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Research: October 2011

Research, articles, and tips on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for October 2011

What Oracle Fusion CRM in the Cloud Means for Salesforce and Siebel Customers

Oracle made a bold move into cloud CRM this month, but what does it mean for competitors like Salesforce and Microsoft and Oracle's own …

13 Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management experts share their tips on how to make your supply chain operate more efficiently.

Big Data, MapReduce, Hadoop, NoSQL: The Relational Technology Behind the Curtain

Hadoop has its limits for Big Data analytics – and relational databases may have more of a future than you think.

HTML5 Will Transform Mobile Business Intelligence and CRM

HTML5 will lead to richer mobile BI and CRM apps that can be used across browsers and devices.

SAP Wrestles with ERP Complexity

SAP ERP spans the entire enterprise, so of course it's complicated. But the company is working on ways to make ERP easier to use.

Which Microsoft ERP System Is Right for You?

An In-Depth Look at Oracle Fusion Applications

What does the formal launch of Fusion mean for existing Oracle CRM and ERP users?

CRM Review: TenDigits Makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile

TenDigits gives mobile salespeople access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the field.