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Social Media - Research

Technology research on Social CRM, Social Media Monitoring, Collaboration, and Enterprise Social Network software and solutions.

5 Social Collaboration Best Practices

Social collaboration is a key way to engage with employees, especially millennials. So it's important to get it right.

3 Social Media Monitoring Success Stories

Proliferating social media outlets make it tough for companies to craft cohesive marketing efforts. Fortunately, social media monitoring …

Social Software: What Works for Business, What Doesn't

How can enterprises successfully employ social software practices inspired by Facebook, such as following, liking and content streams?

5 Key Human Capital Management Trends

Consumer-driven trends like social, cloud and easy-to-use analytics are impacting human capital management, say experts.

Startup Spotlight: Qubole's Hadoop-as-a-Service

Qubole, a company founded by Facebook alumni, aims to get Hadoop into the hands of business users to give companies more Big Data …

Startup Spotlight: Attentive.ly Puts Social to Work

With its roots in helping nonprofits leverage social media, Attentive.ly helps companies identify and deepen relationships with their top …

Enterprise Social Software: How to Keep Employees Using It

For enterprise social initiatives to be successful, organizations must ensure employees keep using software after the initial adoption phase.

5 Ways to Get People to Use Enterprise Social Software

Companies are spending more on enterprise social software, but that doesn't mean employees will use it. What can companies do to boost …

Enterprise Social Adoption Is Growing

While enterprise social networks do not have nearly as many users as Facebook or Twitter, experts say adoption is growing at a healthy clip.

3 Tips on Improving Customers' Mobile Experience

Companies must design apps with mobile functionality in mind or risk losing customers, according to Zimbra's Rob Howard.

How to Buy Social Customer Service Software

As the importance of social customer service grows, so do the number of solutions designed to help companies provide it. Here's how to …

Review: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Reviewer Paul Ferrill finds much to like about Microsoft Dynamics 2013, including a revamped and mobile-friendly interface.