Essential Viber Statistics And Facts For Marketers To Boost Up Their Businesses

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Updated · Aug 04, 2022

Essential Viber Statistics And Facts For Marketers To Boost Up Their Businesses

Viber Statistics: Viber is one of the free messaging and calling mobile apps that has been founded in Tel Aviv Israel in 2010. Viber statistics show that it has steadily emerged as one of the most popular instant messaging apps worldwide. People can access it via almost all types of major mobile devices and operating systems. Just a year after its launch, it registered 19 million unique users. However, the user base of Viber has been constantly growing since then. As per the social media statistics, social media networks have been garnering strong traction in Southeast Asia, which might be why Viber has seen major growth in this region. Here we will discuss some latest Viber statistics and market analyses to see how the platform has become this prominent in just over a decade.

Crucial Viber Statistics:

Viber is accessible in more than 40 languages.
• There are more than 1.1 billion Viber users across the globe.

(Source: FinancesOnline)

  • Each day, there are approximately 1.2 Million Viber logins.
  • The COVID19 crisis has seen a twofold increase in the number of participants in group calls.
  • Viber saw a 170% increase in all group-related activities in 2020.
  • Viber handles more than 70,000,000 interactions per hour
  • In 2020, Viber’s group-call participants doubled.
  • Viber has not established a limit for its members.
  • Nearly 40% of Viber’s revenue comes from its Business API.
  • In 2020, the platform saw a 400% increase in its user base in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Viber is available in 193 countries around the globe.
  • According to Viber statistics 2021, the instant messaging app has received over 500,000,000 downloads from Google Play Store.
  • More than 100000 users have subscribed to Viber’s YouTube channel.
  • Viber has more than 820,000,000 monthly active Viber users.
  • Almost 90% of Viber messages can be opened within 3 minutes.

52+ Crucial Viber User Statistics:

#1. Viber has more than 1.1 billion users across the globe

Viber is considered the world’s third most popular instant messaging app after reaching a milestone of 1 billion users. As per the Viber statistics, the platform has around 1.169 billion certified users worldwide.

(Source: FinancesOnline)

#2. Viber users can connect to numbers that are not registered on Viber

Users only need an internet connection for their Viber Out Subscription Plan; it is one very crucial factor that makes Viber stand out from other popular messaging services. People can purchase credits for cheaper international calls or opt for a subscription plan.

#3. A Viber user exchanges around 30 messages every day on Viber

Viber users use the Viber app quite frequently daily. Viber statistics show that a typical Viber user exchanges nearly 30 messages daily.

#4. Direct sources generate more than 88 percent of the traffic on Viber for desktop devices

According to Viber statistics, there had been nearly 38.9 million visits on desktop and mobile web visits from December 2020 to May 2021.

#5. Users spend more than half an hour on the platform per day

Viber user statistics reveal that people spend more than 30 minutes daily on the app.

(Source: FinancesOnline)

#6. Over 70 million interactions take place on Viber within an hour

Millions of interactions take place on the platform per hour. People who use Viber frequently send images and videos and expect to receive the same. Video content has been a quite popular form of advertisement for direct communication.

#7. Mixpanel has increased Viber adoption

After joining forces with Mixpanel, there has been a 15 percent boost in messages sent on Viber.

#8. 27 percent of educational users access Viber to get in touch with students

Eight percent of users in Hungary use the platform to stay connected with students’ parents.

#9. Viber accounts for more than 820 million monthly active users

As per the latest Viber facts, around 823 million users are active on the platform every month.

#10. 95 percent of communications on Viber are text messages.

#11. Viber users exchange around 1.5 million photos every minute.

#12. The platform allows more than 20 people in group video calls.

#13. There has been a 10 percent increase in group chat construction.

#14. As per a survey done in 2020, nearly 3 percent of US citizens use the platform regularly.

Viber Business Statistics:

#15. Nearly 40 percent of Viber’s revenue is generated from its Business API

While other messaging apps make money from their paid ads as sponsored content for targeted consumers, Business API and paid in-app purchases are Viber’s primary revenue sources, contributing 40 percent of its revenue.

(Source: Viber)

#16. Viber generates 20 percent of its revenue from ads

Viber statistics 2021 show that Viber earns around 20 percent of its revenue from in-app ad placements.

#17. Viber only reveals IP-based location, gender, and age data of its users

The platform is fully encrypted.

#18. Users based in Ukraine have the facility to pay via Viber Chatbots

Viber has recently introduced a new feature, which allows people to pay through chatbots. Users in Ukraine can easily make their payments via Viber chatbots. However, the company is also planning to introduce this feature to other markets.

#19. Viber can be accessed in more than 40 languages

Viber supports 41 languages. However, the latest edition of the app is accessible on only Android devices.

#20. There are three ad formats on Viber

Native, Display and Video are three ad formats available on the Viber instant messaging and calling platform that advertisers can choose to promote their brands.

#21. The rate of delivery for Viber messages is 97 percent

The rate of message delivery is an essential factor in one-on-one marketing strategy. With a whopping 97 percent delivery rate, brands can easily keep a track of the percentage of seen messages on Viber, which is 89 percent.

#22. Multiple operating systems and devices support Viber instant messaging and calling service

The service allows users to select the device on both Android and iOS. Users need to have a mobile app on their smartphones to download the desktop version and after setting it up; they can easily access the service on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

#23. One out of four Viber users clicks on the ‘buy’ button on product ads.

