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Business Intelligence: June 2010

Business Intelligence (BI), analytics, and data mining software and solutions. - Archive for June 2010

Build Your Own Business Intelligence Platform with SQL

With SQL Server you can build a business intelligence (BI) platform on a tight budget.

Netezza Announces TwinFin For Advanced Workload Analytics

The TwinFin appliance will include advanced analytics capabilities and a new release of the Netezza Performance Software.

ICMI Launches Customer Management Operation Standards Program

The CMOS program provides a results-driven framework for advancing a contact center's overall performance.

Planning a Business Intelligence Software Strategy

A shift in strategic business thinking will see new investments in business intelligence and analytics tools.

Data Mining with Cloud Computing

One benefit of the emerging cloud computing trend is the ability of smart cloud vendors to capture valuable user data.

DePaul U Offers Predictive Analytics Grad Program

Chicago's DePaul University has introduced the first Masters of Science degree program on predictive analytics.

Kogent Offers National Business Intelligence Solution

Kogent's solution integrates business intelligence with data warehousing and analytics.

IBM Acquires Coremetrics Web Analytics

The acquisition will expand IBM's business analytics capabilities.

GOTO Metrics Announces Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform

The company has launched a fully integrated Hadoop-based Database and Business Intelligence platform.

Using Business Intelligence Software to Maximize Profits

BI, or Business Intelligence software can analyze business data and provide perspective on business operations that supports the …

ASD Launches Business Intelligence Insurance Solution

The new solution is designed to help insurance companies address complex business issues.

A Business Intelligence Solution for Your App Store

AppStar is a new business intelligence (BI) solution for managing your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app sales.

Gmaps Plugintm 2.0 Adds Geographic Edge to Business Intelligence

Centigon Solutions' new release lets customers to drag and drop Google Maps analysis into business intelligence reports.

Pentaho Offers On-Demand BI with 72-Hour Deployment

The company is offering its on-demand business intelligence BI suite as a subscription service with business deployment in 72 hours.

Small Businesses Invest in Cloud-Based Data Analytics

The cloud computing makes investing in 'big data' more affordable for small businesses.

IBS Launches Distribution Business Intelligence Suite

The company has a new suite of business intelligence (BI) software tools for wholesale and distribution.

Open-Source R Offers Solution for Business Analytics Tables

Why continue to manually fiddle with Excel for tables?

Panorama Updates BI Suite with SharePoint Integration

NovaView 6.2 is a suite of web-enabled BI applications offering tight integration with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

Redi-Data Announces B2B Analytics for SMB

Redi-Analytics B2B provides business data segmenting and targeting scores on small businesses.

Social Media Within Business Intelligence

Social networking integrated within business intelligence (BI) frameworks increase the push towards a more interactive approach to BI.