14 Mind-Boggling GitHub Statistics That You Need To Know

Pramod Pawar

Updated · Jun 27, 2022

14 Mind-Boggling GitHub Statistics That You Need To Know

GitHub Statistics: Whether you are a developer or not, you should be familiar with GitHub because it is where millions of businesses and developers create and manage their software, making it the most comprehensive and sophisticated development platform in the world. So how does it all work?

Git is the core of GitHub, an open-source program that Linus Torvalds started. Matthew McCullough, a GitHub trainer, explains how Git stores and manages revisions of projects, just like other version control systems. He further states that Git is mainly used for code but can also be used to manage different types of files, like Final Cut projects or Word documents.

In addition, GitHub is an online hosting provider for version control and software development using Git. It has many useful features and is the largest code host as of April 2022.

Do you want to know everything about GitHub?

If so, check out the most incredible GitHub statistics we have compiled, especially for you.

Amazing GitHub Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • More than 100 offers are available in GitHub’s student developer pack.
  • GitHub employs more than 73 million developers.
  • The editor’s GitHub download count has surpassed 750,000.
  • GitHub has 2,500 employees.
  • For $7.5 billion in equity, Microsoft acquired GitHub.
  • On Forbes’ list of the top 100 cloud companies, GitHub is ranked number 11.
  • GitHub has over 32 million visits each month, 74% of whom come from outside the United States, and 36% are European.
  • According to GitHub repo statistics, over 200 million repositories are hosted on the platform.
  • In 2021, GitHub generated $200 million in revenue.
  • The 337 programming languages used in the open-source projects at GitHub include Python, Java, PHP, and others.

GitHub Usage

GitHub is an online hosting provider company that mainly uses Git. Is Git a programming language? Indeed, Git is a free, open-source program created in 2005 by Linus Benedict Torvalds. To put it another way, it is software for monitoring changes to any number of files. It is often used to collaborate and coordinate among developers that work on source code.

Now that you are familiar with the basics of GitHub, let’s explore who uses GitHub and why it is so significant:

#1. According to GitHub usage stats, VSCode/Microsoft is the most famous open-source project.

Nearly 2% of all contributors are involved in the open-source project, with 19.1 contributors out of 1,000. GitHub is followed by: Facebook/React-active-9.1 contributors, flutter/flutter with around 13 contributors, azure docs/MicrosoftDocs with 14 contributors, TensorFlow/TensorFlow-9.9 contributors, etc.
(Source: Statista)

#2. More than 100 offers are available in GitHub’s student developer pack.

Design, Cloud, Developer Tools, Game Development, Domains, Internet of Things, Infrastructure and APIs, Mobile, Virtual Events, and Marketing. According to GitHub stats, the platform provides students with two experiences: Virtual Event Kit and Intro to Web Development.
(Source: Education.GitHub)

#3. The cybersecurity rating score of GitHub is 67 out of 100.

Since it takes the required steps to safeguard its users’ data, GitHub is generally safe. The most crucial thing is to adhere to the platform’s instructions strictly; they are so thorough that they will guarantee that your use of GitHub is safe and secure. Developers should be vigilant, mainly when using repositories. If they do not follow these guidelines or forget their password, they become immediately vulnerable to hacking.
(Source: Craft.co)

#4. GitHub is home to more than 73 million developers.

The world’s most popular development platform now boasts more than 4 million companies, 200 million repositories, and 73 million developers. Even more astounding is that 2021 alone saw an increase of over 16 million GitHub users. By 2025, it’s anticipated that they will number 100 million. This is not surprising as many options on GitHub allow you to run actions in any operating system or language.
(Source: TechMonitor.ai)

#5. On Forbes’ list of the top 100 cloud companies, GitHub is ranked number 11.

GitHub ranks 11th among the 100 most valued private clouds companies worldwide with this DevOps software platform, which has its main offices in California and San Francisco. In addition, GitHub’s funding total has been anticipated to be $436 million, with Thomas Dohmke acting as the CEO.
(Source: Forbes)

#6. There are three options available for the GitHub subscription plan.

A free plan on this platform includes unlimited private/public repositories, automatic security & version upgrades, 2,000 CD/CI minutes/months, and around 500 MB of package storage, new problems and projects, and community support.

Its paid plans come with upgraded terms of features and are available for the following price: Enterprise:- $210 per user every year; Team:- $40 per user each year.
(Source: GitHub)

GitHub Employees

A vortex of growth is occurring at GitHub. So it’s time to learn more about the team and the platform’s development, which is anticipated to have 100 million users within a few years.

#7. GitHub has 2,500 employees.

