Skype Statistics 2024 By Country, Devices, Users, Industry and Market Share

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Updated · Feb 21, 2024

Skype Statistics 2024 By Country, Devices, Users, Industry and Market Share


Skype statistics unveils a wealth of insights into its pervasive presence and impact on global communication trends. Skype, a renowned platform facilitating voice and video calls, messaging, and collaboration, stands as a cornerstone in the digital communication landscape. The platform's user base has experienced steady growth over the years, with over 300 million monthly active users as of the latest data. This significant figure underscores Skype's enduring relevance in connecting individuals and businesses across the world.

Moreover, its international reach is striking, with users spanning across nearly 200 countries. Such widespread adoption underscores the platform's universal appeal and utility. Furthermore, the rise of remote work and virtual communication in recent years has propelled Skype's significance, with an estimated 40% of businesses utilizing Skype for Business as their primary communication tool. This statistic highlights the platform's integral role in facilitating professional interactions and collaborations. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of digital communication, understanding the evolving dynamics of Skype statistics provides invaluable insights for businesses and individuals alike.

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  • Residents of the United States of America, named Helen Oh and Samuel Kim got married on Skype because the groom was hospitalized.
  • Initially, the founders wanted to name it Skyper, but they learned there was already one other company with a similar name.
  • Professionals engage in 3 hours and 12 minutes of video calls per week on average.
  • Daily, people collectively spend 3 billion minutes on video calls through Skype.
  • In 2019, there were 4 billion registered Skype users worldwide.
  • Skype boasts over 300 million monthly active users, with more than 40 million utilizing it daily.
  • The video conferencing market is anticipated to surpass $75 billion by 2027.
  • 89% of remote workers find Skype and similar platforms instrumental in connecting with colleagues.
  • In 2021, 86.5% of employees utilized video calls for work purposes.
  • Only 13% of traffic to originates from the US.
  • Over 51% of Skype users earn more than $100,000 annually.
  • Among individuals aged 18 to 29, 29% utilize Skype on their mobile devices, while 27% of those aged 30 to 59 do the same.
  • The United States accounts for 49% of Skype's monthly users, totaling 32 million people.
  • By 2021, Zoom captured 50% of the market share, leaving Skype with a mere 6%.
  • Skype maintains an active user base of 8.6 million individuals in the computer software sector.
  • 2.7 million school administrators rely on Skype for communication with coworkers and students.
  • The projected number of Skype users is set to reach 2.27 billion by the end of 2023.
  • From September 2021 to February 2022, 3.8 million fewer people utilized Skype.

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What is Skype?

Skype is a telecommunications application functioned by Skype Technologies and currently is a division of Microsoft. It was developed by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström along with other 4 Estonian developers and launched in 2003. It is compatible with operating systems such as Xbox One, iPadOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.As of today, Skype is widely used by many companies around the world. Unlike other communication applications, one of the best features of Skype is that you can call on landline numbers anywhere in the world. This comes with a paid version.

Facts About Skype

  • Skype, a leading digital communication platform, was founded in 2003.
  • Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011 for approximately $8.5 billion.
  • As of 2021, Skype offers a range of services including video calls, voice calls, messaging, and file sharing.
  • Skype supports group video calls for up to 100 participants.
  • The platform allows users to make calls to landlines and mobile phones for a fee.
  • Skype can real-time translate more than 35 languages for free.
  • Skype offers end-to-end encryption for messaging to ensure user privacy and security.
  • It is available on various devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.
  • Skype's popularity surged during the COVID-19 pandemic due to increased remote work and virtual communication needs.
  • ‘Skype’ has been derived from the English phrase, Sky peer to peer.
  • It is possible to call on 911 using Skype and share your location.
  • The word ‘Skype’ has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb in 2014.
  • The platform was the first ever VoIP service to provide calls without any charge.
  • The platform faces competition from other video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.
  • Skype continues to evolve with updates and new features to meet the changing needs of its users.
  • Market research indicates that Skype remains a widely used platform globally despite increased competition in the video conferencing market.

