, technology is shaping the world, and Facebook is one of the reasons, we can see what else technology can do. For many years, Facebook is still popular all over the world for providing free instant messaging services. And as per the numbers we have seen above we can definitely say that in the future, the Facebook messenger will still continue to rank on a better level. The


The numbers mentioned in this Facebook messenger statistics have shown a competitive level in the global market. The marketing strategies in the digital marketing world are causing the company to top the competition. Mark Zuckerberg is actively working on technology and publishing new updates on social media on daily basis.

Continuous changes in these kinds of social media are moving the company forward faster than any other applications available to date. People love continuous changes, and this is what Facebook is doing. Thus, to be sure, for the upcoming billion years, Facebook will top the competition.

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