#24. Viber has accumulated 10 percent of its marketing budget after preventing performance ad fraud.

#25. An average Viber user opens the app at least 12 times a day.

(Source: FinancesOnline)

#26. As per Viber statistics 2021, the standard product view per user is 28.

Viber User Demographic Statistics:

#27. Survey shows 3 percent of the US and UK respondents use Viber on a daily basis

A survey shows that 3 percent of people living in the US and the UK use the service daily.

#28. Viber has the largest user base in Ukraine

Viber gets 24.24 percent of its traffic from Ukraine.

#29. Russia is the second-largest audience base for Viber

Russia accounts for 18.59 percent of traffic for Viber.

#30. The platform claims to have 90 percent of the market share in Belarus, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Montenegro.

#31. Viber has 40 to 50 percent penetration in Myanmar and Iraq.

#32. Africa accounts for more than 55 million Viber users.

#33. Around 4 percent of people in Canada use Viber on daily basis.

#34. By the end of 2020, Viber reported a 421 percent growth in the Asia Pacific region.

#35. As per Viber statistics 2021, the platform has seen a 24 percent growth in the user base in the Philippines.

#36. One out of four people in Vietnam uses Viber.

Fascinating Facts About Viber:

#37. During the COVID19 pandemic, Viber saw a 170 percent boost in all group-related activities on the platform

The service recorded a rise of 170 percent in group-related activities such as calls, work-related activities, socializing, education, and communities in 2020.

#38. Hungarian teachers used the Viber app for many educational purposes

The company unveiled many new features to reduce the challenges that educators and students faced during the pandemic while learning online. A study done in Hungary showed that 60 percent of teachers used the app to communicate with students, their parents, and other colleagues.

#39. Viber has launched a campaign in association with UNICEF in Myanmar

This initiative supports a positive change in the usage of social media networks among youth in Myanmar. It aims to provide credible sources of information and fight against misinformation.

#40. Viber has also initiated another humanitarian campaign that supports the Red Cross’s activities

The International Federation of Red Cross has joined forces with Viber multiple times in the past. Recently the organization has collaborated with the platform to launch a blood donation campaign. As per the Viber group statistics, the IFRC has garnered nearly 160000 members during the campaign.

#41. A member of the Israel Defense Force developed Viber in 2010

Talmon Marco who worked as a Chief Information officer for the Israel Defense Forces founded the platform.

#42. Viber came on the Android platform for the first time in 2012

Google Play Store was the first marketplace for the app’s beta version.

#43. Viber was acquired by the Japanese telecom firm Rakuten in 2014

Rakuten spent around $900 million to acquire Viber. Rakuten is the biggest eCommerce website across Asia.


#44. Viber launched the ‘disappearing messages’ feature in 2017

With this feature, users can set the view time for messages to 1, 3, 7, or 10 seconds after which they will not be able to see the messages.

#45. Viber data shows that more than 9 million people like the page of the Viber app on Facebook

Although Viber has broken its business ties with Facebook, the Facebook page of the Viber app is still garnering a lot of attention. It has a strong community of around 9.3 million people on Facebook.

#46. Viber’s YouTube channel has more than 100000 subscribers

Viber offers tutorials and other updates on its YouTube channel which has over 100K subscribers.

#47. Viber users can export all of their data to their email addresses

It is a convenient feature that allows users to easily export their Viber data to email addresses.

#48. The Viber community can have unlimited members

Viber communities and groups are not end-to-end encrypted. Users need to have an invite to join a group. Viber groups have a limit of 250 members, while communities do not have a limit for the number of members. Anyone can join Viber communities.

#49. Viber servers delete all delivered messages

Since Viber messages are end-to-end encrypted, even the company cannot have access to users’ conversations. As soon as a message is delivered to the recipient, Viber servers immediately delete the message.

#50. Viber allows its users the ability to design their GIFs

Viber introduced Stickers and Graphics Interchange Formats that help users to express themselves more conveniently. users can share GIFs and design their personal GIFs.

#51. Viber unveiled default end-to-end encryption in 2016

This feature has made Viber a safe place for users, which has attracted more users to the platform. However, the feature is not available on Viber groups and communities.

#52. Viber disengaged its business ties with Facebook in 2020

Viber withdrew all its ads on Facebook in a response to Facebook’s inability to remove hate speech fast enough. Several firms joined the Stop Hate For Profit movement and removed their ads from Facebook.


These Viber statistics show that the instant messaging and calling app appears to be more realistic about its growth goals. Viber app is quite popular in countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Hungary and the company is planning to expand its services like cross-border payments to other countries as well. Many experts believe that Viber is more secure as compared to its rivals such as Whatsapp, Telegram, and Signal. It also offers almost all services that are offered by other messaging and calling apps. Although the platform has yet to reach big markets, it has shown some promising growth over the years and is here to stay.


Is Viber safe for users?

It is an end-to-end encrypted messaging and calling platform. It allows users full privacy and a secure environment for interactions.

Can users see deleted Viber messages?

Users can easily export all their data to email addresses by connecting the Viber app to their Google account. It will back up their data and later users can restore it.

Which country uses the Viber app the most?

Ukraine is among the countries where the app is quite popular. Apart from Ukraine, the app is quite prominent in Russia, Belarus, Greece, and the Philippines.

How many users does the Viber app have?

Viber has around 1.169 billion users across the globe.

How many countries have access to Viber

Viber is available in around 190 countries around the world

How does Viber make money?

Business API and paid in-app purchases are Viber's primary source of revenue.

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