Top 3 Video Conferencing Platforms


  • Mobile as well as landline calling
  • Call recording
  • Collaboration tools
  • Live subtitles for ongoing video calls.
  • Fast, secure, and reliable


  • Easy to use
  • Increased capacity for meeting participants
  • Integration with calendar
  • Background changer

Google Meet

  • AI-noise cancellation
  • Click to start meeting options
  • Option to adjust network speed.
  • Integration with Google accounts.

General Skype Statistics

  • On average, the peak hours of usage occur at noon during business days.
  • 99% of Skype users use the platform less than once every day.
  • 89% of remote employees believe that Skype helps them to connect with other colleagues.
  • Around the world, video calls on the platform collectively make 3 billion minutes.
  • On average, employees use this video conferencing platform for 3 hours and 12 minutes every week.
  • There are more than 40 million users who use Skype daily.
  • Skype Statistics estimates that by 2024, the total number of users will be 2.27 billion on the platform, whereas, in 2023, estimates show that the total number of users will be 2.1 billion.
  • As of 2022, the platform had around 1.95 billion registered users.
  • In 2023, around 300 million users are daily active on this communication platform.
  • As of March 2023, this messaging platform generated 61 million of global traffic toward whereas it was 57.9 million in February 2023. This has shown an increase in the rate of visitors in March 2023 by 61 million.
  • In the month of January 2023, total global traffic was 56.3 million on the website.

Skype Statistics by Demographics

  • People aged between 18 to 29 years are more likely to use Skype mobile app resulting 29%, whereas there are 27% of people between 30 to 59 years and 12% aged 60 years and above.
  • This free communication platform has 40.69% of female and 59.31% of male users.


  • Skype Statistics state that the highest percentage of users belong to the age group of 25 to 24 years resulting in 33.34%.
  • There are Around 21.49% of users from 18 to 24 years of age group.
  • Whereas, 19.73% and 12.28% of users belong to 35 to 44 years and 45 to 54 years respectively.
  • And 8.01% are from 55 to 64 years of age and 5.15% of users are 65 years and above.

Skype Statistics by Country

By Devices

  • .com generated around 52.7% of desktop traffic and 47.3% of mobile traffic over the last 6 months resulting in 32 million desktop and 28 million mobile traffic.


  • Over the past 6 months, Brazil generated 9.62% of overall traffic resulting in 5.9 million total devices out of these, 29.57% is desktop traffic and 70.43% is mobile traffic.
  • United States of America with minor difference, contributed by 9.49% of overall traffic, generated from 5.8 million devices. Out of these desktop devices resulted in 74.99% and 25.1% of mobile traffic.
  • Whereas Turkey and India recorded 7.82% and 7.49% of respective traffic resulting in 4.8 million and 4.6 million.
  • Turkey generated 8.04% of desktop and 91.96% of mobile traffic, whereas India generated 65.34% of desktop and 34.66% of mobile traffic.
  • And Russian Federation contributed 4.2 million devices resulting in 6.92% of overall traffic, resulting in 84.29% of desktop, and 15.71% of mobile traffic.

By Total Users

  • The highest number of active Skype users reside in the United States of America resulting in 32 million.
  • Whereas the lowest active users are in China and France resulting in 3 million and 1.4 million respectively.
  • In addition, other countries contribute the total number of active users as the United Kingdom (6.7 million), India (3.1 million), Canada (2.8 million), and Australia (1.6 million).

By Country-wise Traffic


  • Over the past 6 months, the highest number of traffic on is generated from the United States of America resulting in 13.40, but with a decreased rate of visitors by 8.20% compared to previous months.
  • Russia and India with minor differences contributing by 6.16% and 6.10% in overall website traffic but have resulted in a decrease in the number of visitors by 9.01% and 06%.
  • Brazil and the United Kingdom similarly contributed by 5.20% and 3.87% respectively with a decreasing rate of visitors by 15.31% and 15.43% each.
  • Other countries collectively make up 65.27% of total traffic.

