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Vangie Beal

Vangie is a freelance technology writer who covers Internet technologies, online business, and other topics for over 15 years. SEO Content Writer with high-quality organic search results. Professional freelance technology writer with over 15 years experience. - Understands the technology trends in SMB and Enterprise markets. - Proficient in email marketing and social media campaigns. - Trusted and respected voice in small business marketing via e-commerce. - Knowledgeable in how to incorporate sales initiatives and assets into articles or Web content. Experienced social media marketer. Specialties: SEO. Electronic commerce, small businesses, Internet. Computers, servers, networking. Computer science. Terms, terminology. Social media, email marketing. Mobile apps. Operating systems. Software and hardware. Interviews, tips, advice, guides and feature articles. Marketing, slideshows, how-to guides. Search engine tools.

7 Security Risks of APIs

Security Risks of APIs

When we talk about using technology or connecting different platforms, APIs – Application Programming Interfaces – often come up as the unsung heroes. They’re essentially the bridges between different software, allowing them to interact and integrate smoothly. However, with this…

Azuqua Aims to Eliminate CRM Data Silos

Many CRM vendors are striving to offer more user-friendly interfaces to make their software more useful. While this is a positive trend, there are limits to how much an interface can improve CRM without improved integration between CRM and other…