Astonishing Etsy Statistics 2023 Facts, Stats, Trends and Data

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Updated · Oct 10, 2023

Astonishing Etsy Statistics 2023 Facts, Stats, Trends and Data


Etsy Statistics: Etsy is an e-commerce website that specializes in selling products out of handmade goods, various types of arts and crafts, and vintage products. The company was founded by 4 people named Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik, Jared Tarbell, and Robert Kalin on 18th June 2005. The headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York. Etsy has a wide range of products ranging from bags, clothing, supplies and tools, furniture, toys, home décor, and various types of arts.

This website focuses on personalization from the point of sellers. There are many individuals who are selling their homemade stuff on Etsy and earning a pretty good income. Etsy also offers an option for an affiliate marketing program, whereupon referring to their products, an individual can earn a handsome amount. This Etsy statistic shows how Etsy is performing on an international level as well as how beneficial it is for all kinds of sellers. There’s a comparison between Amazon and Etsy to show which player has a great number around the world.

Key Etsy Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • By the end of 2023, global revenue is expected to be $1.269 billion around the world.
  • The total number of buyers in 2023 as of the current day was 96.2 million, which has increased by 2 million from last year.
  • On the other hand, by July 2023 Etsy received 467.8 million visitors.
  • The total number of downloads of Etsy’s app is more than 80 million times in 2023.
  • The average page visit turned out 6.59 on Etsy and in the United States total traffic received by desktop and mobile are 41.87% and 58.13% respectively.
  • Direct search traffic on Etsy from Google and Yahoo resulted in 46.35% and 4.48% respectively.
  • Across the world, the largest number of sellers in the United States is 62%.
  • On Etsy, the top-selling product is Beads with 8 million seller buyers and the CTR resulted 102%.
  • Etsy statistics show that the majority of the sellers are individual women resulting in 83%
  • Those people who have high demands for their products from around the world are able to earn more than $10,000 annually.
  • There are about 50 various categories in which sellers sell their products.
  • Even if you run a small business in your local area, Amazon is your biggest competitor
  • Etsy’s website visitors are from around the world, but the United States of America tops the list with 12%, the United Kingdom (8.95%), Canada (5.08%), Germany (4.26%), Australia with only 2.93% and others (23.65%).

General Etsy Statistics

  • Etsy acquired around 7 companies including Trunk, Adtuitive, Grand St., Elo7, Reverb, Depop, and Blackbird Technologies.
  • As of the 1st quarter and 2nd quarter of 2023, revenue earned by Etsy turned out $6.40 billion and $6.29 billion respectively.
  • This e-commerce website has retained buyers resulting in 26% and they are contributing at least $200 on average shopping.
  • In July 2023, Etsy received an average visits on their website of around 8 million.
  • Whereas, total traffic received by Etsy in June and May 2023 are 9 million and 470.5 million respectively.
  • The website also had a bounce rate of around 58%.
  • As of 2023, Etsy employees’ ethnicities are followed by White (60.20%), Asian (18.70%), Hispanic 7.30%, Black or African (7.10%), and Alaskan native (0.20%).
  • There are about 50 various categories in which sellers sell their products.

Etsy Seller Statistics

  • Etsy statistics show that the majority of buyers are individual women resulting in 15% being under 25 years old.
  • The age of the average seller is 30 to 34 years with 33.50% employees on Etsy.
  • Once opening a successful business, sellers on Etsy are confident enough to actually start and grow their business resulting in 82%.
  • Those people who have high demands for their products from around the world are able to earn more than $10,000 annually.
  • Counting from the days of initial days of Etsy, the top seller has earned around $1.8 million in the United States of America
  • Other than the US, the United Kingdom has a high number of sellers on Etsy resulting in 30%.
  • The United States of America tops the chart by adding 62% of sellers.
  • Considering the United States of America, California has around 14%of sellers on Etsy situated in the same place.
  • In 2023, the number of sellers on Etsy statistics by different states of the U.S. in Texas and Florida (7%) each, New York (6%), Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Washington (4%) each, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Virginia (3%) each.
  • Etsy has a database of international sellers adding to more than 150 countries.

