Firefox Statistics – Market Share, Trends and Usage Stats To Look Forward In Years To Come

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Updated · Oct 06, 2023

Firefox Statistics – Market Share, Trends and Usage Stats To Look Forward In Years To Come

Firefox Statistics: Initially, Firefox was launched as an experimental division of the Mozilla codebase. The first Firefox browser known as Firefox 1.0 was unveiled by Joe Hewitt, Dave Hyatt, and Blake Ross in 2004.  In no time, it became a huge hit among internet users.  Mozilla Firefox or Firefox is an open-source and free web browser available for users around the world.

In November 2009, the usage share of Firefox shot up to a peak of 32.21% as Firefox 3.5 overtook Internet Explorer 7. The browser saw a significant decline in the usage share after Google Chrome was launched; however, it still remains the fourth most used web browser around the world. Here we will discuss some crucial Firefox statistics to show how it has managed to stay in the web market even after facing tough competition from its rivals.

Key Firefox Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • As per Firefox statistics for 2022, the browser has around 362 million users across the globe.
  • Volunteers had written around 40% of the Firefox source code.
  • More than 50% of Firefox users utilize non-English versions of the browser.
  • The mobile version of Firefox accounts for more than 100 million installs on the Android platform.
  • Around 1.3% of Firefox users have enabled the browser’s tracking protection.
  • As of April 2022, Firefox remains the world’s fourth most-used web browser.
  • Firefox has around 3.14% of the browser market share worldwide.
  • As per the 2022 Firefox statistics, Firefox accounts for 0.48% of the mobile browser market share.
  • Firefox offers a number of convenient features to the PC system that can improve the browsing experience of users.
  • This browser also provides an efficient mobile browser alternative as well.
  • According to, By 2032, the Internet Browsers Market size is projected to reach USD 998.1 Bn from USD 201.9 Bn in 2022
  • com has the highest number of generated traffic from direct sources resulting in 68.89%.
  • As of August 2023, Firefox has become the 4th most popular web browser in the world.
  • Users spend around 5 hours a day on Firefox.

Firefox Statistics by Demographics


As of 2023, Firefox is being used by male (59.03%) and female demographics (40.97%). Out these majority of the users belong to 25 to 34 years resulting in 24.8%.

Firefox Statistics by Market Size


Firefox is the 5th most used web browser in the world having a market share of 2.8%.

Firefox Usage Statistics

#1. The mobile version of Firefox accounts for more than 100 million installs on the Android platform

The mobile version of the Firefox browser has been installed more than 100 million times as per the latest Firefox statistics.

#2. Firefox has nearly 362 million users around the world

With a market share of 3.14%, Firefox has emerged as the fourth most popular web browser globally. However, Firefox has been struggling to retain its users due to the rise and growth of the Google Chrome browser.

#3. Firefox accounts for 0.48% of the mobile browser market share

As per the early 2022 Firefox statistics, the majority of Firefox users have access to the Firefox mobile app.

#4. Volunteers had written around 40% of the Firefox source code

More than 1,000 volunteers add to the Firefox source code.

#5. Firefox has nearly 3.82% of the market share in Africa

As per the March 2022 Firefox statistics, the browser accounts for 3.82% of the browser market share.

#6. As of September 2022, this browser has about 3.52% of the browser market share in the US.

The 2022 Firefox stats show that Firefox comes at the fourth position in the United States with 3.52% of the browser market share.

#7. Firefox has acquired around 7.28% of the desktop browser market share around the world

The browser has a considerable of the desktop browser market share as of September 2022.

#8. Firefox is the third most used web browser in Germany with a market share of 10.91%

The latest browser usage statistics reveal that Firefox has 10.91% of the browser market share.

#9. has received 84.4 million visitors

The latest statistics show that the traffic on shot up by 1.07% in September 2022.

#10. Firefox utilizes more resources as compared to Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox utilizes up to 1722 MB of space while Chrome utilizes around 900 MB of storage space.

#11. Mozilla Firefox add-ons help users control the functionality of their browsers

Ghostery, Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, Lightshot, uMatrix, Clippings, Grammarly, Dark Reader, GreaseMonkey, and Video Speed Controller are some useful tools.

#12. Mozilla Firefox includes 563 extensions

Firefox has 563 extensions while Chrome has more than 200000 extensions.

#13. Firefox is accessible in 89 languages.

#14. Students belonging to over 600 institutes in 57 nations extend Firefox as Mozilla Campus Representatives.

#15. Mozilla community-powered site known as SUMO assists an average of 10,000 users of Firefox per week.

Firefox Revenue Statistics

#16. Around 86% of Mozilla's revenue was generated from its search deal with Google

In 2020, Mozilla was able to generate 86% of its revenue from its search deal with Google. However, it was slightly low from the previous year 2019.

#17. In 2021, Mozilla estimated to acquire a revenue of more than $500 million

In 2019, the company garnered a total revenue of $466 million via its advertising partnership, search contract, and subscriptions.

General Firefox Statistics

#18. The market share of Firefox began to decline due to two rounds of layoffs at Mozilla in 2020.

#19. Google recompenses Mozilla hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties per year as both companies are business partners

#20. Firefox also has other default search engine agreements such as Yandex Search in Russia.


In the last few years, the browser market share of Mozilla Firefox has declined significantly. Mozilla Firefox requires more users to utilize its services and features. Despite some of its failings, the Firefox browser still matters to many users due to its privacy features. Mozilla Firefox continues to innovate for the benefit of users and the growth of the web. However, Mozilla needs to diversify its revenue sources to reduce its dependence on search agreements. Mozilla Firefox web browser is an obvious choice for users who look for privacy in their internet experience.


How many users Firefox has?

As per Firefox statistics for 2022, the browser has around 362 million active users across the globe.

How popular is Firefox browser worldwide?

Firefox has secured the fourth position in the list of the most popular web browsers in the world.

Does the Firefox browser protect users' privacy?

The default Firefox settings prevent trackers in private windows, tracking cookies from third-party sources, and crypto miners.

What kind of data does Firefox collect?

Mozilla Firefox only gathers limited data from users to identify and understand how people are utilizing the browser. Firefox collects information such as the number of open windows and tabs and the number of web pages visited by users.

Is Firefox the fastest browser available?

Although Mozilla Firefox might be as fast as Google Chrome and Safari, however, it is the slowest browser in the list of fastest browsers in the world. There are a few features implemented in it that make the browser stand out.

Is Mozilla Firefox the most secure browser in the world?

Firefox is considered the most secure browser in the world.

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