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Research: July 2014

Research, articles, and tips on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for July 2014

Big Data Success: 10 Tips for SMEs

You don't have to be a big company to get benefits from Big Data. Experts offer advice for SMEs on leveraging Big Data for competitive …

How to Buy Cloud Finance Apps

Finance and accounting (F&A) is one of the newest application categories to move to the cloud.

8 Ways to Make Software Licensing Agreements Work for You

Software licensing agreements (SLAs) are getting more complex with the advent of new technologies. These best practices help ensure …

4 Apps that Make it Easier to Use PowerPoint

Apps from SAVO Group, SlideShark, Kingsoft and Workshare promise to make it easier to create, share and present PowerPoint files.

Mobile Marketing ROI: 3 Metrics that Matter and 3 that Don't

Metrics are key to measuring the ROI of mobile marketing efforts. Not all metrics are helpful, however.

10 Database Design Best Practices

A well-designed database makes it easier to derive value from enterprise data. We asked three experts for their top database design tips.

Information Governance in Age of Mobile, Cloud and Social

How does the adoption of mobile, social and cloud technologies impact information governance?

Business Intelligence 101: A Brief History

How did business intelligence evolve from simple batch reporting to today's near real-time querying?

Application Performance Management Buying Guide

Application performance management is evolving to include software-as-a-service options in addition to more traditional framework approaches.

5 Tips for Boosting Enterprise Software Adoption

Enterprise apps that satisfy every business requirement can fail if end users do not adopt them. Icreon Tech CEO Himanshu Sareen offers …

Review: Visual Studio 2013 for Enterprise App Development

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2013 provides solid tools and a wide range of capabilities for enterprise application developers, says reviewer …

3 Tips for Tackling Big Data Collaboration

The health and life sciences sector relies heavily on Big Data and collaboration. Here practitioners offer three tips on managing …