Along with the platform’s growth and revenue, the number of GitHub employees has increased exponentially. Approximately 69% are men, and the remaining 31% are women. Additionally, nearly 62% are white, 9% are Hispanic, 9% come from other backgrounds, and 20% are Asian.
(Source: Craft.co)

#8. For $7.5 billion in equity, Microsoft acquired GitHub.

According to GitHub stats, the transaction was primarily focused on Microsoft’s ambition for open-source development in order to enhance the enterprise use of GitHub and to be able to showcase the firm’s new services and developer’s tools to a larger audience.

After the agreement’s completion, Microsoft’s CEO reaffirmed the two companies’ shared commitment to openness, innovation, and developer freedom.
(Source: News Microsoft)

#9. According to GitHub stats, the GitHub revenue reached $200 million in 2021.

The ways that GitHub makes money include the GitHub marketplace, education, professional services, subscription fees, premium support, private repository hosting, etc. Although GitHub does not publicly disclose its financial information, it is assumed that its 2021 revenue exceeded $200 million.
(Source: GetLatka; Entrepreneur 360)

GitHub Trends

Why is GitHub so popular? It is the world’s largest code hosting site. Its success can be attributed to the valuable and useful features it offers to developers worldwide, like support for all widely used programming languages, cloud storage, simplified iteration process, etc.

So let’s check out what’s popular right now on GitHub:

#10. The GitHub website receives at least 32 million monthly visitors.

Is GitHub the most widely used platform for developers? It is! GitHub boasts a strong community, simple version control, many integrations, the largest shared repository, and secure cloud storage.

Also, It has the largest shared repository, simple version control, many integrations, a strong community, and safe cloud storage. So what number of users does it currently have? A minimum of 32 million each month! That’s quite remarkable, and it gets more impressive. These GitHub statistics were from 2015; thus, these numbers likely have almost doubled by now.

According to Github’s data, around 36% of visitors are from Europe. The majority of users (74%) are primarily found outside of the United States. Although GitHub has no physical office in Europe, over 10% of its staff are based in the old continent.

(Source: Venture Beat)

#11. According to GitHub repositories stats, there were 200 million GitHub repositories as of November 2021.

GitHub acts as a hosting platform for Git repositories. It also serves as a central place to manage and store code. According to GitHub repository statistics, at least 28 million of them are publicly available.

The platform also provides an infinite number of private repositories With GitHub Free. A repository can be up to 10GB in size. Developers have three collaborations and can use the provider to host their private projects.

(Source: Stack Overflow)

#12. 50% to 75% of new Github subscribers comments on issues.

Among new users, this pattern has been particularly obvious. Most of them are commenting on issues; just 20% to 30% of them are actually creating problems, and only 5% of members are actually reviewing pull requests.
(Source: Venture Beat)

#13. Microsoft is the most starred GitHub business with 1,752,500 stars.

Microsoft is followed closely by Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Apache, TensorFlow, and VueJS. Kamranahmedse (256,885 stars), 996icu (261,651 stars), and Arendresorhus (612,700 stars) are the top three Github users. Moreover, freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp (343,292 stars) is the most popular repository according to GitHub report.

(Source: Gitstar Ranking)

#14. 337 different programming languages were used to create the open-source projects on GitHub.

Consequently, the platform supports pretty much all widely used languages. Javascript is the most commonly used language. According to GitHub language stats, up to 2.3 million of GitHub’s open-source projects are written in Javascript, while 1 million are in Python.
(Source: Ranked)


Perhaps the usefulness and significance of the platform have already been persuaded by our collection of GitHub statistics. This web-based control system provides multiple opportunities to record, sync, update, and host your code, thanks to its millions of repositories, users, and projects.

It has experienced tremendous development since its debut in April 2008. Microsoft’s acquisition has confirmed this for $7.5 billion, as well as numerous reports that show user numbers, outstanding revenues, projections, and other information about the future.


How widely used is GitHub?

GitHub now has 56 million users worldwide. This is an increase of 44 million in 2019 compared to 31 million in 2018. JavaScript remains the most popular programming language, while Python is second, with Java and TypeScript growing rapidly.

Which language is most popular on GitHub?

Top ten programming languages available on GitHub. JavaScript. JavaScript, also known as JS, is one of the most popular programming languages on GitHub. ... Python. ... Java. ... C# ... PhP. ... C++... C.

How do I get stats on GitHub?

The link is located to the left side of the navigation bar. RepoXplorer is an open-source project that I developed. It can compute stats for both a project (a collection of git repositories), as well as for a contributor, and a group. It offers a REST interface as well as a web-based UI.

Do major companies use GitHub?

84% of Fortune 100 companies use Github Enterprise.

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