Important Maxthon Statistics For Users To Know Its Significance In Current Times

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Updated · Oct 10, 2023

Important Maxthon Statistics For Users To Know Its Significance In Current Times


Maxthon Statistics: Maxthon might not have as much popularity as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox; however, Maxthon freeware web browser has gained enough recognition over the period. Maxthon browser is available on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also launched the Maxthon 5 cloud browser in 2016.

Maxthon 5 cloud browser offers more cloud storage, sharing options, and syncing as compared to other browsers available. Maxthon 5 cloud browser has features such as Incognito mode, Magic Fill, Handy Tools, Resource Sniffer, and Dual Core. It recently unveiled features like UUmail, Maxnote, and Passkeeper. Here are some fascinating Maxthon statistics that will make users understand its implications in the latest business landscape.

Key Maxthon Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • Maxthon is available for Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android as well.
  • Maxthon version 6 is based on Chromium.
  • In 2011, Maxthon secured 97th place in PC World’s 100 Products.
  • In 2008, Maxthon received the CNET Worldwide 100 Awards.
  • Maxthon mainly develops web browsers for Windows.
  • Maxthon cloud browser has a global following of over 100 million unique visitors per month.
  • Maxthon cloud browser is available in more than 140 nations around the world.
  • Maxthon cloud browser has an overall rank of 20355 in all categories.
  • Maxthon cloud browser ranks at 7049 in the usage ranking in Canada.
  • Security experts claim that this browser sends sensitive browsing and system data such as application installed, visited websites, ad blocker status, and searches to a server in Beijing, China.
  • The highest number of traffic on is generated from direct sources (51.52%), followed by organic search (28.75%).

Maxthon Statistics by Demographics


The majority of the users of the Maxthon browser belong to the age between 25 to 34 years resulting in 28.51%, tailed by 22.57% from 35 to 44 years. The lowest number of users are observed to be aged 65 years and above. Furthermore, there is a great number of male users as compared to female users resulting in 72.44% and 27.56% respectively.

Essential Maxthon Statistics For Users

#1. Maxthon cloud browser stands at an overall usage rank of 20355.

As per Maxthon Statistics 2022, the overall usage rank of this browser is 20355.


#2. Maxthon cloud browser is available in 50 languages.

It is developed by a firm known as Maxthon International, which is based in China. It is accessible on all major platforms such as iOS. macOS, Android, and Windows. browser available in 140 countries in the world in 50 different languages.

#3. Security experts from Fidell’s Cybersecurity & Poland-based firm Exatel have found that Maxthon sends data to a server in China.

Security experts have found that Maxthon sends a file known as containing users’ sensitive data. Such sensitive data includes users’ website visits, data on operating systems, installed apps, version numbers of apps, CPU information, and ad blocker data.

#4. Maxthon version 6 is based on Chromium.

The latest version of the Maxthon browser has been designed on the source of Chromium.

#5. Users can keep their data stored across multiple devices via a Maxthon Passport account.

Maxthon highlights three things performance, phenomenal user experience, and portability.

#6. Maxthon collaborated with Russia’s largest internet search engine, Yandex.

The company is trying to expand its global reach by being easily accessible to each market across the world.

#7. The Chinese version of Maxthon for Mac comes pre-installed with Alipay.

Alipay is the biggest third-party payment service provider in China.

#8. Users can customize their browsers with the help of Maxthon extensions.

Maxthon statistics show that with its built-in features, people do not have to tackle unnecessary plug-ins and installs.

#9. The browser stands at 7049 in the ranking of all categories in Canada.


#10. A referral is the biggest source of traffic on the Maxthon browser generating about 66 percent of traffic.

Nearly 22.9 percent of the traffic on the Maxthon browser is generated via direct sources. Search is a source that generates around 11 percent of the traffic on the Maxthon browser.


#11. Maxthon browser utilizes AES 256 encryption for privacy and security.

Maxthon has strengthened its privacy and security features by using AES 256 encryption. AES 256 encryption ensures full security and safety of users’ data.

#12. Users can store notes with the help of a feature known as SkyNote.

Maxthon allows users to save their bookmarks, new tab links, address bars, tab options, and passwords.

#13. Maxthon has around 700 extensions in the Extension Center.

Although Maxthon is not as popular as Chrome or Safari, it has a thriving extension variety.

#14. Maxthon browser has been able to perform considerably well on performance tests.

It uses similar components as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It sustains well with the existing run of Web Browsers on performance tests.

#15. Maxthon uses less storage space as compared to other browsers.

Maxthon tops the memory usage list when it comes to using less storage space.

#16. Maxthon has features such as Incognito mode, Magic Fill, Handy Tools, Resource Sniffer, Cloud Sync, and Dual Core.

Maxthon cloud browser has included some new features as well such as UUmail, Maxnote, and Passkeeper. It has multiscreen functionality as well.

#17. Maxthon released an updated version of its browser that offers users uninhibited access to its free VPN service.

#18. Maxthon browser is compatible with Chrome extensions.

#19. The company generates its revenue via the sales of premium services.


Maxthon browser comes with a wide range of special features. It offers more cloud storage, syncing, and sharing alternatives as compared to other browsers. Maxthon has a plethora of support for new standards.

It gives users a highly secure and private browsing experience. However, the Maxthon browser still falls short of the fight in tab features and hardware acceleration. It shows that the Maxthon browser still has a long way to go to sustain itself in the browser market.


Is the Maxthon browser secure?

Maxthon browser offers absolutely safe and private space to its users. It is a feature-rich, secure, and fast browser.

Is the Maxthon browser based on Google Chrome?

Maxthon version 6 has been designed on Chromium.

Is the Maxthon browser open source?

It is a famous Chinese web browser based on the open-source Chromium web browser that is compatible with all Google Chrome extensions. Maxthon browser offers a cohesive user interface across all kinds of operating system platforms

Is the Brave browser better than the Maxthon browser?

Although Maxthon has many new features, experts claim that Brave has a better user interface (UI) as compared to the Maxthon browser.

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