Etsy’s Desktop and Mobile Traffic Statistics by Country

  • As of 2023, on total traffic received by desktop and mobile are 38.2% and mobile 61.8%.
  • In the United States desktop and mobile traffic received are 41.87% and 58.13% respectively.
  • Other countries traffic share by desktop and mobile are followed by the United Kingdom (39.69% and 60.31%), Germany (30.85% and 69.15%), India (15.26% and 84.74%), and Canada (26.2% and 73.80%).

Expenses To Sell On Etsy

Whether you are a buyer or seller, the process is combined with some registration charges, some shipment charges, and many more things like that. From the point of view of the seller, there are different costs that an individual has to incur while selling the item on the internet.

  • Etsy has no account creation for sellers' fee
  • Sellers are automatically charged when they list their products on Etsy for sale. The fee to list the item is $0.20.
  • If the listed item is sold, then the seller has to pay a 5% transaction fee.
  • The top leading seller on Etsy is AcornandCrowStudio with 40.4 thousand sales in 2023.
  • Other leading sellers of Etsy statistics by sales are followed by Caitly Minimalist (37.9K), Beadboar1 (26.7K), MoodParty (23.9K), HeatherRobertsArt (20.4K), SilverRainSilver (19.3K), AWildBloomPrintables (18.9K), DesignMyPartyStudio (16.8K), SVGCUTTABLES (16.3K), and NorthPrints (16.0 K).
  • In coming years it is assumed by 82% of sellers that the sales rate is going to enhance effectively.
  • When a seller is situated in the United States or Canada there’s no traction fee for sales tax.
  • Etsy ads consisting of Pay per click (PPC) amounts are based on the ad budget
  • When it comes to additional features for shipping label tracking and insurance it will add customized costs according to the carrier.
  • When the listed products are in different current and the payment method is of another currency then there is a currency conversion charge.

Etsy Numbers

  • Etsy’s annual revenue is around $671 billion as of 30th June 2023.
  • The total annual net income is $640.9 million
  • Today, there is a total of 2 million active buyers on Etsy.
  • Whereas the total number of active sellers is 36 million.
  • The total number of active sellers who are identified as women are counted as 7% and male (45.3%)
  • Etsy charges an average transaction fee per item being sold up to 5%
  • In the month of April 2023, Etsy reported global downloads of around 26 million.
  • The United States of America has the greatest number of app downloads on mobile

Etsy Products

The range of products available on Etsy has a maximum number of handmade products. The products are extremely unique and rare to find on other e-commerce websites. The following statistics are run for the product category.

  • In the year 2020, during the lockdown period, Etsy’s search results were full of face masks. The total earnings which were resulted from the accessories to cover the mouth and face were $743 million.
  • In the year, the most people searched for personalized gifts topped the category search
  • Etsy has a wide range of home furnishing creating around $3.2 billion in annual sales.
  • Furthermore, the list tops with the second number allocating to personal accessories and jewelry.
  • Around 80% of revenue is earned from the top 6 categories as homeware and furnishing, jewelry, craft supplies, apparel, beauty, personal care, and at last paper and party supplies.
  • As of 2023, the top 5 selling product buyers statistics on Etsy are followed by Beads (8 million), Pendants (5.3 million), Stickers (3.7 million), Books (2.6 million), and Pins (2.2 million).
  • The highest share of seller’s statistics by product category of Etsy is Home and Living is 25%.
  • Whereas, other categories are Art and Collectibles (21%), Jewelry (15%), Clothing (11%), Accessories (8%), Bath and Beauty (6%), Toys and Games (4%), Bags and purses (3%), Weddings (2%), Pet Supplies, Electronics and Accessories, and Shoes (1% each).

Types Of Categories

Arts and Collectibles:

Artist Trading cards, Dolls and miniatures, Drawing and illustration, Fibre arts, Fine art ceramics, Glass arts, painting, mixed media & collage, photography, prints, sculpture


Belts and braces, bouquets and corsages, Baby accessories, costume accessories, gloves and mittens, baby accessories, hand fans, hats and caps, keychains and lanyards, sunglasses and eyewear, umbrellas and rain accessories, patches and pins, scarves and wraps, suit and tie accessories

Bath and Beauty:

Baby and childcare, spa and relaxation, soaps, skincare, hair care, makeup and cosmetics, fragrances, essential oils, cosmetic and toiletry storage, bath accessories, hair care

Bags and Purses:

