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CRM - News

Industry and product news on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales force automation software and solutions.

Top Enterprise Apps for 2021

There are many powerful enterprise apps available today, but here are the top ones to watch for in 2021.

Slack Usage On the Rise

With more users than ever before working from home across distributed teams, Slack's user base is surging.

Salesforce Seeks Customer Truth with New CRM Identity

Open Source Cloud Information Model project hosted by the Linux Foundation is at the core of Salesforce's new effort.

Ghost 3.0 Advances Headless Open Source Content Management System

Ghost takes on WordPress with new release that goes all in on the JAMstack.

WordPress Parent Automattic Raises $300M from Salesforce Ventures

Open source technology company gets a big boost from Salesforce.

Slack Goes Dark, Shared Channels Set to GA

Slack is gearing up for a big new feature launch, but first, it's giving users a new look.

Salesforce Continues to Advance Customer 360 Effort to Enable the Fourth Industrial Revolution

With new acquisitions in tow and a core focus that remains in place, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is optimistic about the future.

MindTickle Advances Sales Enablement Efforts with New Funding

A CRM alone isn't necessarily enough to help organizations boost and improve sales, which is why Sales Enablement software is a growing …

Salesforce Embraces Blockchain to Extend Customer360 Vision

Salesforce continues to look beyond its core CRM roots to find new enterprise application value.

Why CRM is Strategic: The Salesforce View

Salesforce's executive leadership outlines its strategic imperatives as the CRM vendor continues to grow.

Salesforce Announces New Products and Extended Partnerships at Dreamforce 2018

Salesforce founder declares that everything is connected as the move to the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues.

Salesforce Continues Push to Enable the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As Dreamforce nears, Salesforce reports second quarter fiscal 2019 revenue of $3.28B

Why Salesforce CEO Uses Zen Principle of Shoshin for Enterprise Application Integration Success

Even as the company details first quarter fiscal 2019 revenue of $3.01 Billion, CEO Marc Beniof is taking a "beginner's mind' approach to …

Salesforce Essentials Brings CRM to Small Businesses

New small business focused editions of the Sales and Service cloud debut at $25 per user per month.

Salesforce Grows Beyond $10B in Revenue as CEO Proclaims the Fourth Industrial Revolution

What apps will define the next generation of IT? That's a question that Salesforce hopes it has already answered.

How SAP Plans to Grow in 2018

CEO William McDermott does not expect to make any major acquisitions, but will move aggressively to grow the business.

Salesforce Aims to Enable the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At its Dreamforce event, Salesforce makes a number of announcement to help advance the state of SaaS applications.

How Salesforce Made $10B and Why It's Now Aiming for $20B

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff details the core fundamentals beyond his firm's success.

Salesforce Grows CRM Business with AI Smarts

CEO Marc Benioff emphasized the central role that Artificial Intelligence plays in the future of his company.