By The Total Number of Companies


  • The top three countries with the highest number of companies using Skype are the United States of America (38,537), the United Kingdom (8,004), and India (3,994).
  • Further, the list is followed by Canada (3,414), France (2,077), Australia (1991), and Brazil (1936).
  • Other countries with the lowest number of companies than 1500 are China (1,445), Italy (1,244), and Germany (1,223).

Skype Statistics by Sources of Website Traffic

  • com has 28.55% of direct and 28.12% of referral traffic.
  • 54% of traffic on the website is from organic searches.
  • Interestingly, 0.01% is paid search traffic.
  • And other sources of traffic include social media network referrals (7.52%), Mail (13.18%), and display advertising (0.08%).

Skype Statistics by Social Media Referral

  • YouTube has the highest referral rate at 34.51% as compared to other social media networks.
  • WhatsApp and Facebook sent overall traffic resulting in 18.29% and 16.44% respectively.
  • Telegram and Twitter have a referral rate of 4.87% and 4.58% respectively.
  • Other social media collectively make up 21.31%.

Skype Statistics by Industry

  • Skype Statistics state that companies that are in the computer software industry have 8.6 million users.
  • 3 million Skype users work in the Information Technology industry.
  • Whereas, 1.62 million users belong to the retail industry and 2.7 million users are in the Education sector.
  • In addition to these, other industries, with the total users are Hospitality Industry (2.6 million), Higher Education Sector (2.1 million), Marketing and Advertising Industry (1.7 million), Finance Industry (1.67 million), Non-Government Organizations (1.5 million) and Construction Workers (1.3 million).

Skype Statistics by Market Share


  • According to the known Skype Statistics, around 88,922 companies in the United States of America are using this communication platform with a market share of 13.41%.
  • Whereas, Zoom has the largest market share resulting in 18.60%.
  • Other competitors such as Adobe Connect and Tencent QQ have captured the market by 12.95% and 11.17% respectively.

Skype Statistics by Brand Awareness

  • As of 2022, 83% of the people in the United States of America know about this messenger.
  • Out of these, 23% of users like Skype whereas 14% use it daily.
  • Whereas, 67% of the users are loyal to Skype and are more likely to use it again.

By leading messenger services by brand Awareness in the United States in 2022


  • The top three messenger services such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Zoom are currently increasing their popularity in the United States of America resulting in 90%, 84%, and 81% respectively.
  • Whereas, Skype has bagged fourth place with 80% of users.
  • Other messenger services used in the United States of America as of 2022 are Facetime (78%), WhatsApp (76%), iMessage (67%), Google Hangout (60%), Discord (46%), Kik Messenger (41%), Microsoft Teams (41%), Telegram (40%), WeChat (37%), LINE (26%), Viber (24%), Signal (20%) and Threema (10%).


In conclusion, delving into the realm of Skype statistics offers valuable insights into its enduring significance in the digital communication landscape. The platform's role in facilitating professional interactions is underscored by the fact that over 40 million people utilize it daily, with 89% of remote workers citing its efficacy in connecting with colleagues. Furthermore, with the video conferencing market projected to surpass $75 billion by 2027, Skype remains a key player in driving this growth. However, it faces challenges, evidenced by the rise of competitors like Zoom capturing 50% of the market share by 2021.

Despite fluctuations, Skype's active user base in various sectors, such as the computer software industry, remains significant, with 8.6 million users. As a market research analyst, it's clear that while Skype navigates through evolving dynamics and user preferences, its enduring presence and innovative features continue to position it as a staple in digital communication, poised to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of technology and connectivity.

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  • FAQ.

    How to find a person on Skype?

    Click on the magnifier button on Skype, then search for the name, email, or phone number. Then click on the person from the list you want to chat with and click type message and click send.

    Is Skype free to signup?

    Yes, Skype is free to use, but only some features are paid features such as purchasing an international number or calling the landline, etc.

    Who are the competitors of Skype?

    Following are the competitors of Skype: Google Meet, Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Viber, TeamViewer, Cisco, Imo, Google Duo, Microsoft Teams, Discord, WhatsApp, and Google Hangout.

    Is Skype user-friendly?

    Yes, the User interface of Skype is extremely cozy and allows users to communicate easily and effectively.

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