Call Centers: November 2001

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Win Some, Lose Some: Gains and Losses in Customer Service

November 30, 2001

The battle for acceptable levels of service between consumers and companies is a long and never-ending one.

Asked and Answered

November 30, 2001

Getting customers involved through interactive elements is an effective method for cultivating relationships while also garnering critical …

Personify, Angara Merge, Land Funds

November 28, 2001

The two firms look to become one source for automated ad targeting.

E-Tailers Try to Master the Customer Service Thing

November 20, 2001

Thirty-five percent of all Americans report being very satisfied with their online holiday shopping experience, which is better than years …

Some Cable Customers Left In the Dark

November 20, 2001

Despite actions by many of the nation's top cable providers, some consumer's aren't getting word of the many changes affecting the industry …

NaviSite Opens Up On Customer Service

November 16, 2001

Attempting to raise the bar for the hosting industry, the managed service provider publishes its customer service metrics and demonstrates …

The Most Intimate Communication

November 16, 2001

As a marketer, you're looking to build a warm, trusting relationship with your customers, right? You want them to think of your brand …

Small Businesses Use Net for Customer Service, Communications

November 13, 2001

More small businesses are relying on the Internet, especially for customer service and communications, according to a survey by Verizon.

EarthLink Expands Use of Visual Network Products

November 9, 2001

End-user information allows higher levels of service and customer support to EarthLink high speed Internet subscribers.

Study: Web Privacy Concerns Cost $3.4 Billion

November 8, 2001

A Cyber Dialogue study suggests that e-tailers are missing a large chunk of potential revenue.

Instant Feedback

November 6, 2001

Market research firm InsightExpress has released SatisfactionExpress — an integrated and automated online survey solution that will …