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Barry Elad

Barry is a lover of everything technology. Figuring out how the software works and creating content to shed more light on the value it offers users is his favorite pastime. When not evaluating apps or programs, he's busy trying out new healthy recipes, doing yoga, meditating, or taking nature walks with his little one.

Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs In The World

Most Expensive NFTs

Most Expensive NFTs – NFTs (Non-Fungible Commemoratives) represent the sole transmission that was already stored on a public ledger, making them sturdy and qualitative. They enable founders to preprocess and sell their artistry, songs, videos, and certain other inventive appears…

College Dropout Statistics

College Dropout Statistics

12 million, or 60.9% of graduate and undergraduate students, are enrolled in college. Each year, 20.7%, or 4.1 million, graduate with a degree. Yet, dropping out is more than common all across the world. People quit their degrees midway for…