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Research: April 2015

Research, articles, and tips on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for April 2015

8 Trends Boosting Supply Chain Efficiency

Logistics is a key area of focus for companies hoping to improve their supply chains, experts say.

Data Lake or Information Reservoir?

A data lake's real value is shaking up the idea of an information architecture centered around a data warehouse.

3 Keys to BPM Success

Want your business process management initiative to succeed? A strong BPM team is one of three key ingredients. What are the other two?

Is Salesforce for HR an HCM Game Changer?

While Salesforce may need partnerships to beef up its new HCM offering, Salesforce for HR will appeal to companies interested in cloud, …

Here Come Enterprise Apps for Apple Watch

Enterprise software vendors wasted no time in rolling out applications for the Apple Watch.

How to Keep BYOT out of Bimodal IT Strategy

Bimodal IT will challenge app development teams to maintain data security and other development best practices. A flexible development …

Where Are Mobile Payments Headed?

Apple is not the only company trying to grab a piece of the nascent mobile payment market.

How to Get a Human Capital Management Project Funded

When making the case for investment in HCM software, HR pros should focus on benefits that are meaningful for CFOs.

How Is Hadoop Evolving to Meet Big Data Needs?

Author of "Hadoop: The Definitive User Guide" offers an update on the current state of Hadoop and where it is headed.

Is Apache Spark Enterprise Ready?

While Apache Spark could supplant Hadoop's MapReduce engine, it is not yet enterprise ready, some experts say.

Social Software: What Works for Business, What Doesn't

How can enterprises successfully employ social software practices inspired by Facebook, such as following, liking and content streams?

Diving into Data Lakes

A diverse group of vendors are doing more than just dipping their toes into the data lake concept.

Project Management Tool Scores at NCAA Championship

Smartsheet's online project management tool has made life easier for vendors and managers of sporting events such as the NCAA college …

Is Application Economy an 'Architectural Moment?'

The application economy will challenge every IT team to think and act like a nimble software company, says Geneca's Michael de Groot.

Email Due for a Reboot

IBM and Microsoft are reinventing email with built-in analytics and other features that aim to make the aging app more relevant to how …