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Wayne Kernochan

Wayne Kernochan has been an IT industry analyst and auther for over 15 years. He has been focusing on the most important information-related technologies as well as ways to measure their effectiveness over that period. He also has extensive research on the SMB, Big Data, BI, databases, development tools and data virtualization solutions. Wayne is a regular speaker at webinars and is a writer for many publications.

How Can Businesses Guard Against Cyber Threats?

Businesses Guard Against Cyber Threats

In today’s ever-expanding digital ecosystem, businesses must navigate a complicated web of cyber risks in an interconnected world. Constant technological advancement brings both new possibilities for development and the ever-present threat of cybercrime. How can businesses protect themselves against cyber…

How to Ensure Adoption of Your Enterprise App

Enterprise Mobile App

Enterprise mobile app development has progressed from a luxury to a strategic requirement. These applications have several benefits, including increased productivity, data security, and accessibility. Making them vital tools for modern businesses. Even so, their actual power resides in their…