Wallets and money clips, sports bags, totes, nappy bags, messenger bags, pouches, coin purses, market bags, keychains and lanyards, hip bags, handbags, electronic cases, cosmetic and toiletry storage, backpacks, accessory cases, sports bags, totes, food, and insulated bags

Books, Films, and Music:

Music, Movies, books, Video cases, and tins


Women’s Western clothing, unisex kids' clothing, Indian ethnic clothing, girl’s Western clothing, boy’s Western clothing, gender-neutral adult clothing, men’s Western clothing

Electronics and Accessories:

DIY kits, Decals and skins, computer and peripherals, car parts and accessories, cameras and equipment, batteries and charging, gadgets, maker supplies, parts and electrical, TV and projection, telephone and handsets, video games, car parts and accessories, cable and cords, audio

Pet Supplies:

Training, urns and memorials, pet toys, pet health and wellness, pet gates and fences, pet feeding, pet collars, and leashes, pet carriers and houses, pet bedding, horse riding and farm animals, beekeeping, pet furniture, pet gates and fences, pet health and wellness.

There is little Insight into product categories. There are more than 10 such categories on the website.

Etsy Vs. Amazon

Etsy –

Etsy is an online marketplace where it provides a great chance to sell homemade products. Etsy’s products are unique and rare to find on any other e-commerce website. It has more than 40 product categories with each product available on a wider base. There are more individuals to sell on Etsy than any business.


  • Etsy allows all the individuals and business owners who sell on their websites to set up a seller account at low costs. Etsy’s rates for commission are lower and cheaper than Amazon's. On the other hand, when Amazon charges a monthly charge to maintain the seller accounts, Etsy has no such thing.
  • Etsy has more loyalty discounts and other coupons than Amazon. Every time a person purchases anything, he earns a loyalty incentive that he can use to purchase other products.
  • There are millions of customers to come up as new buyers every day and millions of retained buyers who keep purchasing. The items on Etsy are unique therefore it has the ability to sell instantly.
  • Etsy is a community that offers motivation to start a business and sell on its website. As seen in the above records, it is clear that women are motivated by starting their own businesses to earn pretty handsome money.


  • Due to the wide range of services around the world, Etsy failed to provide after-sale service to its customers. Even the seller on the website who faces problems went unanswered.
  • The amount of commission that Etsy earns for every purchase is around 3.5%, which could be high in terms of individual sellers.
  • Etsy’s website has no customization option for HTML. Therefore, sellers have no unique accounts
  • Etsy has a right to remove the seller's account without any notice, as this could be dangerous who solely depend on the income from selling on Etsy.

Amazon –

One of the best e-commerce sellers on the internet is Amazon. Whatever you need in your life, everything is available from A to Z. Amazon’s marketplace option provides a great opportunity to sell products on an international level.


  • Amazon has more awareness than Etsy. The total number of website visitors for Amazon is 827,27,848 per month. Amazon has more market reach than Etsy
  • Amazon’s customer service offers a great number of help for buyers as well as sellers.
  • Amazon has the strongest SEO. That means, whatever we search on Google or any other search engine, it is Amazon’s website that appears on the top with the same product we are looking for.
  • The rate of customer retention is higher than Etsy
  • Amazon is the most trusted e-commerce website in the world.


  • Amazon has an extremely high rate of commission for selling on Amazon
  • Even if you run a small business in your local area, Amazon is your biggest competitor
  • Seller accounts have no customization option
  • In terms of competition, Amazon always wins the race as it offers a wide range of products at reasonable costs.


As seen in the statistics, it is clear that even though Etsy has more users Amazon is its greatest competitor. Whatever we search today on search engines, it is Amazon that suggests the products. Even though the products on Etsy are unique, they have very little usage in day-to-day life. On the other hand, Amazon has a wide range of products that are essential to the daily routine.

Etsy provides confidence to land a business for women. The high rate of sellers is women who have their private businesses run at home and sell those products on Etsy. The Etsy statistics also prove that it needs a little refinement in terms of customer service. As it is rightly said the customer is a king, and it has no provision to take care of the buyers as well as the sellers. Worldwide access to all kinds of e-commerce websites is providing a great source of income for all types of sellers. Any individual sitting in his home can purchase the products and get them delivered to his home within no time.

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